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     More Bios and songs from Impressive Violettes Youth Competition Children from 2015. Violettes by Becky is a Gifts for Musicians company, giving back to youth music education.

    Entering a songwriting contest for kids, gives a child a goal, then an accomplishment to be proud of. The process is so much fun, it is hard to realize that they are getting a music education. Actually, I tried writing several songs myself last year. I have great fun with the words, but turned it over to a professional with the music. I did try first though! So I know how really really hard this is. Just playing with the words in song, I learned a lot about what might and might not fit easily in song form. However, I couldn't produce any version to satisfy myself.

    Note the ages and years quoted are from last year when they entered.

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    Aelish Rose Campbell, age 10 from Texas with "Happy Me"

    Aelish has been singing and writing her own songs for years. She studies piano and songwriting with Julie Bonk in Dallas, Texas. Her other interests include cello, horses, wild cats, playing with her friends, drawing, and travel. She is homeschooled.

    Happy Me! (This and That)

     I'm alright, I got this and that.
    I'm alright, I got my shoes tied...
    I got my smile ready to go,
    I got this and that,
    in my head for so long.
    Just Let It Glow,
    Let it flow,
    Let it grow.
    I'm alright, I got this and that,
    I'm alright.
    Got my shoes tied,
    got my smile ready to go
    I got..this and that,
    in my head for so long
    just let it Glow!
    just let it flow,
    just let it grow,
    I'm  alright, I got this and that
    I'm alright.
    I watch the sunset
    as I rise up, from the depths
    I got this and that,
    In my head for so long...

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