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  • Music Lovers Essay Contest or Win Guitar Purse, Violin Purse or Grand Piano Purse

    Youth Essay Contest for Music Lovers

    Essay Contest: Do you know a 10 thru 15 year old who loves to be creative, loves music and enjoys eclectic fashion? Whether its a Guitar Bag or a Guitar Purse is up to you!

    Violettes by Becky is trying something new. Let's give it a whirl!

    Essay Contaest, Gifts for Muxi Lovers, Eclectic fashion Prizes that everyone loves, Young and Old, Boys and Girls   --                                                                                                              A Man Bag with Initials to keep spare strings or eclectic fashion statement for music lovers!
    Violettes: I have not won the lottery nor even dreamed of it. But if I did win, in the entrepreneurial spirit, I would open a Phantom Tollbooth Theme Park. We would have to of course negotiate rights with author Norton Juster. This would fulfill so many dreams.
    • A Dream Job for me to be the Park Director!
    • A dream for my daughter who initially thought of the idea when she was quite young, and who wishes to promote literacy for children.
    • A dream for my son who has always said he will design world energy solutions, as each ride could be powered by and a demonstration of a type of alternative energy.
    • Jobs and Creative Educational Attraction for East TN.
    • Violettes' Judges and Competition Winners could compose the ride music.
    • Violettes for sale in the Concession Shops!


    Essay Competition for Students age 10 thru 15:

    "Describe how each ride/attraction would be designed in my Phantom Toll Booth Theme Park."

    Alternatively, "What Would be Amazing to Do with Ginormous Lottery Winnings?"

    There must be a minimum of 10 entries for a prize to be awarded. Winner receives a Violettes Bag - choice of Violin, Guitar or Grand Piano. (If less than 10 entries, winner will receive a 50% discount - shipping not discounted).

    Entries Due by June 15, 2016

    Email entry to with heading:

    Violettes by Becky Essay Competition Entry

    Include Student's Name, Age, School, City and State, Parent's name and a note from the parent that says it is OK for the essay to be entered and to be posted if chosen as the essay winner.


    Gifts for Music Lovers, Guitar Purse, Gifts for Guitar Players Enter Drawing to Win Guitar Purse - Only Music Lovers need to Enter.
  • DIY Music Gifts Perfect for Festival Fans

    Brittany Cox - Cool Guitar Purse -un 34 Pins her DIY Music Gifts

    Guitar Purse, Eclectic Fashion, DIY Music Gifts

    I met Karen, Ms. Cox's mother-in-law, while shopping in Blowing Rock, NC at Chico’s. She purchased one of Violettes' DIY Music Gifts. Ms. Cox chose to pin buttons from concerts she attends on the Guitar Purse instead of painting it. So unique! Karen gave me a testimonial quote and told a little about Ms. Cox.

    “The guitar purse that I purchased from ‘Violettes’ is truly the most special birthday surprise I chose for my daughter. It is so unique just like her and she loves it when people notice it and comment on it. She carries it all the time.” Karen O. NC

    Brittany has always loved art and music. She is a self taught violinist and loves the music by Lindsay Sterling. Working as a CNA at a facility she delights her elderly patients. They all love her cheerful personality and are amused by her ever changing punk hair color. She has had bright blue and intense violet. Brittany loves auto mechanics and auto body work with her husband. Brittany love the outdoors and hiking in the Blue Ridge mountains of NC. Her newest hobby is martial arts and this quote describes her perfectly: “Though she is small, she is mighty.”

    We had a chance to also hear from Brittany Cox, (clearly a "Cool Guitar Purse -un") who received one of Violettes' DIY Music Gifts:

    I'm a nurse aide who takes care of Alzheimer's and dementia patients. Some interesting things happen at work and I like working with the elderly. I am a martial arts student, painter and musician. I'm a huge nerd and I love to play video games and cosplayers at conventions.

    I play the violin and I practice karate, aikido and kickboxing, and staying healthy is important to me. I have a wonderful husband who enjoys many of the same things that I do. We work on fixing old cars together in our garage.

    Guitar Purse Enter to Win Guitar Purse
  • Eclectic Fashion from Cool Guitar Purse -un No. 27

    Satisfy your Fancy with Eclectic Fashion Tastes at Violettes

    eclectic fashion, guitar purse, gifts for music lovers The photogenic Abbie Moore with an electric smile buys a gift for a friend with eclectic fashion tastes.

    I think most people are this way, but Miss Abbie openly admits when asked permission to participate in Cool Guitar Purse - un Blog: "I seldom mind talking about myself …. I’m going to have to save up to get one of the El Dia de los Muertos bags. Love, love, love them."

    Abbie is talented in both visual and musical arts, as you can deduce from the interview below. Perhaps this explains her own eclectic fashion taste!

    Dear Abbie,   (couldn't resist)

    See the 3 choices of Day of the Dead Purses we have created so far on this page like a really easy Where is Waldo game. And do we have a surprise for you. Send us a picture with an idea you have in mind and color scheme for your bag, and we will make a new design for $99.

    1. Violettes:  Have you always lived in Oak Ridge? Did you

    eclectic fashion, day of the dead, guitar purse My personal favorite. Click here to purchase.

    move here with family?

    Abbie: Kind of a long story about how I wound up here. We had moved from Middle Tennessee to Des Moines, IA for my husband’s job. It didn’t work out so he was able to get a job teaching at Marshall University in Huntington WV. I couldn’t find a job in WV but had a friend working at K25 who suggested I apply for a job here. I did and I got it. Bill commuted to WV for about 16 years. Our daughter was already in college at Middle Tennessee State University when we moved here. 
    2. Violettes: Are you working?

    Abbie: I’ve been retired for a little over 5 years. I retired about 6 weeks before our twin grandsons were born and spent a lot of time in Murfreesboro on the weekends helping my daughter. We still try to go a couple of times a month.

    eclectic fashion, day of the dead, guitar purse Click here to purchase Sugar Skull Guitar Purse.

    3. Violettes:  Do you have hobbies? Tell us about them.

    Abbie: I love to make greeting cards and other paper crafts. I’m a demonstrator for a paper crafting company, Stampin’ Up!. They have fantastic products. I knit a little. 

    4. Violettes: Do you play a musical instrument or sing? Do you have favorite music, musician or band?
     Abbie: I’m learning to play the ukulele. In fact, my husband just bought my Christmas gift tonight - an acoustic/electric ukulele. I sing in the ORUUC choir and band and was part of a girl trio group at church. We called ourselves the Bandettes. Unfortunately, one of our members has left the church. I love many styles of music - mostly folk but a lot of current pop/alternative. I like Gregorian chants, Baroque guitar. I don’t have a favorite musician or band, but I like Sting, Queen, Einhorn “Voices of Light”, Jonathan Byrd (folk singer), Carolina Chocolate Drops (a.k.a. Rhiannon Gibbons), Steve Earle, Leonard Cohen, just to name a few. 
    5. Violettes: You purchased the guitar purse for a friend that from Texas? Did you buy her the bag to be part of an outfit?
    day of the dead, Guitar Purse, gifts for music lovers Eclectic Fashion 
    Abbie: My friend actually lives here in East Tennessee. She’s from Chicago, her husband’s from Texas. No, I didn’t buy the bag to be part of an outfit. She dresses very eclectically, so I know she’ll create fantastic outfits to wear it with.
    6. Violettes: Is there anything else you are involved in that's a big part of your life? Any groups or volunteer work...?
    Abbie: There are a couple of ministries at ORUUC that I’m involved in: the choir and band and the other is our monthly Free Community Meal which we have named Stone Soup. It’s a blessing to be part of these activities.

    guitar purse, eclectic fashion, gifts for music lovers

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