Young Violette (s) Band Meets Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

Gift Ideas for Music Lovers -

Recording of Young Violettes or Band Poster?

Dear Gentle Readers,

Or a Guitar Purse?! You arrived here because you love that all girl rock group called Young Violettes that you see in a television Commercial. You are not alone! Our Violettes website statistics from the last three months is posted below. It shows over 4,000 people landing on the Violettes by Becky site looking for info about the Young Violettes (or Violette) Group. I have spent a lot of time researching this for you, and have posted several blogs on this group. I can tell you that it is just a TV commercial, However never fear, because music festival season is approaching fast! And if you love girl rock groups you should love our Gift ideas for Music Lovers. Enter Free Drawing at the bottom of this page.

Gift ideas for Music Lovers, Guitar Purse, All About that Bass Two of these Young Violettes Models are (or have been) in a Rock Band! They love their hand painted Guitar Purse!
Gift ideas for Music Lovers, Guitar Purse, Young Violettes A great place to come for Gift ideas for Music Lovers, and even for All About that Base fans!

Since so many folks land here, we would love to know a few things. Can you please answer some questions below? Put your answers in the comments section at the bottom of the page. THANKS!!!!!

  1. 1. Tell us about the music you hear from the Young Violettes Rock band, as I have never seen the commercial.
  2. -----------------
  3. 2.Please describe for me how these Young Violettes are dressed? Eclectic fashion, genes and t-shirts...?
  4. ------------------
  5. 3.What kind of music genres is your favorite?
  6. --------------------------
  7. 4.Are you people male or female looking up this group, and are you under 20, or between 20 and 30?
  8. ------------------------
  9. 5.Do you know that our Guitar Purse makes a great gig bag or man bag painted black with your initials, and are purchased for and by men to hold a head mic., spare picks and strings...?
  10. -----------------------------
  11. 6.In fact, our Hand Painted Guitar Purse can have any painting on it that you like, even your pet, Old Blue! alternatively, if you love crafts, you can send for a DIY Bag to paint your own.
  12. ---------------------------------
  13. 7. Lastly, if there were a Young Violettes Rock Band, would you buy a recording of them, tickets to their concert if they came thru town or/and a poster of them?
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