Violincello Purse Mini, Mod Cello

This handmade Violincello Purse is a precious mini Violette. The artisan bag makes a whimsical violincello themed gift. The "Mod Cello" fits a pen and keys with a pocket for credit cards or a pocket for rosin and a pencil for a budding violin player. A conversation piece for sure wherever you go.

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Violin Cello Purse Mini, "Mod cello". This is not your grandmother's clutch. This is a conversation starter at any concert. Whether going to the Opera or the Grand 'Ole Opry in Nashville, take on a new style! The handmade Violincello Purse is full of unique details from the chin rest, wild tuning pegs to the back pocket. What a precious cello themed gift this mini Violette would be. The whimsical little handbag is perfect for an adult or a little girl to help her love her cello. No matter which, it's a one of a kind clutch with a strap. Give artisan music-themed gifts from Violettes today. Dimensions: 10.5 in. L x 5 in.W x 1.25 in. D
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