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    Do you love country music so much that you are having a country wedding?! We are now " The Knot Vendors " to the rescue. Last minute bride or bridesmaids gifts here! Sign a Wedding Guitar Purse! Requests welcomed! A Cowgirl Boot Guitar Purse would be fun too.

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    It's June - wedding season. If you have a June wedding, I hope it's long planned by now! There are many wedding resources out there. It is so fun to plan this event, especially if it's your own. I suppose many people get stressed out, but having an excuse to listen to bands and taste cakes at all the best local bakeries - how fun is that!?!! Weddings often happen in the prime of your life when you are trying to get ahead as a young professional. Please be careful! I have seen at least one young lady engineer almost lose her job planning her special day during work hours.

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