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    Will Violettes Be at the CMA Festival this Year?!

    For all practical purposes, Violettes will be at the CMA festival! As an engineering student, one of the first jokes we were told (in the male dominated world) goes -  "What is the difference between a mathematician and an engineer? " To make the joke a little shorter - If there is a beautiful lady at the end of the hall, and you are told the rules are to run half way to her when the whistle is blown then stop, then run half way to her again and stop, and again... So the whistle blows and the engineer starts running, but the mathematician just stands still. When the mathematician is asked why, he laughs and says well everyone knows if you are only allowed to keep running half way there, you'll never reach her. And so the engineer is asked why he is running, and he says, for all practical purposes, you will get close enough.

    Thanks to Violettes Songwriting Contestant winner, Hanah Breck, we will be vending at the Country Fan Jam. This is a brand new event in Nashville that takes place at the fair grounds at the same time as the CMA Festival. There will be affordable concerts with rising music stars each day. So make sure to select your festival fashion statement from Violettes' hand painted guitars and leather fiddles ahead of the crowd. The level of stars that will appear include past NBC The Voice Stars, Wisewater, Wade Hayes, Ray Scott, Buddy Jewell, Tonya Watts...

    Speaking of which, check out the fabulous Sarah Potenza with her Violettes Guitar Purse!

    NBC The Voice, Guitar Purse, Sarah Potenza NBC The Voice Star, Sarah Potenza, with Violettes Guitar Purse

    Now check out Hanah Breck with her very own Violettes Guitar Purse. She will be performing at the Country Fan Jam event during the CMA Festival.

    CMA Festival, guitar purse Hanah Breck, with Violettes Guitar Purse, will perform in Nashville during CMA Festival at the new Country Fan Jam event!

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