Top 10 Violin Themed Gifts

We Love the Gift List And this Year it Features Violettes

For many years, I have enjoyed looking at the Violin Themed Gifts recommendations from And I have wanted to read thru The Interviews, Vol. 1 by Laurie Niles (co founder of the site with her husband) ever since I read about it. We can't do a better job recommending the latest recordings or sheet music to purchase, but we can show you what we have in the way of violin themed gifts at Violettes.

Top 10 Violin Themed Gifts from the Violettes store:

All Violin Styles are designed by Violettes, but there are varying degrees of manufacturing  to produce them.

  1. Classic Symphony Black velvet Violin Purse that also doubles as a gig bag. Our bags wereviolin purse, violin themed gifts, gifts for music lovers specifically designed to hold the largest sized cello string pack in the back pocket. So they are perfect cello themed gifts. And for that matter, they look like basses. We would love to start an all about that bass fad with our awesome purses! A number of professional string players own this gig bag.


2. This Brown "Retrolette" Violin Handbag is surprisingly most popular among young buyers. We

all about that bass, its all about that bass, cello sizes Violin themed gifts or All about that bass!

can only guess because it is brown like a real violin. Each of these comes with a small leather wallet, a key hook, pencil loop and even a special place to keep eye glasses. Well designed with 2 pockets inside and 2 on the back. the bottom back pocket has a divider in it. In addition the bottom pocket has a flap to loop closed.


3. We have a new addition, Chic Woman Plus Violin Purse with a flashy silver lined Black and lt. grey Purse that matches outfit!

violin themed gifts, violin handbag, gifts for music lovers


4. So many men have told us if we got this in leather, they would want one, so here it is: A manly Violin Gig Bag. cello music, violin purse, gifts for him

Mothers of Violin Players like the brown leather Violin Handbags.



violin themed gifts, violin purse, gifts for music lovers5. Violin themed gifts as wearable art. Who doesn't like to show off a hand painted purse! We love requests. Here is an elegant gold painting with gold jewelry ornamentation. Browse our Violin Purse section to see more choices or request your own painted theme and colors.


6.These bags are 100% hand sewn by Becky. They are the most special Violin Gifts we have.

Here is our current favorite, but check our Violin gifts page to choose your own.

Violin themed gifts, violin purse, gifts for music lovers



7. There are some that prefer our smaller style of handmade violin purse. The are also amazingly well designed to fit spare violin strings or eye glasses in the back pocket, rosin, keys... inside. One owner of the smaller handmade violin bag says. I was in a store last summer in France. The whole store had purses over $1,000, and all I could think of is your purses are better! They're much more unique.Violin Gifts, Violin Purse







8. We have had several people either order our violin shoulder rest bag, or a bigger version of it for violin mic storage. The requests send us required dimensions with photos of the mic. See our "Violin Shop".

9. Our Violin themed gifts can start an All About that Bass Fad - Go all out and get our monthly gifts package.

Its all about that bass, violin purse, gift ideas for music lovers Close up and personal of Its all about that bass.


all about that bass, its all about that bass, cello sizes News Flash - Trending Fashion - its all about that bass!









10. Lastly, we must recommend the book by editor Laurie Niles, with a foreword by Hilary Hahn. It is a compilation of 27 of's best interviews from the last decade, with lovely photos of the artists and a beautiful cover that looks great on any coffee table.


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