Youth Music Competition Status Update (Revised)

From the Desk of Violettes by Becky

Regarding the 3rd Annual Youth Music Composition

Dear Music Competition Folks,

We are working diligently to finalize our late judging for the Violettes 3rd Annual Youth Music Competition by next weekend. We had 2 three way ties, we had judges who voted for different first place candidates and we had traveling judges, sick judges, and even judges who didn't properly receive all the student entry links. (My bad).

With continuous back and forth with judges this week, and even asking an extra music professional help to break a conflicting vote, "winners" are being finalized. We have judges going back to make minute scoring tweaks to help us come up with the official winners. In other words, the entries are all winners, and we have to painfully decide on who gets the prizes.

Gifts for Music Lovers, Music Competition, Pick Banjos, Not Fights while finalizing music competition results!
Gifts for Music Lovers, Violin Purse, Music Competition Practice Tip:  Practice Slowly

While waiting for the results, please check out the new line of  whimsical cards we have with Practice Tips on the back (and blank middles). They are created from hand painted originals by Becky Chaffee (me). Profits from On-Line Sales thru May 31 go directly to the 2017 youth competition. To view more cards, see Link 1 and Link 2.

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