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  • Opportunity to Support Inner City School of the Arts

    Please Read: Gift for Inner City School of the Arts

    Dear Folks,

    Violettes by Becky holds an Annual Youth Composition Competition. "Inner city" students can enter at no cost. This year 3 schools (from New York, Philadelphia and Oakland, CA) have involved students, or rather 3 phenomenal teachers. These students don't compete with the other entries. So, Violettes by Becky arranges for additional prizes. Asking the teacher who entered 26 students with "Garage Band" computer compositions what he needs for his classroom, he is in need of a $210 voice recorder (actually, he would like 2 of them). Violettes tried to bid for one on ebay, but it quickly went to $149 (above our price range). Violettes by Becky is able to give $50 towards this for the classroom for the Oakland, CA school, Roots International. Can anyone donate to this cause? Thanks so much for your help.

    Sincerely, Becky

    Email me at to Pledge (with Pledge in subject line.)

    If you are interested in helping another school of the arts, or know of one that might want to participate next year, please contact us.

    Gifts for Music Lovers, Gifts for Musicians, Gift Ideas for Music Lovers Violettes by Becky, Gifts for Music Lovers gives you an opportunity to Support a School of the Arts.
  • Whether or Not You Need Gift Ideas for Music Lovers or a Guitar Purse

    Too Hard to Give Away Money?!!! Deadline for Youth Composition & Songwriting Competition almost Here

    Dear Readers,

    If you're a songwriter, support our work with the purchase of a Guitar Purse.

    A friend of mine always used to tell me that there are so many Scholarships that go uncollected because no one applies. Violettes by Becky has posted news of our 3rd Annual Youth Composition and Songwriting Competition on many free boards such as Young Composers Forum,, in Music Teachers Association Newsletters in a couple of states, on facebook pages of music groups.. and of course in our newsletters.

    We have extended the deadline for registration to Feb. 14, the same as the submittal date. We have 2 categories, Composition and Songwriter, each divided into 2 age groups, 10 thru 14 and 15 thru 18.

    First and second prizes for older composition students (15 - 18) are $800 and $200. Detailed information can be found at Violettes by Becky under Competition; from there, click on the details page to learn about judges, prizes...

    First place prize for the older Songwriter Student is a 10 day summer camp session in Nashville with the Annie Moses Band (worth $1,400), and 2nd place a new guitar.

    Can you help me get the word out?

    There are currently so few entries, we will not be able to justify getting donations for this competition next year. One teacher who found the competition by googling told me that people probably don't believe it. It sounds too good to be true. She signed 2 students on for this year. Last year the first prize student was from New York - she won $1,000 cash! There are no composition entries from New York this year.

    All students receive professional feedback. (Or top 30 in each division). Entry fee is $15, part of which goes to Volunteer Judges as a gift. If you can not afford the fee, let us know, and enter for free.

    Do not hesitate to email or call with any questions.

    3rd Annual Violettes Youth Composition & Songwriting Competition
    For ages 10 thru 18 (Still in High School)
    Submit Score and MP-3 or You tube on-line.
    Register and submit by Feb. 14, 2016
    For Details, see Violettes by Becky
    Registration and Entries Due Feb. 14, 2016

    Thanks to our sponsors:
    Annie Moses Band
    Kiwanis (Knoxville)
    US Music Corp.
    Performers Music
    Sheet Music Plus
    All our really amazing Volunteer Judges - Please check out their music. (Link to their bios on competition page).
    **Fee Waived if you can not afford. Contact us.
    Do not hestitate to ask questions to

    Songwriting Competition, Gift Ideas for Music Lovers, Guitar Purse
    Sponsored by Violettes by Becky, Gifts for Music Lovers, Music Purses/Gig bags
    Note that Steinway puts on a Piano Competition. It is well respected, and they get paid to do it. This has been a grassroots labor of love, possibly about to end.

    Support our Youth Competition and Songwriting Competition by spreading the word fast!

    Thank you!

  • American Gifts for Suzy Chaffee

    Suzy Chaffee Chooses Guitar Purse

    American Gifts are sought after according to my web site statistics, and what could be better than a Guitar Purse with an American Flag hand painted on it? But I was surprised that this is what my sister-in-law Suzy, whom I haven't seen in about 15 years, chose when I offered her a choice of purses at Xmas. She previously asked for a Violettes Piano Purse to gift to a granddaughter's Piano Teacher, and a Cello Purse because her daughter and granddaughter are cellists. Suzy is BTW Cool (Guitar) Purse -un 38!

    Gifts for musicians, gifts ideas for music lovers, American Gifts American Gifts  - What's better than a hand painted Guitar Purse?!!

    I asked her if she will keep her guitar or gift it. She is contemplating it as a special gift for a musical young lady who plays the piano, sings and is currently in another musical at school. And she says she also wants to get a "paint it yourself" guitar for one of her crafty granddaughters.

    1. 1. Violettes: You have many talents. You do paintings (on saw blades). You did inventory control for a business for many years, then you opened a childcare service for many years - any thing else? Do you have other hobbies or talents. I know you love to read - what are your favorite kind of books?

    Suzy: I love a good mystery book, especially the old British authors. But any old mystery will do in a pinch. I have signed copies of books by some of my favorite authors. My dream is to

    Gifts ideas for music Lovers, guitar Purse, Gifts for Musicians                    Suzy and her Husband Rick

    visit England some day and see the settings of some of the stories. Plus that would give me a chance to visit gardens, which is a passion of mine. One winter a few years back I read EVERY flower gardening book in the Boise Public Library to prepare for spring in our garden. I like perennials in blues and pinks best. No orange or yellow in my garden .. thank you very much. I don't have as much time to crochet and sew as I'd like but I still keep my hand in when I can. My next project is to sew a brocade jacket for myself. I searched for years for the perfect fabric and finally found it this winter.

    1. 2. Violettes: You grew up in Northern CA logging country and Boise. You married and settled in Boise. Was anyone in your family a hobby or professional musician? Or did your kids start because it was offered in the schools. Sammy played cello in orchestra and trombone in marching band. Did anyone else take up an instrument? Did any of them continue with private lessons?

    Suzy: My grandmother played the piano for church until she was 90 and the family always gathered around her at home to sing along when we visited. My mother also played the piano and would play each night as we kids drifted off to sleep. She was the song leader at church for years. My dad would often get out his guitar and sing songs like "Froggy Went a Courtin". I've always regretted that Mom let me quit piano lessons because I didn't want to keep my fingernails short.

    Sean (son) played the clarinet in school and took piano lessons in college because we said we'd get him a motorcycle if he did. :) Stacey (daughter) played percussion in marching band and had drum and flute lessons.  Sam (other daughter) had cello lessons with Mr Bratt for years. She still plays the cello with our granddaughter Abby. Abby takes piano and cello lessons and is in her school orchestra. This year Abby's "other" grandmother gave her baby grand piano to Abby when her piano teacher said she needed to "move up". Grand kids Jordan and Riley both play the flute and Riley is in her school orchestra.

    1. 3. Violettes: You must love nature, as you drive all over the place. Tell us what you like
      American gifts, Gift ideas for Music Lovers, Gifts for Musicieans A reason to love Idaho - "American Gifts" in nature. (Suzy trusting Grandson on the wheel. (In next photo, she is dumped!)

      most. Taking photos, getting out into the fresh air, and certain parks or places?

    Suzy: We do enjoy seeing the wonders of nature within driving distance of Boise. There are gorgeous mountain vistas, streams, rocks, rivers and lakes in Idaho. But it's been especially interesting to see all the places of history like the Oregon Trail. There's something awesome about walking where wagons rumbled across the land over 150 years ago. Or going to historic gold rush towns like Silver City or Idaho City. It makes me realize that our roots can go deep.

    1. 4. Violettes: What do you like about living in Boise, as I have only lived on coasts?

    Suzy: To tell the truth I'd rather live on the Oregon coast. I miss the ocean... and fog. Boise is close to wonderful sights but it gets pretty hot in the summer. We definitely have four seasons in Boise.

    1. 5. Violettes: Tell us about your grand children!
    Gift Ideas for Music Lovers, Gifts for Musicians, Guitar Purse Suzy enjoying her grands.

    Suzy: We live in Boise because that's where some of our kids and grand kids live. We love to take our youngest granddaughter to the zoo like we did her older cousins. We are trying to figure out how to visit the Oregon zoo in Portland and Port Defiance zoo in Tacoma with as many grand kids as possible soon. Ethan wants to be a zoo keeper now and then a zoo director after college. Jordan is working on becoming a teacher. Ben's in his first year of college and not sure yet what he'll end up being. Riley and Abby have both expressed an interest in being doctors when they finish school. We just like playing games with all of them and seeing them grow up happy.

    Gifts for Piano Players, Piano Purse, Gifts for Piano Teachers

    Please enjoy shopping at Violettes by Becky for Gifts Ideas for Music Lovers!

  • Sheryl McDonald Fiddles Hot Country Songs

    Cool Music Purse -un 33 needs our Gifts for Musicians

    Fiddler of Hot Country Songs, Sheryl McDonald, special orders her microphone bag modeled after our shoulder rest bags in our " Violin Shop ". She sends photos with measurements of her needs, and we send her photos of our available fabrics. Ms. McDonald plays with Highway 60 - Hot Country -  "We play classic and newer country  tunes.  We’re a band of 8 - two singers, acoustic guitar, steel guitar, electric guitar, fiddle, bass and drums."

    Ms. McDonald plays a 2003 Charles Horner Fiddle. If you have a fiddle tune you’d like

    violin shop, gifts for violin players, gifts for musicians More Mic Measurements. Sheryl keeps Mic safe to play hot country songs.

    transcribed into notes, she says to email her.  "If I can find an mp3 of the tune, chances are, I can write out the music notation." Her web site is at

    1.  Violettes: You are a professional musician that uses a violin mic. You must be in a band? What kind of music do you perform and what groups are you in?
    Sheryl:  Currently I’m playing with a classic country band.  I studied classical music in college, and have played in folk / bluegrass / country bands in addition to playing with symphonies.  I’m currently playing and singing backup with Southern Tradition – a country band based in Birchwood, TN.
    2.  Violettes: How young did you start playing? Do you play other instruments or/and sing too? 
          Did you learn on the Suzuki method or...
    Sheryl: I started playing violin when I was in 6th grade. I had started earlier playing piano and clarinet, and also sang in the school chorus.  I was taught the traditional method (not Suzuki). 
    3.  Violettes: You live in Georgia. Is that where you are from? Is your family there. Have you lived anywhere else?
    Sheryl: I was born in Madison TN (near Nashville). When I was five, we moved to Denver Colorado, then in High School, my  parents moved to the Washington DC area.  In high school, I was lucky to hang out with some old time fiddlers and learned fiddling  styles from them.
    4.    Violettes: Do you have time for hobbies or other interests? What might they be?
    Sheryl: Well, besides music (which is a job and a hobby), I do enjoy camping and outdoor sports.
    5.    Violettes: What is your favorite music to listen to? Do you have any favorite bands or musicians?
    Sheryl: I listen to a lot of music – lots of fiddling, and everything else: country, rock, pop, bluegrass, you name it!  Depending on what song I’ve heard lately, that becomes my new favorite music.
    Sheryl invites us to her show -
    If you’re ever in the Birchwood, Tennessee area on a Saturday, night, stop by the Birchwood Family Opry on Hwy 60 and come hear Southern Tradition. Shows start at 7 p.m.

    Sheryl's band playing their hot country songs (lifted from You Tube).

  • Cool Violin Purse -un, Ruth Brons, Takes a Violin Shop Tour

    "Bow Hold Buddies" on Calif. & Colorado Violin Shop Tour

    with Cool Violin Purse -un No. 27

    Ruth Brons is a Violin Purse owner and one of my business mentors. She uses her violin purse  as a gig bag on stage during holiday concerts. Ruth maintains a full violin studio, free-lances in the greater New York classical music scene, and is the entrepreneur of the award winning business, Things 4 Strings LLC. When I was first introduced to her, she told me about her experiences both with manufacturing and with getting products into each violin shop. See our first interview with her at: Violettes’ Exclusive Interview with Things 4 Strings Owner, Ruth Brons.

    Violin Purse, Gifts for Music Lovers, Violin Shop Ruth Brons                           Owner Things 4 Strings

    Things 4 Strings© accessories for beginning string players were developed in 2008 with the imagination and determination of violist/violinist Ruth Brons, and her mother, cellist, Martha Brons.  Initially developed for students in their own studios, Things 4 Strings© Bow Hold Buddies© for violin/viola and Cellophant© for cello teaching aids speed learning and optimize valuable instruction time. They make easy the typically difficult to learn, but critical for success, bow hold technique.


    1. Violettes: Your business, Things 4 Strings LLC, has come a long way in the last few years. Can you give us an idea of the size and how many wholesalers, retailers and countries you are in today?

     Ruth Brons: Gosh - we are growing every week! We currently serve customers in over 40 countries through our distribution network. Now partnering with our State of New Jersey's Business Action Center, we will  continue to expand service to our worldwide customer base.

    1. Violettes: What has been your biggest growth challenge? Do you any have new ideas coming?

    Violin Shop, Gifts for Musicians, Gifts for Music Lovers Ruth Brons: Re-tooling for higher production volumes is  a huge investment challenge we have been managing the last couple of years.  As for new ideas, we are looking forward very soon announcing a project we have been working on since the spring for the benefit of classroom string teachers.

    1. Violettes: You keep winning awards. Tell us about them.

    Ruth Brons: We have been very honored to have been recognized for our innovative and passionate work in music education. Important from a business standpoint, our Intellectual Property has been awarded patent protection by the governments of the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Australia and the European Union. Locally, we were named the Most Inventive  “The West Orange Invention Lives Challenge" , of West Orange, NJ , the hometown of Thomas Edison and birthplace of thousands of his inventions. Last year we were cited for Excellence and Leadership as a Top Leading Woman Entrepreneur of New Jersey. Both this year and last year we were honored at the Annual New Jersey Family Business of the Year Awards hosted by Rothman Institute of Entreprenurial Studies of Fairleigh Dickinson University. Very meaningful to us is the following award given to us last November by our peers of the  American String Teachers Association: Kudos Award, for "tremendous impact" in the string education world.

    1. Violettes: You traveled during the summer presenting your products. Were you a vendor or demonstrator at music camps...?

    Ruth Brons: I have traveled, both here in the United States and abroad, quite a bit for Things 4 Strings LLC over the last 6 years. Usually the trips are to support our dealers or distributors by exhibiting at a music industry or music education event or conference. But this summer's travels were a bit different. As our accessories were presented at the Performing Arts Medical Association Conference in Aspen, we started our trip in Colorado to make sure this fantastic group of medical and arts professionals correctly understood our products -- and then we just ran with the idea of a fun dealer tour. We enjoyed visiting over 50 violin and music shops in Colorado and California! No two businesses were remotely the same, except to serve the musicians of our community.

    violin purse, gifts for musicians, gifts for music lovers Students all over the world use Bow Hold Buddies by Ruth and her Mother. Check if your Violin Shop carries them.
    1. Violettes: How are you balancing the growing business with your teaching studio? How many students do you have? Are you mainly a Suzuki studio?

    Ruth Brons: Things 4 Strings LLC absolutely grew out of my life in music. Teaching and playing is what feeds my soul. So I will always make room for that in my life, even though  I must  limit my teaching  to less than half my pre-Things 4 Strings LLC teaching schedule, and limit my performing  engagements to gigs convenient to my calendar. I currently work with 35 private students each week in my primarily Suzuki violin studio, and am currently looking forward to five holiday orchestra concerts next month. 

    1. Violettes: What is your favorite thing to do? Do you have time for it anymore!

    Ruth Brons: I love spending time with my mother, who two years ago relocated to a house in my neighborhood.My husband and I very much enjoy walks around the lake in our local county park, and (never enough)  B&B get-aways.

    Gifts for Piano Players, Piano Purse, Gifts for Piano Teachers


  • Cool Piano Purse-un No. 17, Pianist, Pam Robertson

    Pam's Many Hats

    Pianist, Composer, Quilter, Grandmother

    As a teacher, students look up to Pam. So as an owner of a Piano Purse, her students naturally want one too. Thank you to Pam (who has also purchased a special order guitar purse)! They are great gifts for piano players (or guitar players) and their mothers and grand mothers! They are fun gifts for symphony goers, and conversation starters where ever you go. With the holidays coming, please think about our creative musical instrument shaped purses.

    Pam is a Knoxville area piano teacher, church pianist, piano accompanist, composer and so much more. She obviously has a sense of humor. When I asked her to send photos of herself doing some of her favorite things, she said "Well, then of course I'll send you a photo of me eating".

    Heeeere's Pam!

    Piano Purse, Gifts for Piano Players Piano Purse Owner, Pam Roberston, introducing her composition.

    Church Pianist:  I have been pianist at Central Baptist Bearden for 15 years.  They keep paying me so I keep going back.  I have been working in churches continuously for 31 years.

    In addition to teaching her own students, she accompanies violin students:  I accompany for four different violin studios in Knoxville TN.  One of the teachers takes her studio to play in an assisted living for every major holiday.  It is so much fun seeing the kids dressed up for Halloween performing classical violin music.  The residents also especially love the Saint Patricks Holiday concert when the kids are dressed head to toe in green.  They even put green ribbons on their violins.  It is great fun!

    Composer:  I started composing in 2009 to fulfill a job expectation.  I have been lucky enough to get 11 pieces published in four different collections.  The books are Go Out in Joy, Music by the Masters for the Master (a book with classical music interwoven with the hymn arrangement) and Gospel Gold Volume Two.  These three books are published by Hal Leonard.  The fourth book is My Savior First of All.  It is published by Lorenz.  I have a book of just my pieces called My Savior and My God.  It is also published by Lorenz.

    Pam has won numerous composing awards:  At the Composers Symposium held every year in Atlanta, she has been awarded Best in Show three times. She has also won the Choral award for her anthem "O Come O Come Emanuel".  It is published by Hope Publishing Company.

    Pam circle quilt Piano Purse, Gifts for Piano Players
    Pam is a very prolific and talented quilter: I love spending time quilting.  I finished several projects for friends this year - quilts they had started and never finished.  That proved to be quite difficult.

    I have made two quilts to give away this year and also finished several for myself.  I have worked pretty hard recently on getting all my supplies organized.

    My grandmother McKnight was a quilter and I saw her doing it from an early age and I always wanted to learn how.  I started taking classes and making quilts thirty years ago.  I won some free material.  I just hang some of them on my walls.

    Pam will soon be selling precut quilt kits on-line for her "off kilter nine patch" shown above on the left.

    Pam's other music accomplishments including playing Classical Guitar and Viola:

    • Pam has been involved with a group called Music Study Club for 30 years. (She has probably been president 10 of those years!) This is a club that meets 9 months of the year to hear members perform on the keyboards, vocals, and instrumentals.  We are very proud to be able to provide a $1,500 scholarship to a music student at the University of Tennessee.  Applicants must be a rising junior or senior majoring in music.
    • I have been taking classical guitar lessons for the last three years as a way to remember the son we lost in 2012.  I had no idea it would be so difficult or so much fun.  I have a great appreciation for the skill involved in playing any guitar now!
    • She also plays Viola, and has had one made for her by her son! Pam says, "I always hoped that one of my sons would be interested in woodworking and Reuben was the one.  He started working with Kelvin Scott- an internationally known luthier- when he was in the eighth grade.  He worked with him for 9 years learning woodworking skills involved in making violins, violas, and cellos.  I have two violas that were handmade by Reuben.  He is now doing more furniture making but eventually would like to return to luthier work.

    Still Full of Boundless Energy!

    I also spend time almost every day either swimming, biking, or running (walking).  I have a very high energy level and I find I prefer to get my exercise first thing in the morning.  I started running in 1978 while I was in a class at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville .  The class was called weight control and figure improvement.  I have been running ever since.  I have even completed several half marathons.

    I live on a 70 acre farm.  We built a driving range, Target Golf Practice and Training Facility, on our property eight years ago.  It stays very busy.  Lots of people are crazy about golf.

    Piano Purse, Gifts for Piano PlayersMost importantly, I am the proud grandmother of two granddaughters:  Charlotte is eight months and Olivia is four months old.

    I think you will agree that Pam is a really cool Piano Purse - un indeed!




    Guitar Purse, Gifts for Piano Players Pam ready to Perform.
    Guitar Purse, gifts for piano players Pam hiking in the Smokies.









    Gifts for Musicians

    Link here to Purchase a Piano Purse like Pam's Today.

  • Gifts for Piano Players or Gifts from Piano Players

    We Sell Gifts for Musicians, but Get Gifts from Musicians!

    Each of our bag styles are used by both professional and hobby musicians as gig bags. So this holiday season, remember our Gifts for Musicians! Fill them with concert tickets. Between selling Gifts for Piano Players, mainly our Guitar, Violin and Piano Purse and Gig Bag Merchandise, we hold our Annual Youth Composition and Songwriter Competition for ages 10 thru 18. We find most students have had some piano background. Seeing the layout of all the notes or keys in black and white helps any musician visualize music theory.

    While students send in their Compositions, Volunteer Judges review them for comments. So music gifts from both the youth and the professionals are connected to make the competition a successful exchange of inspiration. I would like to present 2 of our past Honorable Mention competition contestants: Theo Harsham, in the Junior Division, and Davis Zamboanga, in the Senior Division. Congratulations to them both on their accomplishments!

    Gifts for Musicians Youth Composer Theo Harsham



    Theo Harsham is a middle school student in Newton, Massachusetts. He’s studied violin since age 3, and also plays piano and sings. His improvisation and composition skills have really taken off under the expert teaching of Beth Bahia Cohen. He studies world, classical and blues music. He also plays in two orchestras and a string and wind quintet group. He loves soccer and video games.



    Davis Zamboanga: "My principal instrument is trombone, but I also enjoy playing piano and

    Gifts for Musicians Youth Composer Davis Zamboanga from Dublin, CA

    guitar and, at 17 years of age, I am a composer and music theory activist seeking to find the Music of Life. My love for music is found in the fact that relationships between mere pitches can invoke a deep emotional response, resonating with the listener's soul. In addition, the process of playing music with a group has the power to connect and transform lives. Knowing this, someday I hope to use music education to reach children in underprivileged communities. After high school, I've thought about going to schools like Berklee College of Music in Boston or the Lionel Hampton School of Music in Idaho."

    Gifts for Piano PlayersFind Gifts for Piano Players, their mothers and grandmothers at


  • Gifts for Musicians - Let us Help You

    Have Some Fun with our Music Purse - Unality Test

    Or, Not too early to look for Gifts for Musicians


    Need help deciding gifts for Musicians or for yourself!? Find out what Kind of Guitar Purse (or Violin Purse) you should sport with this all too fun test!

    Guitar Purse, Gift ideas for Music Lovers, Music Art Haley, so cool with her Destiny Guitar Purse!

    How well do you know yourself or your friends and family. Should you get them a leather Violin Purse or a Day of the Dead Guitar Purse?

    If need Gifts for Musicians this holiday season, take this test for each to help with your purchase decision. Share your Answer on Facebook to get your $10 Off Coupon.

    We have a Cool Guitar Purse - Un Blog Series, and have learned that all our music purse accessory owners are Fun People. If you want to stand out when you go out, don't forget your Violettes Guitar Purse or Violin Purse or Piano Purse.

    Go ahead - make a Fashion Statement today!

    Don't forget that our Music purses also make perfect music gig bags for spare strings, gloves, picks or rosin or fill with concert tickets as a gift! Wonderful Gifts for Musicians!

    Gifts for Musicians, Guitar Purse, Violin PUrse What's your Personality? Get help selecting the music art guitar purse or violin purse for you.
  • Haley Cooper, Cool GUITAR PURSE - UN No. 9

    Singer-Artist, Haley Cooper is a Cool Guitar Purse - Un, See for Yourself!

    Haley owns our Brown Destiny Guitar Purse.

    Violettes: You teach for one of those Paint and Canvas Companies. This is a job working with people having fun!! What is the funnest and funniest part of this job.

    Haley: I enjoy teaching people to paint who have never picked up a brush before. They work

    Music Art, Guitar Purse Haley's Art

    very hard to get everything perfect which I totally understand because, well, I am a slight perfectionist! Haha! The best part is to watch someone overcome their left brain and embrace their right. To accept the mistakes that happen along the way. Because, creativity allows us to make mistakes and art is just knowing which ones to keep!

    The funniest pictures I've seen while teaching are when a girl brings her husband, boyfriend, or brother. He usually adds his own flare. Once a guy added a ship sinking the the ocean scene along with Godzilla and drowning people. My husband, Josh, has done the same type of thing when he has come to my classes.

    Violettes: I seem to have heard about you having crazy dogs!

    Music Art, Guitar Purse Haley's dogs look like stuffed animals!

    Haley:  Yes, I do have crazy dogs! Chief and Willow are both full Siberian Huskies and Atlas is a Lab/Malamute mix. Atlas, although the youngest, towers over the other two. My favorite crazy thing they do is when I make spaghetti. Although they can't have the sauce, I do save them a noodle and some ground beef to the side for a treat. Chief talks, more like yells, at me to give it to him. Once he brought me his empty bowl and when I didn't fill it with his Italian make-shift meal, he went into the living room to tell Josh I wasn't listening. Haha! Of course all my dogs play so rough with each other they sound

    Guitar Purse, Gift ideas for Music Lovers Haley and her dogs

    like they are going to kill each other. They love to trick one another outside then quickly grab the toy they wanted from the one that fell for the trick. They all have quite the personality.

    Violettes: You grew up singing and playing guitar in church, and playing in a band. That's how you met your husband. You are practically a newlywed. Do you have any fun stories about him finally noticing you and getting together? What is the toughest part of being a military wife? i know you must be proud. Is there a fun part of being a military wife?

    Guitar Purse, Gift ideas for Music Lovers Haley and her Band, Open Avenue - "We were in a band together in high school and he barely talked to me, even just as friends". (He's in the very back.)


    Haley:  My husband and I did meet in high school and were in a band together. But, we were not high school sweethearts. He was on his own crazy path at that time. He was a trouble maker in high school! Haha! When I was in college we also lead church worship for youth together along with our old band mates. As a group, we would go to late dinners after church on Wednesday nights - - that's where we started to grow our friendship which eventually ended up in us getting married. After my first full year of college, in June, Josh was heading off to Air Force basic training. Before he left he gave me a blue topaz necklace and told me that he would come back for me. Before that day we had never really discussed where it was headed nor did we vocalize we were in a official relationship. We both just knew that this is where God was taking us. Three months later, at basic graduation, Josh got down on one knee (in front of 900 grads and their families) and proposed. And that was that!

    The toughest part about being a military wife is the not knowing. Josh will probably never be deployed overseas, thankfully. (if he was he would be given a body guard and would stay out of the line of fire). But, his job requires high security so I can never know what is going on. So if I were to ask, "how was work?" He will say it was good. Maybe tell a joke he heard and that's all. Being away from family and friends is tough too. Thankfully, we are only five hours away but it sure is nice to be home and around people who truly love and support you. Making new friends is tough as an adult.

    A fun part about being a military wife is you get to see new places you'd probably never see or live in unless you were in the military. We have been to Monterey, CA. (cute, peaceful fisherman town), San Angelo, TX. (the middle of no where) and Augusta, GA. (land of the Masters). We have also seen and traveled through so many cities getting to these places.

    Haley sells Rodan & Fields skin care products at this LINK.
    Contact her with questions at:

    Click HERE

    Guitar Purse, Gift ideas for Music Lovers, Music Art Haley, so cool with her Guitar Purse!

    Gifts for Musicians

    to shop for a

    Guitar Purse.

  • Darlene Visits Violettes when she Comes to Town

    Cool Music PURSE - UN No. 8, Darlene Boardman Piano Purse, Violin Purse, Uke Purses - Gifts for Musicians

    Ms. Boardman is a charming smiley lady, and she's crazy over the Violettes line of Purses.

    Being a pianist, violinist, violist, composer, arranger and vocalist during her lifetime, she can't get enough of Violettes Purses. I called her for a phone interview. She says that when she gave one of her Ukulele purses away as a gift, she missed it dearly even though she has another with a different painting. I told her I feel the same way about them, but I am getting over it for the need to earn a living.

    Gifts for Musicians, Ukulele PurseWe are always excited to see Darlene and her husband, Charlie. We are so lucky that they stop at Violettes whenever they come to town. Darlene grew up in Monterey County, California, but now lives just outside of Charleston, South Carolina. She grew up in a family that naturally played music together, then raised the same kind of family. She says, when she was small, she thought that everyone practiced piano every day. She first sang on the radio at age 4 on a religious program with her older sister.

    Darlene continued reminiscing for me, and said she played violin in the Monterey County Symphony. She was hired by the Pacific Grove Simmer School of Music to stage a musical production for baton twirlers. It was so much fun! She not only choreographed the baton  twirlers, but wrote, directed and produced the show. Her Mom made costumes and her Dad recorded the musical soundtrack. She chose "Cinderella" because even the youngest beginners had an important role and all levels of ability could be incorporated. So it was fun for all.

    She is very proud of a high paying job she had for a while, Directing the "Army Language School" Men's Choir in Monterey.

    Darlene claimed  2 of our lovely Ukulele Purses painted by talented artist, Laurel Hooker.

    Laurel's Blue back Hibiscus Ukulele Purse

    Laurel's Seaweed Ukulele Purse
    Who can resist this amazing art!?

    Darlene is fun spirited and artsy. She used to love to make charcoal portraits of people Violin Purse, Gifts for Musiciansand says she would love to paint her own guitar purse; but now her eyes are failing her to do this kind of thing. She asks me to come visit, but not without my flute. Her husband and daughter were/are also flautists. They moved onto a golf course property, but don't play golf. She says Charlie loves it. He can peek outside at the golfers in the morning to know what weather to dress for. I say, Darlene - tell me more about how cool you are for my blog. She says, "I get cool in the winter, and in the summer I stay inside to remain cool." So there you have it from one cool woman. These Violettes Purses are such fun Gifts for Musicians. Darlene keeps a Violin Purse, a Piano Purse and a Ukulele Purse for herself, and gives the rest for gifts. She is a Coachella Fashion queen!


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