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  • Junior Composition Competition Tie for 2nd Place

    Maya Wood from Missouri & Sonia Nair from Oregon Tie

    for 2nd Place Junior Composition


    The Violettes by Becky Composition Competition is national, with 4 students entering from Oregon.  From Lake Oswego, Oregon, Sonia Nair tied with Maya Wood of Jefferson City, Missouri for 2nd place in the Junior Composition Division.

    Gifts for Music Lovers, Violin Gifts, Gifts for Piano Players Maya Wood, 2nd Place Junior Composition Tie

    Maya Wood is the daughter of Tim and Robin Wood and student of Helen Haynes Jefferson City Music Academy.
    She is a 7th grader at Thomas Jefferson Middle school and participates in Track, Cross Country, Orchestra, and Coding/Technology Club.






    Gifts for Music Lovers, American Gifts, Gifts for Piano Players Sonia Nair, 14, pictured with her sister, Nidhi Nair, 9. The two have performed a unique piece titled “Tidal Wave” based on the ever popular “Heart and Soul”. Sonia created the piece for the two of them, because her younger sister loved playing the melody with her sister’s fabulously creative piano part.



     In 8th grade, Sonia Nair has been studying piano for five years with teacher, Dr. Anne D. Young. From an early age, she became interested in composing music and recreating songs by ear. The rest is history. Outside of school and piano, her interests include competing in track and field meets, performing dance routines, participating in Girl Scouts, and spending time with her younger sister. Sonia also enjoys traveling with family, completing science experiments, cooking, and helping her community.






    Music Art Cards to Benefit Youth Music Competition

    The Youth Music Competition will earn 100% from card profits thru the end of May 2016, and 20% after that. Please support our work with card purchases at this LINK. You can buy a set of all the same or an assortment. We are currently working on more cards, and love requests.

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  • Music Training Opened Doors for Pianist, Vicki Carr

    Music Training Prepares Cool Piano Purse -un 40

    Piano player  and music community leader, Ms. Vicki Carr, purchased a number of Violettes by Becky Grand Piano Purses as gifts. In our interview, she tells how her music background influenced her career. In "retirement", she has recently written a children's book called " Lydia Becomes a Flower Girl". It takes the reader through  the steps of wedding prep with some family dynamics to add a little crisis. The book is currently being illustrated. It is the first of a two-book deal with the publisher.

    piano purse, gifts for Music lovers, gifts for piano players Grand Piano Purse for Gifts

    1. Violettes:   Are you originally from Texas? How many kids do you have and do they live in Texas also?

    Ms. Carr: I am a Texan by birth AND by choice. Having spent career time in New York and Los Angeles,  I am very happy in East Texas, which is more Southern in its way of life than West Texas, where I grew up. I have one son who lives in Arkansas, just 50 blocks from us (Texarkana straddles the Texas/Arkansas border), and two step-daughters who are west coast dwellers. 

    2. Violettes: How did you become involved in music growing up? What kind of lessons and teaching methods did you have? What kind of lessons did you give your kids? Did you teach them yourself?

     Ms. Carr: Growing up in Abilene, TX, I had the advantage of training through the music prep program at McMurry University, just a few blocks from our house. Students majoring in music ed taught me and developed my interest in music. The earliest method we used was from Shawnee Press: the Fred Waring piano series, which my parents bought in a complete kit. Because of that training, I demonstrated an unusual sight-reading ability as a youngster, so I was granted opportunities to play in public at church and as church and school choir accompanist. By the time I got to college at Hardin-Simmons University, it was obvious that music would be my path. 
    My son is a gifted musician, learning mostly by influence from me, rather than lessons. Ironically, he has decided to major in elementary education with a music emphasis, and has recently begun weekly lessons with me. 

    3. Violettes: You used to have a job in public relations? Tell us about it.


    Ms. Carr: My music training opened a number of doors for me, career-wise, leading me into show management, event production, promotion and publicity. My understanding of musicians and performers allowed me to work with major theme parks, specialty shows, and PR agencies, over the years while in Dallas and Los Angeles. 

     4. Violettes: In Texas the music programs for schools are supposed to be very strong

    Gifts for Music Lovers, Gifts for Piano Players, Piano Purse Pianist Vicki Carr

    there. Do you know the details of how they became so strong? Is it just that someone decided they would fund them or?

    Ms. Carr: The Texas education system does promote music excellence. The University of Texas Interscholastic League competitions are keen - partly because of the size of the state and number of participants that must be culled to the all-state level. Like Tennessee, Texas is known for its professional musicians, so our education system, by and large, presents opportunities for training and exposure to keep that image alive. I wish I could say it is as important as football, but you know better than that! 

     5. Violettes: You were on the MTNA Board or something similar? How did you become involved in that? Are you still involved?

     Ms. Carr: I serve as president of the Wednesday Music Club, the oldest service organization in our city. I know it sounds like little old ladies in white gloves, but it is far from it. Our club exists to encourage, support and expose musical talent in our area. We are affiliated with the Arkansas Federation of Music Clubs (for which I serve as vice president), and the National Federation of Music Clubs (for which I serve as a scholarship chair). At each and every level there are many scholarships awarded for a wide variety of talents. 
    6. Violettes: Did you say your teaching studio is in a piano gallery? 

    Ms. Carr: I maintain a private studio within the Texarkana Academy of Musical Arts. We are located in Central Mall, which gives our parents plenty of parking and plenty of ways to spend the length of their student's lesson time.  There are eight teachers at TAMA, and we offer lessons in strings, piano, voice, brass,reeds and percussion. We were selling pianos, but we just really needed the floor space for recitals and large group rehearsals, so that is no longer part of what we offer. Several times a year we do a faculty showcase, as several of our teachers are solo performers in addition to being excellent teachers. 
    Gifts for Music Lovers, Gifts for Piano Players, Piano Purse Ms. Carr shares valuable music training with her son.

    Gifts for Piano Players, Piano Purse, Gifts for Piano Teachers

  • Piano Teacher Strength is Her Own Enthusiasm

    Piano Teacher, Brenda Ginther, Cool (Piano) Purse -un 32

    Piano Purse, Gifts for Piano Players, Gifts for Piano Teachers Piano Teacher Brenda Ginther

    Violettes is always proud to have a Music Teacher amongst our clients. People look up to their teachers and want to emulate them. We have had many students of Violettes owners want to purchase their own. Thank you Ms. Brenda for purchasing a Violettes Piano Purse for yourself for your December birthday! We're so glad that you "love it".

    1. Violettes: Are you from Pennsylvania? Or did you move there as an adult?  What do you like about living in your neck of the woods?
    Brenda:  Yes I have been born and raised a Pennsylvanian.  I love our state for the rolling hills and natural beauty and seasons.
    2. Violettes: You are a Piano Teacher who plays for your church. Tell us about your piano studio and teaching methods.

    In my Piano studio, I use the Alfred piano series to teach but also add in music books of the

    Piano Purse, Piano Teacher, Gifts for Piano Players Brenda and Students

    students music choice.  I believe my enthusiasm and rewards system are my best attributes in the studio because it encourages my students and helps to motivate them to practice and do well without strictness.  My students compete against themselves and are rewarded for doing so.  End result is love and passion to play the piano well and enjoy it.

    3.  Violettes:  Do you have any fun stories about working with students?

    Brenda:   Oh I always have fun with my students.  Some have drawn me pictures of there favorite music, others wrote me beautiful notes and so many enjoy doing the duets with me; my favorite part.  There music styles and choice of music keeps it challenging for me .

    4. Violettes: Do you have other hobbies and interests?

    Brenda:  gardening and walking are probably my favorite although I simply enjoy being active.  I also play 5 instruments and enjoy playing them for my enjoyment.  The Bassoon I played in school orchestra, the clarinet was for marching band, the accordion was handed down to me by my aunt and my harmonica was my grandmother's.  Of course the piano is my favorite because it is up to my hands to bring out the spirit of the song.

    5. Violettes:  Do you have favorite music to play? to listen to? or a favorite musician or group?
    Brenda:  My favorite music to play is classical because it really shows off our music ability but my favorite to listen to is gospel because it's uplifting and peaceful and brings me close to the Lord.  My favorite groups are The piano guys and Pantonix.  I just love the fun and talent of these two groups.  They both amaze me.
    Piano Purse, Gifts for Piano Players, Gifts for Piano Teachers Brenda Ginther with Red Fleur de Lys Piano Purse from Violettes

    Gifts for Piano Players, Piano Purse, Gifts for Piano Teachers

  • Athletic Retired Geologist, Tells of Accomplished Family

    Piano Gifts from Cool ( Piano ) Purse -un 30  - Ruth Gove

    Piano Gifts from Ruth Gove. She purchased our popular Red Fleur de Lys Piano Purse at a craft fair for her talented grand daughter.

    I first met Ms. Gove doing swim workouts in Oak Ridge. I love getting swim tips from folks, since I am a novice lap swimmer. She often throws pointers in my direction. Then, I started seeing her at concerts too. She seems to be traveling in the same path as I recently.

    1. Violettes: Where are you from, and what was your profession?
    Ruth: I was born in Cleveland, Ohio and grew up along the shores of Lake Erie in the eastern suburb of Euclid.  My college major was geology and I was able to work in Washington, D.C. as a research assistance for the U.S. Geological Survey.  When we moved to Oak Ridge, I later worked at Oak Ridge National Laboratory as a geologist and then as a Technical Information Specialist.

    2. Violettes: You have an amazingly accomplished family. Your husband and your sons sound like super stars. Tell us about them.
    Ruth:  My husband , now retired, worked as a nuclear physicist at ORNL.  He later transitioned into computers.  We have three sons:  the oldest is a math professor in CA; the middle one is a neuronet computer specialist in NC; and the third and youngest is a computer engineer working for Google.  All three sons were soccer players.  They started young since during their youth we lived in Vienna for 3 years.  So I don't have any football players.

    3. Violettes: I'll bet your kids were all Valedictorians! What else about your sons??
    Ruth: Two of the boys were valedictorians, 2 were on the ORHS soccer team and one stayed with AYSO.  One son was TN's first All-American high school soccer player.  That same son won either 1st or 2nd national honors in French and Spanish contests for advanced non-native speakers.  Two of the kids have PhDs; the third is our PhD drop out.  

    4. Violettes: You have a grand daughter who is learning to compose (for whom you purchased one of Violettes' piano gifts). How did she get started with the composing? A lot of kids take private music lessons as part of their education, but not many get involved with composing.
    Ruth: My grand daughter started piano lessons when she was about 6 and she claimed she kept hearing music.  So she learned to write it down.  She can "play by ear". Right now she studies piano and occasionally has composition lessons. She also gives piano lessons.

    5. Violettes: You are an expert swimmer. Do you have other hobbies or talents?
    Ruth: I grew up playing table tennis and now as an adult I play with our Knoxville club and also participate in some competitive tournaments.  Two yrs ago I won the gold in the National Senior Olympics held in Cleveland.
    This year I won the silver (also in singles) in Minneapolis.  I was a tomboy growing up and played pick up basketball and football.  I am taking up pickle ball now that we have a place to play in Oak Ridge.  If I ever have time I love to do research on my family history.  Right now I'm looking for the birth place of my Welch grandmother - someone I never met. I also love to garden and to mow our 3/4 acre of grass.
    Gifts for Piano Players, Piano Purse, Piano Gifts Ruth to poses after our swim work out. Thanks so much for your Piano Purse Purchase. Our Piano Gifts are a fun surprise.

    Violettes Piano Purses make great Gifts for Piano Players.

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  • Dainty Piano Purse Prototype & Birthday at Dancing Bear Restaurant

    Playing with the Piano Purse Design and Restaurant Review

    piano purse, gifts for piano players, gifts for music lovers Piano Purse trial prototype No 1 at Dancing Bear Restaurant in Townsend, TN.

    I decided to make a daintier piano purse for those looking for gifts for piano playersPeople must expect some dainty designs after seeing our feature article in the Nash Country Weekly. We can do that. There is nothing funner than making new designs, then modeling them. And of course eating in an upscale restaurant for one's birthday dinner.

    Scroll to bottom of page to see back and inside of Piano Purse 2 prototype available later this week for sale.


    Guitar purse, gifts for music lovers, gifts for musicians Happiest in nature!! With Old Timey Band Guitar Purse.

    So after a morning hike on House Mountain in the color season end show, I worked on several designs for the fast approaching Holiday gift rush.



    So I want to tell you about the Dancing Bear Restaurant. I had reservations for my birthday dinner there 2 years ago. Coming back from my birthday hike, we saw that it was on fire. They called me, and said we know it is your birthday, so you are the first one we called. So I waited 2 years for that BD dinner. It now has a new owner, chef... For this review, you most note that I am a gourmet cook and a really tough and picky food critic. I went with my mother and my husband.

    Food: fabulous, but no low cal options unless you just have salad with controlled dressing.

    We shared an appetizer plate of fried oysters with BBQ sauce (for my Mom's sake). Very scrumptious.

    We also shared the "House Recommended" Ambrosia Salad, which was  wonderful. Fresh berries on delicate butter lettuce with the dressing on the side. It was the warm brown sugar pecan dressing that was the highlight. Some how the salad tasted like a fresh pie! It was super.

    All three of our dinners were heavenly. We usually share all our dishes as if in a chinese restaurant, but we all had trouble giving up any of our own plates. Superb.

    piano purse, gifts for musicians, gifts for music lovers Our Birthday Dinners - we couldn't wait for photos to dig in, so they each are tasted already!

    Drinks: We ordered one drink to share, my Mom and I - an Amaretto Sour. It had whipped egg white on the top . My Mom gulped it down - she usually only takes one sip, so we had to order another. My husband said the draft beer selection was very small, but what he had was excellent.

    Dessert: There was a good selection. Since it was a birthday, we all shared the sizeable slice of Guinness Chocolate Cake. They said it had Irish Cream in the Frosting. It came with home made vanilla ice cream in a cookie cup. Yup, enough for the three of us, and yup, really delicious.

    Atmosphere: The buildings and grounds were beautiful with an out door gazebo nice for weddings and parties. The inside seemed like almost cafeteria style, but you didn't notice when the amazing , but caloric food came.

    People: The people were wonderful, but from the beginning to the end, they said we're ready for your birthday. Honestly, I have never been to a restaurant that didn't give you your cake for free on your birthday, and with no candle or song. Especially after they told me at least 12 times when we arrived and throughout the meal, "We are ready for your birthday". We gave them full tip, but afterwards my husband said we should have subtracted the price of the cake from it. They shouldn't have pretended to make such a big deal about being ready for my birthday if they didn't even have a candle.

    Things they still need to upgrade: Lighting and signage for leaving in the dark. It was hard for us to see the dirt walkway to the parking lot after we exited the restaurant front door. My husband got lost on the way out due to lack of lighting and lit signage. Perhaps they need to stock up on candles too.

    Piano Purse prototype Back and inside with cards and 2 lipsticks. This is prototype. construction quality will improve greatly for final version, as I was in too big of a hurry here.

    piano purse, gifts for piano players, gifts for music lovers Piano purse 2 inside with lip sticks

  • Cool Pink Piano Purse - Un No. 18

    Gifts for Piano Players Or Meiling and the Pink Piano

    Meiling Martin is a smiley friendly sweet person whose favorite color is pink! When our grand piano purse shipment arrived, I knew they were perfect gifts for piano players, so I gifted her a Red Fleur de Lys Piano Purse. It was the closest that I could come to pink.

    "Pink is my signature color.  I wear pink every day.  My friends or students will tease me if I am sick because I wear different color clothes once a while. "  In the photo below, "my sister, Meiwen, a good friend Janis & I visited a toffee museum (in Taiwan); we saw the old Pink piano."

    gifts for piano players, piano purse, gifts for piano teachers Meiling performing on the pink Grand Piano.

    1. Violettes:  How did you grow up getting interested in Piano?

    Meiling: I heard friends learning & playing piano when I was 11 years old. I really liked the sound. I asked my mom if I could learn how to play piano. She said yes even though she didn't know what a piano looked like. After taking one year of piano lessons I decided to become a piano teacher.

    I came to the US from Taipei, Taiwan in 1986 to get a degree in piano performance at Bowling Green State University in Ohio.  Because of the school system here, it was easier to choose the major I wanted to study. Even though I had been teaching piano for Yamaha School for 5 & 1/2 years, I still wanted to learn to play more advanced repertoire & acquire more knowledge about teaching piano.

    I have been teaching piano lessons since 1990 with 1 & 1/2 year break when I was freshman & sophomore in college.  I currently have 30 families taking piano lessons.   I am involved in different music teachers organizations in the area.  The majority of my students participate in piano festival & competition.  Because I strongly feel students need to have a goal toward piano learning.  I am very fortunate to have one on one special relationships with students.  Hopefully I can have an impact on their music learning, and help them to apply their musical learning to their daily life.

    My favorite music is Romantic music-- Chopin, Liszt and Rachmaninov. I love to play and listen to their music too.

    I teach Catherine Rollin for beginner & early intermediate students. Chopin for advanced students.

    2. Violettes:  Do you have any fun stories about giving lessons?

    Meiling:  I love to use a silly example to teach a concept; a topping (accompaniment) on the ice cream (melody) is just like balance between hands, or how to put on make up expresses the proper use of pedal. My students love to hear my example of Rondo (ABACA) by using 3 of their favorite ice creams.

    I love when I meet my former students who tell me they appreciate that I taught them to be the best of what they do.

    3. Violettes:  Do you have other hobbies?

    Meiling:  I love reading & watching shows online. My favorite books are Thorn Birds, mystery & detective novels. My favorite movies are Phantom of the Opera, Mama Mia, Notebook, & Somewhere in Time.

    Since my parents are getting old I go home to Taiwan every year. I mainly spend time with my parents and sisters. I also go out with friends to eat. We enjoy chatting, sightseeing & shopping.

    Meiling sent lovely photos from her summer trips home.

    Gifts for Piano players, Piano Purse, Gifts for Piano Teachers Meiling and her family in Taiwan.


    Gifts for Piano Players, Piano Purse, gifts for Piano teachers One of my best college friends Merinda came to visit my parents, sisters and I.  We went to one of largest lotus gardens near my hometown, TungShi. My husband thinks the scenery there is similar to the Smoky Mountains.


    Gifts for Piano Players, Piano Purse, Gifts for Piano Teachers Meiling with family and friends. "Amy is the mom of one of my good friends.  She loves to take pictures with silly & different poses.  She took my sisters and I to eat fabulous Taiwanese food in Tainan, south of Taiwan.  We had a blessed time with her for 3 days sightseeing."
    Gifts for Piano Players, Piano Purse, Gifts for Piano Teachers Please visit Violettes for Gifts for Piano Players, a Piano Purse, and especially Gifts for Piano Teachers.
  • Cool Piano Purse-un No. 17, Pianist, Pam Robertson

    Pam's Many Hats

    Pianist, Composer, Quilter, Grandmother

    As a teacher, students look up to Pam. So as an owner of a Piano Purse, her students naturally want one too. Thank you to Pam (who has also purchased a special order guitar purse)! They are great gifts for piano players (or guitar players) and their mothers and grand mothers! They are fun gifts for symphony goers, and conversation starters where ever you go. With the holidays coming, please think about our creative musical instrument shaped purses.

    Pam is a Knoxville area piano teacher, church pianist, piano accompanist, composer and so much more. She obviously has a sense of humor. When I asked her to send photos of herself doing some of her favorite things, she said "Well, then of course I'll send you a photo of me eating".

    Heeeere's Pam!

    Piano Purse, Gifts for Piano Players Piano Purse Owner, Pam Roberston, introducing her composition.

    Church Pianist:  I have been pianist at Central Baptist Bearden for 15 years.  They keep paying me so I keep going back.  I have been working in churches continuously for 31 years.

    In addition to teaching her own students, she accompanies violin students:  I accompany for four different violin studios in Knoxville TN.  One of the teachers takes her studio to play in an assisted living for every major holiday.  It is so much fun seeing the kids dressed up for Halloween performing classical violin music.  The residents also especially love the Saint Patricks Holiday concert when the kids are dressed head to toe in green.  They even put green ribbons on their violins.  It is great fun!

    Composer:  I started composing in 2009 to fulfill a job expectation.  I have been lucky enough to get 11 pieces published in four different collections.  The books are Go Out in Joy, Music by the Masters for the Master (a book with classical music interwoven with the hymn arrangement) and Gospel Gold Volume Two.  These three books are published by Hal Leonard.  The fourth book is My Savior First of All.  It is published by Lorenz.  I have a book of just my pieces called My Savior and My God.  It is also published by Lorenz.

    Pam has won numerous composing awards:  At the Composers Symposium held every year in Atlanta, she has been awarded Best in Show three times. She has also won the Choral award for her anthem "O Come O Come Emanuel".  It is published by Hope Publishing Company.

    Pam circle quilt Piano Purse, Gifts for Piano Players
    Pam is a very prolific and talented quilter: I love spending time quilting.  I finished several projects for friends this year - quilts they had started and never finished.  That proved to be quite difficult.

    I have made two quilts to give away this year and also finished several for myself.  I have worked pretty hard recently on getting all my supplies organized.

    My grandmother McKnight was a quilter and I saw her doing it from an early age and I always wanted to learn how.  I started taking classes and making quilts thirty years ago.  I won some free material.  I just hang some of them on my walls.

    Pam will soon be selling precut quilt kits on-line for her "off kilter nine patch" shown above on the left.

    Pam's other music accomplishments including playing Classical Guitar and Viola:

    • Pam has been involved with a group called Music Study Club for 30 years. (She has probably been president 10 of those years!) This is a club that meets 9 months of the year to hear members perform on the keyboards, vocals, and instrumentals.  We are very proud to be able to provide a $1,500 scholarship to a music student at the University of Tennessee.  Applicants must be a rising junior or senior majoring in music.
    • I have been taking classical guitar lessons for the last three years as a way to remember the son we lost in 2012.  I had no idea it would be so difficult or so much fun.  I have a great appreciation for the skill involved in playing any guitar now!
    • She also plays Viola, and has had one made for her by her son! Pam says, "I always hoped that one of my sons would be interested in woodworking and Reuben was the one.  He started working with Kelvin Scott- an internationally known luthier- when he was in the eighth grade.  He worked with him for 9 years learning woodworking skills involved in making violins, violas, and cellos.  I have two violas that were handmade by Reuben.  He is now doing more furniture making but eventually would like to return to luthier work.

    Still Full of Boundless Energy!

    I also spend time almost every day either swimming, biking, or running (walking).  I have a very high energy level and I find I prefer to get my exercise first thing in the morning.  I started running in 1978 while I was in a class at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville .  The class was called weight control and figure improvement.  I have been running ever since.  I have even completed several half marathons.

    I live on a 70 acre farm.  We built a driving range, Target Golf Practice and Training Facility, on our property eight years ago.  It stays very busy.  Lots of people are crazy about golf.

    Piano Purse, Gifts for Piano PlayersMost importantly, I am the proud grandmother of two granddaughters:  Charlotte is eight months and Olivia is four months old.

    I think you will agree that Pam is a really cool Piano Purse - un indeed!




    Guitar Purse, Gifts for Piano Players Pam ready to Perform.
    Guitar Purse, gifts for piano players Pam hiking in the Smokies.









    Gifts for Musicians

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  • Gifts for Piano Players or Gifts from Piano Players

    We Sell Gifts for Musicians, but Get Gifts from Musicians!

    Each of our bag styles are used by both professional and hobby musicians as gig bags. So this holiday season, remember our Gifts for Musicians! Fill them with concert tickets. Between selling Gifts for Piano Players, mainly our Guitar, Violin and Piano Purse and Gig Bag Merchandise, we hold our Annual Youth Composition and Songwriter Competition for ages 10 thru 18. We find most students have had some piano background. Seeing the layout of all the notes or keys in black and white helps any musician visualize music theory.

    While students send in their Compositions, Volunteer Judges review them for comments. So music gifts from both the youth and the professionals are connected to make the competition a successful exchange of inspiration. I would like to present 2 of our past Honorable Mention competition contestants: Theo Harsham, in the Junior Division, and Davis Zamboanga, in the Senior Division. Congratulations to them both on their accomplishments!

    Gifts for Musicians Youth Composer Theo Harsham



    Theo Harsham is a middle school student in Newton, Massachusetts. He’s studied violin since age 3, and also plays piano and sings. His improvisation and composition skills have really taken off under the expert teaching of Beth Bahia Cohen. He studies world, classical and blues music. He also plays in two orchestras and a string and wind quintet group. He loves soccer and video games.



    Davis Zamboanga: "My principal instrument is trombone, but I also enjoy playing piano and

    Gifts for Musicians Youth Composer Davis Zamboanga from Dublin, CA

    guitar and, at 17 years of age, I am a composer and music theory activist seeking to find the Music of Life. My love for music is found in the fact that relationships between mere pitches can invoke a deep emotional response, resonating with the listener's soul. In addition, the process of playing music with a group has the power to connect and transform lives. Knowing this, someday I hope to use music education to reach children in underprivileged communities. After high school, I've thought about going to schools like Berklee College of Music in Boston or the Lionel Hampton School of Music in Idaho."

    Gifts for Piano PlayersFind Gifts for Piano Players, their mothers and grandmothers at


  • Ann McFarland: Cool Piano Purse - un No.14

    Insurance Agents get to Meet Artists!


    Ms. McFarland was brave to order one of the original handmade Piano Purse Prototypes.There were many funky versions. Most of our handmade products take 1 to 2 full days to construct. This one was quite nice. But just in case it was too funky for her, we included a final piano purse version in her delivery, which she gifted to her daughter.

    Piano Purse, Gifts for Piano Players Ann Mcfarland with handmade Piano Purse.

    She comments: "I love my piano purse! I use it and wear it when I go out to dinner and get lots of compliments and interest. I picked the piano purse because I love piano music!
    I listen to piano instrumental music at work and at home."  Yes, I love this music too!

    Ms. McFarland says she is "By day an insurance broker - but my superpower is being Meemaw to 4 adorable little grandsons"! That is special!

    She loves the outdoors: swimming & kayaking in the California Northstate (Redding - Shasta Lake City area) Everyone here loves the outdoors.

    We do have Fun Times in the Insurance Office

    It looks like meeting such a diverse group of interesting people is what is fun for Ms. McFarland.

    We have insured gift shops and restaurants in San Francisco,
    A Vegan Raw food festival in Santa Rosa for a weekend,
    And other outdoor venues for assorted weddings and parties.
    We insured an Artist who painted murals for the City of Hayward
    (on some of their buildings and a theater). We were insuring him and his
    staff in case someone got hurt while standing on scaffolding while doing the
    drawing and painting. The fun part was meeting the artist and taking
    pictures for the file.
    We insured a contractor who was remodeling Clint Eastwood's home
    in Carmel CA. Beautiful home!

    Piano Purse, Gifts for Piano Players Ladies Staff: Shelly, Michelle & Me (Ann) - We handle Customer Service, Producing Certificates for our clients & paying the bills (accounts receivable & account payable)

    Looks like fun office - mates! Ms. Mcfarland says:
    We love our work - "We work all week so we can play on the weekends!"
    In the great Outdoors of course!

    Gifts for Musicians

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  • Cool Purrr - son or Cool Piano Purse - un No. 13

    Happy 90th Birthday Today to my Mother!!! 

    (aka Gifts for Piano Players)Gifts for Piano Players, Piano Purse

    Maria Brody can not be separated from her Violettes Piano Purse, nor from her cat. Her husband, 1 grandson and 1 granddaughter were

    Piano purse, gifts for piano players, muaic art Mama with her Piano Purse

    talented pianists. (Hopefully the grandchildren who are now both studying physics, make time to play again in the future). People where ever we go, notice her piano purse. So the bags are not only great gifts for piano players, but they are gifts for wives, mothers and grandmothers of piano players.

    My Mom had some piano lessons as a child, but she was a ballet dancer. She danced in the Vienna Opera House at age 12. She was "caught" in World War II, escaping to England at age 13. She came from a "well to do" non-religious Jewish family, who had to escape Vienna. Her father was able to pay off Hitler's men temporarily, but her family took off in different directions...

    After graduating from the London School of Economics with an Economics degree, she took the RMS Aquitania ship to America to be reunited with her mother in New York City in 1947. She lived there for a year taking Modern Dance lessons from famous Dancers Jose Limon, Dorris Humphrey and Charles Weidman. Then she moved to Cambridge near her brother, who was attending MIT. She met my Dad at a dance and they married in 4 weeks. So she turned down a dance troupe offer to travel for "stability" with a (difficult, but brilliant talented) Harvard man. She had come from a difficult family and went thru difficult times escaping the war. Who can blame her for diving into a marriage. (It was a difficult one!)

    My father was so dominant, and my Mother was devoted to satisfying every whim of everyone (like many of us mothers). We, her 4 children, never completely knew who the real her was. She probably didn't know for quite some time either. (She took many writing classes, and one time wrote that her feelings are flapping in the wind. She says they aren't anymore.) We do know however that she can not pass a street musician without dropping money! She is a big supporter of the arts. We know that if we

    Piano Purse, Gifts for Piano Players My Mom camping at age 89.

    had any kind of a desire to take any kind of lessons, she made it happen. She taught her first 3 children (and all the children in the Seattle neighborhood) dance lessons in our house. She is creative - when she was in her 20's, she loved making pottery and painting whimsical scenes on tiles that were assembled into tables. Later she sewed a lot of my clothes. When I was in elementary school, she taught herself and me to sew. And she was a great cook. Our family foodie tastes have been passed on thru the generations. And I almost forgot - she was always wanting to go camping. Being in the mountains was of utmost importance to her being. In fact, last year I took her on an overnight camp out in Pisgah Nat'l Forrest, North Carolina, and she loved it. I filled the entire back of the minivan with mattresses and soft things. We slept on top of a giant pile of soft things in the tent like in The Princess and the Pea story. (One of the best sleeps I ever had!)

    She worked in my father's doctor's office as a nurse and secretary for most of my upbringing. She loved the people she met and she loved helping to care for them. She went to night school to get a nursing degree so that she could give shots... in my father's office. A few of the patients still send her Xmas cards!

    Who is my Mom? Now we know because she lives with me in Tennessee.

    Pianos Purse, Gifts for Piano Players She always dresses nicely when we go out.
    • As always, she can survive on cake alone, and will whip up whipped cream to eat with a spoon from a cup!! (Her Austrian heritage!)
    • ----
    • - She is always reading a diverse selection of books - science, politics, romance, culture, religion and even poetry!
    • ----
    • - She often runs upstairs to her room for PBS programs in the evening whether about Math, science, a Biography, any history series, opera, ballet or a symphony. Yes - she jumped up from the dinner table one evening saying she must hurry - there is a program about math on! Duane and I looked at teach other. I think it was actually on Galileo.
    • ----
    • - She insists on "carrying her weight" around the house doing laundry, dishes, watering flowers, sweeping the porch and begging me to let her cook.
    • ----
    • - She wants to treat our cat like she took care of her husband, serving it the best food, constantly. She gets lots of exercise letting him in and out all day.

    Perhaps she is having 9 lives. Happy Birthday Grandma!!


    If you have any memories of her leave them below. Thanks!


    I guarantee, she would be thrilled if you bought our Gifts for Piano Players  for the Pianists, their mothers and grandmothers and the Piano Teachers on your list !

    Gift ideas for Music Lovers Grandma with her 2 daughters and a most special Granddaughter from Berlin.

    Gifts for Musicians

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