Christmas gifts for guitar players

  • Top 10 Gifts for Guitar Players, their wives, daughters and grand daughters

    Unique Christmas gifts for guitar players and music fans of all genres can be found at Christmas season is here and it's time to make some gift decisions. We have sold special orders of his and hers guitar bags or orders with band logos. It may cost $5 to $25 extra to have a special order hand painted design.

    1) His and her Guitar bags by ViolettesbyBecky filled with strings and picks, such as the American Flag guitar or the Rock Star Guitar. players are always in need of new guitar strings and picks. Strings break and need to be changed regularly anyway, so you can't go wrong here. Guitar picks are always getting lost, or just plain wear out a bit, so a package or handful of picks will also be appreciated by the guitarist. A slightly larger all black "man bag" is now available, with a cell pocket on the back.

    2) A guitar bag for your drummer to carry her/his drum Keys. Drummers are always losing things, especially their drum keys. Drum keys are used for tuning the drum heads on their set, so an extra drum key would also make a fine gift for the rock drummer on your Christmas list. And, Drummers are also constantly breaking their drum sticks, so a set or two of their preferred stick will also make an excellent Christmas gift. They can be clipped to the strap of the guitar bag. I nice choice for the bag would be the Rock star bag or the Blue Bag.

    3) A guitar bag from Violettes to hold hearing protection: Ear plugs for the rock musician or rock music fan in your life is a good idea, whether they wear ear plugs or not. It's time they start - many rock musicians do wear ear plugs at practice and even on stage.  A nice bottle of magnesium supplements will also make a nice gift for rock musicians -- magnesium has been shown to protect the ears from loud noises and help prevent hearing loss. Most musicians don't even know this. Give them some magnesium and instruct them to take 500 mg before and after playing or practicing with their loud rock'n'roll band to help prevent hearing loss. We recommend the Sunset Wolf Guitar or  Long horn guitar for this purpose.

    4) A guitar Bag to hold guitar polish:  A great music-related Christmas gift is a can of Gibson guitar polish. Many Guitar players are not aware that they can get guitar polish to bring back the new feel and look of a guitar. A bag filled with all of these goodies would be the Classy Lady or Holiday bag. ViolettesbyBecky has both red and black versions of this bag. See 

    5) Microphones and mic cables: many musicians have some sort of home recording studio and are always in need of more microphones and microphone cables. There are many brands of microphones, but the number one pick for rock music is the Shure SM-57 for recording drums and guitars, and the Shure SM-58  which is a vocal mic which works great in the practice studio as well as the recording studio. Violettes has several mics and cables, and we have often had fun at home inviting kids over to give impromtu shows. You could have an open mic birthday party and give a guitar bag as a first prize! Or you could inquire about discounts for ordering quantity. A fun prize for this might be the Vintage Record Bag which comes in several colors, and other colors can be requested. See 

    6) A guitar bag to hold CD's:  blank or not make great Christmas gifts! We have a new lot of guitar bags that are a little bit larger, and easily fit CD's with round cases. If you request these, they are $5 more. For another $5, you can get one with a cell phone compartment on the back. Photos of these coming very soon. Blank CDr discs an individual covers are great gifts for all musicians. Most musicians and music fans like to burn their own CDs of their music and distribute them to friends and family.  (Note: buy the regular "data" CDr discs -- the "music" CDr discs are intended for stand-alone CD burners and will not work on all computers).

    7) Guitar stands: Guitar stands are highly useful for home use or in the rehearsal studio. When a guitar or bass player takes off his guitar to take a break and where does he put it?Leaning a prized guitar against his guitar amp is risking it falling and breaking a head stock.

    8) Band Violettes guitar bags: Here's a novel idea for a Christmas gift -- if the rock musician on your Christmas list has a band with a cool logo, they will definitely appreciate a guitar bag special ordered from Violettes with their logo on a black back ground to carry many of the above Christmas gifts.

    9) A Violettes Guitar bag to carry  fingerless leather gloves: Fingerless leather gloves may be hard to find in stores but easy to find online. They are great to use when loading band gear. And they also fit in a Violettes guitar bag. Not only are they great for loading gear, they are just plain COOL and I guarantee the rock musician in your life will appreciate a pair.

    10) Gift certificates to both Violettes and the Guitar Center or any local music store that your musician likes best: You just can't go wrong with a gift certificate.

    There you have it... ten excellent Christmas gifts.

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