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  • Larry Long Talks About Loving Classical Guitar Music

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     One of Violettes' Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

    Classical Guitar Music, Gift Ideas for Music Lovers, Gifts for Guitar Players Larry, Classical Guitar Music teacher, was given one of our " Gift Ideas for Music Lovers ". Purchase our Man Bag to hold mic., spare strings and picks.

    Responsible for bringing classical guitar music to East Tennessee, Mr. Lawrence (Larry) Long is full of excitement talking about his journey as a prominent player, composer and above all teacher. And what fun his stories are to hear!

    First he tells that he presumes his classical music training came from playing in the crib at age 3 when his Mother would have soap opera shows on in the next room every day. In those days all the intro and background music was classical!

    The family moved from Sevierville to Knoxville for his Dad's grocery store business, and Larry grew up working

    gift ideas for music lovers, gifts for guitar players, American Gifts Larry and His Guitar

    in grocery stores during the summers "learning the value of hard work". Larry had started music with the public school music program in Knoxville choosing to start on French Horn in Elementary, changing to Trombone in Middle School and Tuba and the upright Bass in High School. He credits a high school career day with guiding him to decide on a music education major at UT Knoxville. His senior year in high school, Larry went to the All State Band with the Tuba, staying with a family during the program. Their daughter owned a guitar that was never used. Larry asked his Dad to buy the guitar (for $25) when he came and picked him up, and Larry taught himself all the notes in the back seat on the way home. That summer after his senior year, he wanted to concentrate on learning the guitar and take lessons rather than working long hours in the grocery store. His father went thru the roof!! At that time, everyone with long hair was strumming on a guitar, and it was associated with taking drugs. So, asking this of his father was almost like asking if he could take drugs. It was a big NO.


    Off to UT Knoxville for Music Degree

    Attending UT was great, as Larry got much personal attention from some great teachers. The composition teacher was also conductor of the Knoxville, Symphony - Mr. David Van Vactor urged Larry to join the symphony with his upright bass.  Another teacher urged Larry to answer a guitar teacher ad, even though he had only been taking lessons for 3 weeks! And another told him to join the Army Band in Europe to get some experience!

    • - Teacher Interview: Larry showed up to the Guitar Teacher interview in a suit and a tie after only having 3 weeks of lessons! This was at the biggest private music school in the country headquartered in Knoxville. They taught lessons for every instrument, but they didn't yet teach guitar. The owner invited all 20 of the guitar players up into a big bedroom. Most of the guys had long hair and genes. Some of them had 20 and 30 years of experience on the guitar. The owner pulled out a music stand and put music on it. Larry was the only one of them that could read music and he got the job!
    • - Experience with the Army Band (1958 to 1960): Larry joined the 76th Army Band, the #1 band in Europe stationed just outside of Paris. (In 1960, they moved to Germany). Larry could play any instrument that was needed. They played all over France and it was hard work. They started marching where the US Army had liberated the first town on one coast in WW II. They marched thru the town, then on to the town that was liberated next, and so on. Several guys in the group didn't drink and had to stay behind. In each town the mayor would give them a toast with wine. By the end of the long marching, they were exhausted but happy. Larry played trombone, french horn, and bassoon, flute and piccolo parts on an electric guitar when it was needed for one concert.


    Meeting Segovia: After graduation from UT, Larry played upright bass in the Knoxville Orchestra, but liked guitar so much that he taught guitar. In 1962, Segovia came to play with the Knoxville Symphony. That very week, Larry had signed up for classical guitar lessons, but hadn't had his first lesson. In his symphony suit, he walked up to Segovia and asked him which of his 3 guitars he was going to play that evening. Segovia called his wife over who brought his guitar. Segovia handed his guitar to Larry to try! That was a thrill he never forgot, and the concert was an inspiration for learning classical guitar music. Larry took lessons with C. Ivan Maracle from Toronto. Larry says a problem with electric guitar is you always need an accompanist. So classical guitar was very attractive. Larry knew that if he were going to teach classical guitar, students would have to hear it (since there was no you tube in the day). So Larry brought the Guitar Society to East Tennessee. He eventually had 90 guitar students, and had to quit his symphony job after 9 years. He taught Guitar students at UT Knoxville in addition to in a studio private lesson students.

    Gifts ideas for Music Lovers, Gifts for Guitar Players, American Gifts Larry and his wife, Birdie have hosted traveling guitar visitors from all over the world.

     Guitar Society: Larry founded the Oak Ridge-Knoxville Guitar Society bringing in world class classical guitar players. They all stayed at Larry's house for some southern hospitality. Larry was President/Program Director from inception in 1971 to 2002. They had 9 concerts a year, and his wife was an expert publicist producing big crowds. Birdie wrote careful articles for the newspaper with personal performer interviews and gave announcements to several radio stations. Professional Guitar Players coming in from all over the wold usually doesn't happen if you don't live in New York, LA, Boston, Chicago, Paris, London...

    Meeting Mr. Sakellariou: One of the visitors Larry welcomed to perform in the Guitar Society was George Sakellariou. Just before he arrived, someone gave Birdie a free pass to a psychic. Jokingly, Larry said he'll go and he did! Amazingly enough, the psychic told him that he would meet someone from California that would make a big difference in his life!! In walks Mr. Sakellariou, a student of Segovia, faculty at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. This man became a lifelong colleague and friend. He later volunteered to  record much of Larry's music. Larry has composed and arranged volumes of music. Larry gave me a copy of his Mel Bay book, "Conversation Pieces", consisting of all original classical guitar solos by Lawrence Long for the beginner and intermediate player to enjoy. It comes with a recording of all songs by renowned classical guitar player, George Sakellariou. The recording below is a "Toccata" from Bach's Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor arranged for classical guitar by Larry, played by Mr. Sakellariou. 

    Larry Leaves a Legacy : Mr. Long is very proud of all his students and can remember 18 students who played guitar in college some of whom were on music scholarships. and 13 of his students who became guitar teachers. If you  google Lawrence Long on you tube, you will find many people playing recordings of classical guitar music written by him, some of whom, his students. Of all the awards and citations Mr. Long has been awarded, he is most proud of the "Who's Who Among America's Teachers" Award.

    What Else? I see some interesting Civil War prints on Larry's wall. Larry and an art professor at UT Knoxville started a civil war group. They made Civil War presentations up and down the east coast. While Professor Dick LeFevre, who eventually produced 32 (stunning and "neutral") Civil War watercolor collages, was the MC, Larry performed music with or without a full band on original Civil War instruments. Larry arranged the music, which was partly background in the presentation, and partly highlighted. He fondly remembers performing with such talented performers as Multi-Instrumentalist, Rachel Schlafer-Parton.

    Gift Ideas for Music Lovers, Gifts for Guitar Players, American Gifts Win Guitar Bag - Great as a Gig Bag or a Man Bag
  • Top Ten Guitar Gifts for Guitar Players from Violettes by Becky

    All New List of Gifts for Guitar Players (Plus 1)

    Or "Gifts for Music Lovers or  Twelve Days of Christmas!

    Top Ten Gifts for the Guitar Players or Top 20 Gifts for Guitar Players (Just get 'em 2 of Each)

    These are gifts for any die hard Music Fans, so for Mothers Day and Fathers Day Gifts for Music Lovers - Make Gift Baskets for anyone by filling Guitar Purse (or Man Bag) with picks, spare strings, CD's Concert tickets, a poem you wrote...


    Top Handbag brands, Guitar Purse, Gifts for Guitar Players, Guitar themed gifts Top Handbag Brands - Win Guitar Purse
    The top gift you can get a guitar player is... a new guitar, most likely. However, since that may be too expensive... Here are Violettes by Becky picks from all price ranges. -Top Ten Guitar Gifts

    1. At the Summer NAMM, Violettes was introduced to the TRAVEL GUITAR. Violettes continues to hear stories from folks having trouble traveling with guitars. There are many brands to check into. They are scaled down guitars or fold up or collapsable in some way.

    But if worst comes to worst - it's not so bad. Get a Guitar Purse and fill it like Spring Gift Baskets because it's time to start planning your Mothers Day Gifts!! Fill with a poem for Mom, CD's and Chocolates! Or Music Festival tickets!!

    Spring Gift baskets, Mothers Day Gifts, Guitar Purse, Music Gifts Spring Gift Baskets - Mothers Day Gifts can fit in the Guitar Purse so nicely!
    Sunflowers, Music Lovers, Mothers Day Gifts Another idea for Music Lovers Mothers Day Gifts is one of our Sunflowers

    2. Hancrafted Guitar Wallet made from "Designer" US Leather. At $19.99, they are sweet affordable Music Gifts. Put a gift card or two inside! Find them in our Gifts for Him.

    Gifts for Guitar Players, Music Gifts, Valentines Gifts for Her, Valentines gifts for Him Black Electric Leather Guitar Wallet
    Music gifts, gifts for guitar players, Valentines gifts for her Handcrafted Leather Red Guitar Wallet











    Bluegrass festival Hand made Mandolin hard gig bag case.

    3. The next best gift:

    Presenting the Awesome and Beautiful Handmade Custom Designed Instrument Case by Deena Bailarina.

    Find her web site at: DBMM: More Than a Pretty Case. See Interview with Deena here.




    4. Gig Bags to keep spare strings, cards, repair tools, fingerless gloves, a few loose wires and picks. You can request a band logo or initials or even a unique painting for your bag from Go thru "Contact us" for special requests.

    Top Ten Guitar Gifts; Gifts for Guitarists Top Ten Guitar Gifts
    Top Ten Gifts for Guitar Players; His Guitar Gig Bag
    Top Ten Gifts for Guitar Players Gifts for Guitar Players




    5. His and Hers Guitar Bags - Gifts for Guitar Players Or Valentines gifts for Die Hard Music Fans

    Top Ten Gifts for Guitar Players His and Hers
    Top Ten Gifts for Guitar Players He got His bag first.







    6. New at Violettes are Guitar Bras!! Yes, these Guitar Accessories are guitar covers for playing outside. They protect your guitar from the sweat, but don't affect your sound. Order a custom size to fit your guitar. They come in three fabrics, and are hand made in Tennessee!

    Guitar Accessories, Guitar Covers Guitar covers - Guitar Bra!
    Guitar Accessories, Guitar Cover Guitar Themed Fabric Cover



    Purchase Guitar Bra HERE!






    7. Spectacular GUITAR ART from Denise Silva. Go to the Silva Gallery.

    Gifts for Guitar Players; guitar art

    image004 image002

    Guitar Art by Denise Silva - Gifts for Guitar Players




    8. Tie Dye Tee Shirt, as tie dye is IN again. Or a Tee from a favorite band. Such as the Black Lillies !

    9. A GUITAR PURSE for traveling to music festivals whether it's for Mom or a girlfriend it will be a hit. Fill it with concert tickets, a song you wrote especially for her...Check Violettes' "Music Gifts and Cool Crafts" Section for more Holiday selections. All purses are hand painted in Tennessee, so if you don't wait too long, you can make special requests. In addition, very popular, are Violettes by Becky DIY Bags to paint the guitars yourself (with instructions) for those that love crafts!


    Guitar Purse, guitar themed gifts Guitar Purse - Gifts for Guitar Players
    Guitar Purse, Gifts for guitar Players, Valentines gifts Guitar Purse - Gifts for Guitar Players or Valentines Gift for Her
    Ukulele Gifts; gifts for ukulele players Pineapple Ukulele Purse is fun for Uke players.







    10. Fun BUSINESS CARDS for her or his band or music gigs from The cards are made of plastic that pops apart into guitar picks, with your contact info on each pick.

    11th Bonus Music Gifts for Guitar Players ----- A SESSION IN A RECORDING STUDIO. Here in Knoxville, we are lucky enough to have DIgitrax Entertainment SoKnox Studios. Check what's available in your area.

    12. Well this is a bonus too! Guitar gifts on your list? We now carry bags for Motorcycle Cowboys who ride like the wind!

    Guitar gifts, Motorcycle cowboys,  Ride like the wind Guitar Gifts for Motorcycle Cowboys and Girls! Request any color or even any painting! 
    Guitar gifts, Guitar Purse, Motorcycle cowboy Guitar Gifts for Beach Rider. For Motorcycle Cowboys and Girls who love guitars.


    There you have it - our Top Ten Guitar Gifts plus 2.

    Go to Violettes by Becky Home Page. Top Ten Gifts for Guitar Players                                                                                                                         Top Ten Guitar Gifts for Guitar Players Or Music Gifts for Music Lovers
  • Top 10 Gifts for Guitar Players, their wives, daughters and grand daughters

    Unique Christmas gifts for guitar players and music fans of all genres can be found at Christmas season is here and it's time to make some gift decisions. We have sold special orders of his and hers guitar bags or orders with band logos. It may cost $5 to $25 extra to have a special order hand painted design.

    1) His and her Guitar bags by ViolettesbyBecky filled with strings and picks, such as the American Flag guitar or the Rock Star Guitar. players are always in need of new guitar strings and picks. Strings break and need to be changed regularly anyway, so you can't go wrong here. Guitar picks are always getting lost, or just plain wear out a bit, so a package or handful of picks will also be appreciated by the guitarist. A slightly larger all black "man bag" is now available, with a cell pocket on the back.

    2) A guitar bag for your drummer to carry her/his drum Keys. Drummers are always losing things, especially their drum keys. Drum keys are used for tuning the drum heads on their set, so an extra drum key would also make a fine gift for the rock drummer on your Christmas list. And, Drummers are also constantly breaking their drum sticks, so a set or two of their preferred stick will also make an excellent Christmas gift. They can be clipped to the strap of the guitar bag. I nice choice for the bag would be the Rock star bag or the Blue Bag.

    3) A guitar bag from Violettes to hold hearing protection: Ear plugs for the rock musician or rock music fan in your life is a good idea, whether they wear ear plugs or not. It's time they start - many rock musicians do wear ear plugs at practice and even on stage.  A nice bottle of magnesium supplements will also make a nice gift for rock musicians -- magnesium has been shown to protect the ears from loud noises and help prevent hearing loss. Most musicians don't even know this. Give them some magnesium and instruct them to take 500 mg before and after playing or practicing with their loud rock'n'roll band to help prevent hearing loss. We recommend the Sunset Wolf Guitar or  Long horn guitar for this purpose.

    4) A guitar Bag to hold guitar polish:  A great music-related Christmas gift is a can of Gibson guitar polish. Many Guitar players are not aware that they can get guitar polish to bring back the new feel and look of a guitar. A bag filled with all of these goodies would be the Classy Lady or Holiday bag. ViolettesbyBecky has both red and black versions of this bag. See 

    5) Microphones and mic cables: many musicians have some sort of home recording studio and are always in need of more microphones and microphone cables. There are many brands of microphones, but the number one pick for rock music is the Shure SM-57 for recording drums and guitars, and the Shure SM-58  which is a vocal mic which works great in the practice studio as well as the recording studio. Violettes has several mics and cables, and we have often had fun at home inviting kids over to give impromtu shows. You could have an open mic birthday party and give a guitar bag as a first prize! Or you could inquire about discounts for ordering quantity. A fun prize for this might be the Vintage Record Bag which comes in several colors, and other colors can be requested. See 

    6) A guitar bag to hold CD's:  blank or not make great Christmas gifts! We have a new lot of guitar bags that are a little bit larger, and easily fit CD's with round cases. If you request these, they are $5 more. For another $5, you can get one with a cell phone compartment on the back. Photos of these coming very soon. Blank CDr discs an individual covers are great gifts for all musicians. Most musicians and music fans like to burn their own CDs of their music and distribute them to friends and family.  (Note: buy the regular "data" CDr discs -- the "music" CDr discs are intended for stand-alone CD burners and will not work on all computers).

    7) Guitar stands: Guitar stands are highly useful for home use or in the rehearsal studio. When a guitar or bass player takes off his guitar to take a break and where does he put it?Leaning a prized guitar against his guitar amp is risking it falling and breaking a head stock.

    8) Band Violettes guitar bags: Here's a novel idea for a Christmas gift -- if the rock musician on your Christmas list has a band with a cool logo, they will definitely appreciate a guitar bag special ordered from Violettes with their logo on a black back ground to carry many of the above Christmas gifts.

    9) A Violettes Guitar bag to carry  fingerless leather gloves: Fingerless leather gloves may be hard to find in stores but easy to find online. They are great to use when loading band gear. And they also fit in a Violettes guitar bag. Not only are they great for loading gear, they are just plain COOL and I guarantee the rock musician in your life will appreciate a pair.

    10) Gift certificates to both Violettes and the Guitar Center or any local music store that your musician likes best: You just can't go wrong with a gift certificate.

    There you have it... ten excellent Christmas gifts.

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