Flute Player Hand Crafted Purse

This hand crafted flute player special gift will make and recipient smile. A playful conversation piece for sure wherever you go. Find Full Description in Blog Archive at: http://www.violettesbybecky.com/blog/flute-music/

Please note that this was not meant to carry a flute, but for an extra $50, we will put a foam inside the sturdy PVC to make it a flute case in addition to an extra safety closure!

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This Flute Player Purse is a work of handcrafted art. It is a great addition to a music room, and wearing it to the symphony will cause everyone to engage you in conversation! There is a beautifully beaded handle. The outside keys are both elegant and humorous with the axe for a little finger key. You may know that musicians call their instruments an axe when going off to practice, but do you know why? See our blog archives to read about this interesting info that most musicians don't even know. The "Flute Player" has a 21/2 inch inside diameter so that credit cards fit nicely. Inside there is a key hook and a wallet for money and credits cards. They are both attached to the inside with ribbon. A brush and pencils will also easily fit inside. The back of the purse has a pocket that is attachable to fit and size cell phone. There are rubber feet on the bottom so that the purse can be set down without rolling. It is so sturdy that it can double as a self defense piece in disguise. Dimensions: 18.5 inch Length by 2 3/4 inch in Diameter Note - This was not meant to be a flute case, but for an additional $50, we can put good foam padding inside the PVC purse to be a flute case in addition to a second, safety closure on the side. - see last photo image to see that there is plenty of room. The foam in the photo is very thin - we would add a thicker foam. make an entrance when you are carrying your flute around in it's case!
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