Corelli Diamond Violin Purse - Gig Bag, Violettes Ultimate

Our Corelli Brown Diamond Violin Purse or Gig Bag, "Violettes Ultimate", is a elegant fashion statement. With a timeless classic fabric, the large black "chin rest", the beautiful "tuning pegs", the beaded zipper pull and even the "end button" are exquisite details only found on Violettes by Becky Handmade Music Handbags.

Each of these are hand made and unique, designed and made by Becky in East Tennessee. No two Handmade Violettes are the same.

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Our Corelli Brown Diamond Violin Purse or Gig Bag is our largest style handmade Violette. Our one of a kind bags is with timeless classic fabrics make perfect violin gifts. The elegant, it makes an "all about that bass" fashion statement! It has pockets both inside and on the outside back for convenience. On the back, there is a small upper pocket as well as a two compartment lower pocket. There is a flap on the lower pocket to contain or hide larger items. There are two pockets inside and places to store glasses, pencils and hang keys. Dimensions: 14 in. L by 7 in. W by 2.5 in. D. This large Violette can be converted to a “cellette/bassette” by removing the “chin rest” button or pin and hanging a tassel from the “end button”. In addition to use as a violin purse (or cello), the musician can hang this Violette on a chair back to have ready access to their paraphernalia. This could be rosin, extra strings, a small metronome, a tuner and even a shoulder rest. The outside back pocket will fit the largest size cello string pack. There is also a loop on the back to clip to the leg of a chair so that the bag remains in place while reaching down to find something with one hand.
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