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  • Banjo Gifts - We have a few Gifts for Banjo Players

    In Our Neck of the Woods, We Are Often Asked for Banjo Gifts

    We are always asked for Gifts for Banjo Players (and their spouses). Our Banjo Gifts tend to be Banjo gifts gifts for music lovers, gifts for Banjo Playerson the whimsical side. We were first asked for a small banjo bag for the player "to keep my stash". Hmm. By the time we made it the player moved, but I wore it into church one day. I was a little on the late side, and one person turned their head and looked at me, then more and more people turned their heads. Folks love them when we sell at festivals. We would love to create a large Banjo bag, but someone has to be willing to pay for an initial special order for me to spend the week it takes to design and make prototypes.

    Banjo Gifts, Gifts for Music Lovers, Gifts for HimOne thing about our banjo Bags - they make everyone smile.

    Meanwhile enjoy some of our other whimsical banjo items made on a lathe by a friend of mine. The Wooden Banjo Ornament comes in a set with a Guitar and a Mandolin. However, if you email us we can give you 3 Banjos instead. We also have a Banjo Earings and Tie Tack. These are lathed from plastic, and painted gold.



    Banjo Gifts, Gifts for Him, Gifts for Music Lovers Wooden Banjo, Fiddle Mandolin and Guitar Ornament made in TN.
    Banjo Gifts, gifts for Music Lovers, Gifts for Him Banjo, Mandolin and Guitar Ornaments for Xmas
    Banjo Gifts, Gifts for Him, Gifts for Music Lovers Banjo Tie Tack, also available for Guitar and Mandolin.

    Please Follow us by email to keep up with new products including Gifts for Banjo Players, music competitions and other news.

    Guitar Purse, Gifts for Music Lovers Enter to Win Guitar Purse
  • Gifts for Him or Her for Early Competition Sign up Incentives

    Guitar Purse and More "Neutral" Gifts for Him or Her

    Neutral Gifts for Him or Her this year ---- THE OFFER---- If you register for our 3rd Annual Youth Composition and Songwriting Competition by Dec. 15, and are a junior division winner or win 3rd place in the senior division, you can one choose from 4 Violettes items listed below to add to your prize.

    gifts for music lovers, guitar purse, guitar themed gifts Talented 2015 Songwriter winner with initialed Guitar Purse.

    Last year Hannah Breck chose a blue Guitar Purse with her initials. Although we have had an increase in special order Gifts for Him, Guitar Man Bags with initials, we have included more choices.

    This is the competition situation. The competition is a big effort (with a great deal of behind the scenes invisible work), and It's hard to know if the word is out to make it worth the effort since everyone wants/needs to sign up as late as possible. The competition price is raised to $15 this year, hoping to start compensating our volunteer judges with a monetary gift. (Last year I spent a full month sewing them hand made thank you gifts!)

    So, here are the choices:

    1. 1.  Choose from a selection of one of our purses/gig bags. Guitar Purse / Gig Bag with your own initials, Violin Purse / Gig Bag, Piano Purse.


    1. 2. Choose a Sheet Music Bag with your own photo and words on the front flap.
    2. gifts for him, guitar themed gifts guitar purse Sheet Music Bag Personalized with your photos and words


    1. 3. Choose our Piano Photo Slate "frame" with your own photo and words.
      Gifts for him, Guitar Themed Gifts, Gifts for Music lovers Personalized Piano slate "frame"


    1. 4. Choose a Violettes Instrument Bag Pocket designed to fit on your instrument case. (We can put any instrument on the top).
    2. gifts for music lovers, gifts for him, guitar themed gifts We can make size and shape instrument pocket bag for any case, with any quilted instrument on top.

    Gifts for Him, Guitar Purse, Guitar themed gifts

  • Ms. Violin Purse Networks with Profits Man

    Mr. Petr Fesyuk of "Profits Won" Throws Out Shingle

    for Small Businesses (or No Time for Cello Music)

    Although, he doesn't need a violin purse at this time, he says he used to play violin and cello music at school and at church. He is still OK. He's a numbers guy who reads a book every week and wants to help you save money with a tax plan. - The Tax Reduction Coach.

    We recommend one of our Gifts for Him for you Petr - man Bags are popular in Europe.

    cello music, violin purse, gifts for him No time for cello music - helping folks increase profits in West Knoxville with his business, "Profits Won".

    After working in the accounting field for almost 8 years, Mr. Fesyuk hangs his own shingle with an office in the Cedar Bluff area of west Knoxville. He loves helping small businesses grow by saving them money. His passion is to reduce their largest business expense by creating a personalized tax plan. This usually saves customers 100's to 1,000's of dollars.He can be contacted at: or 865.333.2050.

    What keeps him busy if not cello music? That would be 2 young children and a beautiful wife he says. A boy and a girl under 2 years old.

    Petr Fesyuk is from Estonia. He moved to Ashville, North Carolina with his parents when he was 9 years old because his grandfather lived there. We asked Petr the differences between Estonia and Knoxville - if he remembers.

    Petr's answer surprised me.

        1. He considers the biggest difference to be the weather. It is very cold 8 months of the year, and doesn't get "warm" ever.

    2. Estonia is very close to the North Pole, so in the winter it can be dark at 3PM and in the summer, light at 2AM.

    3. He considers Estonia to be the most tech savvy country in Europe. They have country-wide wifi!

    Next we ask Petr about his and his wife's hobbies:

    His wife loves to paint portraits and he loves to travel. He explains something a lot of us already know. You don't have time for hobbies with 2 young children. Petr is eclectic in his tastes. He'll travel to National Parks or cities, what ever is marked as a popular attraction. He has traveled to San Francisco, Utah, and the Grand Canyon. He'd love to go to Quebec, Canada next.

    He's waiting to help you now. Don't wait until tax season for his services.

    cello music, violin purse, gifts for himGo to Violettes by Becky Homepage to shop for your unique  Xmas Gifts here.
    Gifts for Piano Players, Piano Purse, Gifts for Piano Teachers

  • More Fathers Day Recipes - 2 Appetizers

    Becky's Secrets - More Fathers Day Recipes


    You'll find Gift ideas for music lovers at Violettes by Becky including "Gifts for Him"!

    One thing I'm great at is finding amazing recipes. Here are 2 unusual and unusually delicious appetizers that would be special for Fathers Day, The first one, I consider "macho"."Oysters Flannagan" was given to me buy a driller in League City, Texas when I worked as an engineering inspector there for a failing wall I redesigned. He caught the fresh oysters himself, and had a brother in Seattle who owned a restaurant, and gave him this recipe. (Their last name was Flannagan.) It works well with oysters you get in a bottle from the grocery store. The second recipe, I first cooked when I was newly married for a small dinner party - Eggplant rolls with basil and cheese. Now, my husband didn't eat eggplant. After I made these, he started growing eggplant in his garden!!!! When questioned he exclaimed,  "You could eat that recipe with cardboard and it would be good!" His friend commented that these and wine is all we need - forget about the rest of the dinner. The homemade sauce turns out well, but if you are not the homemade type of cook, you can use your favorite brand of spaghetti sauce instead.

    Appetizers - Fathers Day Recipe No. 1

    Continue reading

  • Father's Day Recipes - or What's for Breakfast!

    Father's Day Breakfast

    Do you need ideas for Father's Day Recipes? My son, Dalton, is working half way across the country this summer.   He will be living in an apartment with 3 other boys that also have summer jobs at his company. The night before leaving, he asked me for the best buttermilk pancake recipe. Actually, he asked for his Dad's recipe because my husband cooks pancakes on most weekends, and changes the types of flours and toasted nuts he uses every week. Then he asked me for a beer batter pancake recipe. I'm not sure why - I have made beer batter onion rings and shrimp, beer sauces... and beer bread, but not beer pancakes. While looking for the recipes, I realized that I will be the only one home to cook my husband his Father's Day breakfast. Being a foodie, I love trying new recipes.** Continue reading

  • Lady Gaga Makes it into my Small Busy World

    Where Have You seen Lady Gaga turn up Lately?++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    On Lady Gaga - This Blog is by Becky Chaffee, Owner    

    of, quality music gifts.

    Gifts for Him, custom wallet





    Lady Gaga, Oscars, Julie Andrews Lady Gaga sings for Julie Andrews at the Oscars.



    Honestly Lady Gaga has not been on my radar. Although I like all kinds of music including Pop, I mostly play classical on my flute and often choose classical music if I turn on the radio. But Lady Gaga has gotten out there a bit lately, even into my world. How amazing is that Oscars performance?! Please tell me your favorite Lady Gaga song in the comments below.


    I haven't been to the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center in a while. There was going to be some speaker who made viral You Tube videos. Certainly something that I have kicked around for a few years for my business. What fun - the speaker was Fadi Saleh, a kid from down the street, attending the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He started Baracksdubs in his freshman year because he thought of it in the shower! He has millions of viewers!!

    If you have not seen one of his fun videos, here is the one with a Lady Gaga song:

    (It was fun to hear Fadi's story. Yes, his parents were mad that he spent his whole spring break on the computer! Spring break for freshman college boys is often a disappointment for the Moms - been there. Then he changes his major from Biochemistry to entrepreneurship! And uses his new found stardom for good causes - Way to go Fadi.)

    _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________         Lady Gaga makes it into a political speech, singing for Julie Andrews in the Oscars, Baracksdubs You Tube Channel. Where do you think Lady Gaga will turn up next?!


  • Interview with Jonathan Sexton (who loves his Guitar Man Bag)

    Get Gifts for Him at Violettes too!

    Stumped for Gifts for HIm? Have his initials or Band Logo painted onto a man bag. Fill with spare strings and concert tickets.

    I met Jonathan Sexton thru his volunteer mentorship at the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center (KEC) where he is now an Entrepreneur in Residence. Always seemingly upbeat, he cheerfully lifts my spirits with his encouragement and ideas. I found the following on his resume: Jonathan graduated from UT Knoxville with an early childhood education degree, was a Knox County teacher, then traveled with his former band, "The Big Love Choir”. He created Bandposters software, then co-created the MTV award winning "Best New Music App", ArtistGrowth. Best of all, he loves his Violettes Guitar Man Bag, and has good naturedly allowed me to use him in my commercial below.

    Violettes: You seem to have incorporated music or the music industry into everything that you are involved with. Music can play a wonderful role in early education. Are you still involved with early educations projects?

    J: Currently I’m not. I do some work with "Code Camp" locally in Knoxville. They help young children learn how to code computer software, and I also coach little league, but I've always enjoyed my work with children, and the power of music as a teaching and learning tool for children, and hope to get back to that work at some point.


    V:  You have recently started a new band "Feed the Birds", and recorded the new song "GIT". Is this part of an album that you have in the works? Do you have any projects currently underway with your band?

    J: We are writing and recording a lot of new songs, but we are experimenting with a variety of models, including releasing one song at a time, rather than working on an album and releasing it once a year, we are writing, and recording, then we take songs to the stage. If they get a good reaction from the crowd, we record it and release it.


    V:  Can you attribute anything from your parents' influence to your warm nature, music interests and immense creativity?

    J:  Sure, my Father has always played music and my Mother has always loved music and supported me in my ambitions. They are both really friendly loving people, so I guess I couldn't help but be "warm", and most of my music has always reflected that. The new band "Feed the Birds" is a bit of a departure from the "happy-go-lucky" style that a lot of folks are used to; the new music is a bit edgier and darker - it’s still me, but I'd say it’s a lot more transparent.


    V:  You are hosting a television music segment for a Knoxville Fox Affiliate. When is this on, and what is it about?

    J:  On stage with Jonny Sexton is on every Friday Morning at 8:30 am and I started doing it about a year ago. The goal is to showcase as much local music as possible and it’s great because I get to jam with everyone in town. We play the guests songs and I always play along, kind of like my own "Live from Daryl's House".


    V:  Are you working on any new innovations at this time?

    J:  I am working on a lot of stuff. Besides managing the digital media program at Knoxville Entrepreneur Center, I am working on a new kind of guitar case, a mobile recording app, and an endorsement management app; and I have a baby on the way - so that’s a really new innovation.


    V: Yes it is Jonny. Congratulations!!!

    Guitar Purse Man Bag Jonathan Sexton loves his Violettes Man Bag! Ask us about our Gifts for Him.


  • Violettes Gifts for Music Lovers - Guitar Accessories Bag

    Music Festival Season: Visit Violettes for Gifts for Music Lovers!

    How to make the most out of our gifts for Music Lovers with an easy way to attach a guitar shaped accessories bag (which make great " Gifts for Him ") to your guitar case.

    Gifts for Music Lovers, Guitar Purse, Gifts for Him Clever use of Violettes as Guitar Accessories Bag.

    Part 1: How to tie guitar accessories bag onto guitar case with no annoying knots!


    Guitar Purse, Gifts for Music Lovers, Gifts for Him Part 1: How to tie guitar accessories bag conveniently onto guitar case with no annoying knots!



    Part 2: How to tie guitar accessories bag to guitar case with no annoying knots!

    Guitar Purse, Gifts for Music Lovers, Gifts for Him

     Violettes now sells larger bags that attach easily to guitar cases. They are currently sold as man bags, but any of the designs can be requested for use as a guitar accessories bag. They fit spare strings, large wallets and much more. Whether you are looking for guitar items for men or woman, we have unique products designed by Becky Chaffee in Knoxville, TN specifically for Feel free to contact us with questions.



    Remember: Whether you need gifts for music lovers that are playing or attending, you'll find it here at Violettes by Becky!

  • Ten Reasons why Gift Ideas for Men are at Guitars for Girls and Women, Violins for teens and professional musicians, and Grand Pianos for Mom!

     Gift Ideas for Men
    Gift ideas for Men at

    Ten reasons why Gift Ideas for Men are at

    1. Many men come to Violettes for gift ideas, as the hand-painted guitars for girls and women are a unique music gift that can't be found anywhere else. They want the best for their daughters and grand daughters!

    2. Find Gift ideas for Men at Violettes because we have taken special orders to produce his and hers paintings on the  guitar bags, as men wear over the shoulders bags now a days.

    3. Violettes are a fashion statement for music lovers. They are wearable art. You'r buying both a purse fashion accessory and art work!

    4. Violettes are practical, especially the Violin Bags, which are specifically designed for violin and cello players to fit strings, tuner, rosin, glasses, cough drops.. and come with a small leather wallet and many pockets! Many professional musicians own them and use them. We now have black leather violin bags suitable for men!

    5. All the Violettes music gifts are conversation starters. If grandma is itching for people to ask he about her special little musicians, She can carry these with her pills and cell phone everywhere she goes.
    6. Music teachers get tired of all the chocolates and sweets because they get muffin tops too! What a special change in pace Violettes music gifts are!

    7. Don't forget the hard working church musicians and music director at holiday time!

    8. makes great gift ideas for men because women often don't want to spend the money on themselves. These are unique extras for  holiday gifts!

    9. Support a new small business that gives back to the community with our breast cancer foundation gifts and our gifts that donate to the Joy of Music in Knoxville, TN. Support a new small business that is encouraging music for youth thru our competition competition.

    10. More gift ideas for men include filling the bags with goodies! You can request this thru Violettes contact us. Also, you can order music chocolates, jewelry and a few music accessories thru

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