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  • Flyer for Public School Music Fundraiser

    Music Fundraiser for Public Schools

    Contact Becky at

    Our Knoxville Music Fundraiser information is below. Note that Oak Ridge and Maryville Schools are welcome to participate. Represent your own school with your purchases, or pick a "buddy"school. Teachers are welcome to email us at for wish list requests that you might want purchased for your class. I suppose private music teachers can do this too! Let your students know.

    Jewelry (some music-themed) made by Becky especially for the fundraiser will also be available. See sample photo on our ==>>> facebook event page <<<==. Open first post to see jewelry sampling.


    Music FUNDRAISER for Knox County School Music Department

    • Come on out to purchase fun greeting cards, matted prints or posters.
    • 50% of profit will go to each Knox County School Music Dept. (Schools that are well off are encouraged to choose a “buddy school” to represent).
    Non-specified and Corporate donations will be given to the Knox Co. Music Department Admin. to use where most needed. At this time, $1,000 has been donated.
    If everyone purchases just one card for $2.50, we can raise money.

    Violettes by Becky creates witty whimsical music-themed cards and prints great for music teacher’s walls, dorm, music or children’s rooms. Purchase early Holiday gifts. Hand written greetings are a lost art!

    Finally a GULTEN-FREE school fundraiser with NO Calories!!! Except for the FREE DONUTS!

    Many of the prints are based on serious and humorous music practice tips for instruments, voice, playing in a band or orchestra… Others are just fun prints. Over 100 designs to choose from.

    Music Fundraiser, violin lessons, gift ideas for music lovers Popular Music Art Prints available at Music Fundraiser as cards or Prints!

    Random drawings of art supply give-aways donated by Office Depot.

    Free Krispy Crème donuts for buyers at each location while they last.


    Three SATURDAY dates and locations to choose from:

    1.  Sat. Aug. 12, 9AM to Noon, Farragut Farmers Market, 12740 Kingston Pike

    2.  Sat. Aug. 19, Noon to 5PM at Knoxville Soap, Candle & Gifts - 5201 Kingston Pike (Bearden)

    3.  Sat. Aug. 26 Downtown, 9AM to 5PM, 17 Market Square - Entrepreneur Center (near Tupelo Honey across from Tomato Head)


    ·        Teachers wish lists available at event locations.

    ·        Violettes by Becky will donate 20% of other sales - jewelry, purses, T-shirts…

    View complete set of designs available for purchase at in the “other music gifts/note card” section. Large prints of any of the designs are available.

    ·         Rain alternative announced on Violettes by blog if necessary.

    Request a copy of event flyer to be emailed to you , write


  • Valentines Songs and Recipes

    <3 Valentines Songs: Wouldn't it be Great to be Crooned To?

    Valentines Recipes: In Case You & Yours Can't Croon, Join Me and Dish Up A Romantic Meal 8>

    Can you tell me the first ten Love Songs that come to mind? You can tell my age by my list.


    Gift Ideas for Music Lovers, guitar Purse, Violin Purse Guitar Purse even great for skiing season.

    Here's a question for you: Is there guitar or violin music in the background, or both? It's a little late for a Valentines gift from Violettes, but not too late for an Easter basket gift. Fill the Guitar Purse or Violin Purse with chocolates, concert tickets or spare strings and rosin. It will be an eclectic fashion item for those who have fun with style. A few of our Gift ideas for Music Lovers are currently on sale!

    1. 1. It's Not Unusual
    2. 2. Baby Love
    3. 3. Endless Love
    4. 4.  How Deep is Your Love
    5. 5. All You Need is Love
    6. 6.  I Just Called to Say I Love You
    7. 7. Time After Time
    8. 8. Crazy For You
    9. 9. Take My Breathe Away
    10. 10. All the Things You Are - oldy sung by Frank Sinatra

    I actually cheated to be fast and googled singers that came to mind.

    I didn't post the singers because I feel bad not also posting the songwriters too. But the Frank Sinatra song is so old that I needed to.

    Well Valentines songs are not my forte as you see, and there are no current or even semi current stars on the list here. However, I considered posting a song by Adele.


    My forte is the Valentines Recipes. Way back since college days, friends came to me for recipe advice, and they still do. I have 2 entire book cases full of recipe books and magazines, then

    Gift Ideas for Music Lovers, guitar Purse, Violin Purse All ages love our locally hand         painted Guitar Purse. Our     customers range from 2 to 90!

    many boxes full of them in the attic! Even though I take notes in my books and make sure to keep the really fine recipes, I don't often repeat making a recipe unless the event is a party for someone else, and even then I sometimes risk the rare failure.

    Here are Valentines Recipes I am deciding between for Breakfast.

    I found them in a doctors's office parents' magazine while waiting for my mother. These days, you don't have to see if anyone's looking and rip out a page or "borrow" the magazine - just snap a phone photo and email it to yourself. I am sorry, I didn't get the reference info.

    I love dutch babies which you make in a cast iron pan. One large dutch baby can be cut into 4 large servings. I have had bananas mixed with rum added instead of the raspberries, which of course was fabulous. If you are the type that can eat a chocolate breakfast, you can tell the waffle recipe is a good one with the varied flours and using buttermilk. Don't forget the strawberries and whipped cream.

    Please tell me which recipe below you would choose in the comments section at the bottom of this page. Thanks!

    Breakfast recipes

    Please be prepared for Easter Baskets. Fill them with our Gift ideas for Music Lovers. Order Today!

    Violin Purse, Guitar Purse, Gift Ideas for Music Lovers Skating with my Valentine on a bed of salt in  Death valley in December 2015.
  • Does A Guitar Purse Sale Belong at Mini Maker Faire?

    Yes, Gift Ideas for Music Lovers Fit, in Nashville

    We have been excited for a long time about having a booth at the Mini Maker Faire at the Adventure Science Center in Nashville. It's largely about science, but they welcome do it yourself style crafters too. Violettes carefully laid out a table showing all the tools and stages of making a handmade Violin Purse. (It takes between 7 solid hours and 2 days to make each one). In addition we had a paint it yourself guitar purse table. Voila, our Gift Ideas for Music Lovers merchandise is a maker item. I was so disappointed not to be able to roam around to see the exhibits - as there were so many fascinating displays! Even though the clientele was largely young parents with very young kids, it was fascinating for any age.

    gift ideas for music lovers

    This gentleman had such a colorful whimsical costume, I thought he was part of the Faire. I was able to chat with him, and he was an attendee with many serious messages. He explained details of his outfit, and his daughter's appearance. He showed me the dinasaur on his collar with a little vegetable like "dinasaur food" propped below. "We are too wired today, and out of touch with the earth." And native Americans are not represented in modern explorer films such as Star Wars. (He is part Cherokee). His daughter wanting to attend at the last minute represents Xmas gifts getting away from the meaning of Christ. Hard to see, is a feeding tube coming out of her Xmas wrapped box....

    gift ideas for music lovers


    We had several Star Wars visitors, including a woman wanting a special order Star Wars Guitar Purse! "With the pending new Star Wars release you would make a killing with Star Wars Guitars"' she said. At first I was puzzled. We talked some about legalities of making Star War paintings, and she was quite knowledgeable. Then I realized, Star Wars fans are serious fans. So it only makes sense for the Nashville clan to have Star Wars Guitar Purses! So there we have a new niche for the Violettes "gift ideas for music lovers"!


    The fun thing about being a vendor is meeting folks that one would never ever bump into or have a conversation with in any other situation. I met a very dedicated high school science teacher (exhibiting robots with his students), who was busy building a Nashville science department, and grooming the kids for robotic competition.  - - So rare and great to meet such an enthusiastic science teacher, although I know a few.

    Gift Ideas for Music Lovers, Guitar Purse, Violin Purse Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

    For More information about the Nashville Mini Maker Faire, visit the web site.

    For Gift Ideas for Music Lovers, click HERE and HERE.


    Guitar Purse Enter to Win Guitar Purse

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