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    Brittany Cox - Cool Guitar Purse -un 34 Pins her DIY Music Gifts

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    I met Karen, Ms. Cox's mother-in-law, while shopping in Blowing Rock, NC at Chico’s. She purchased one of Violettes' DIY Music Gifts. Ms. Cox chose to pin buttons from concerts she attends on the Guitar Purse instead of painting it. So unique! Karen gave me a testimonial quote and told a little about Ms. Cox.

    “The guitar purse that I purchased from ‘Violettes’ is truly the most special birthday surprise I chose for my daughter. It is so unique just like her and she loves it when people notice it and comment on it. She carries it all the time.” Karen O. NC

    Brittany has always loved art and music. She is a self taught violinist and loves the music by Lindsay Sterling. Working as a CNA at a facility she delights her elderly patients. They all love her cheerful personality and are amused by her ever changing punk hair color. She has had bright blue and intense violet. Brittany loves auto mechanics and auto body work with her husband. Brittany love the outdoors and hiking in the Blue Ridge mountains of NC. Her newest hobby is martial arts and this quote describes her perfectly: “Though she is small, she is mighty.”

    We had a chance to also hear from Brittany Cox, (clearly a "Cool Guitar Purse -un") who received one of Violettes' DIY Music Gifts:

    I'm a nurse aide who takes care of Alzheimer's and dementia patients. Some interesting things happen at work and I like working with the elderly. I am a martial arts student, painter and musician. I'm a huge nerd and I love to play video games and cosplayers at conventions.

    I play the violin and I practice karate, aikido and kickboxing, and staying healthy is important to me. I have a wonderful husband who enjoys many of the same things that I do. We work on fixing old cars together in our garage.

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