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    Barbara Bertoldi - Cello Music with Whimsy

    Cello Music is Ms. Barbara Bertoldi's life. With a love for everything strings, she purchased a handmade violin purse, sold on our Violin Gifts pages. She sent U.S. cash from Italy. The violin purse never arrived. I was heartsick. She said to donate her cash to an Animal Shelter. So when my brother visited from Berlin, I had him carry another hand made purse back with him to ship from Berlin. She waited a long time to get a purse that she didn't choose. I never photographed the original. According to US Mail records, it never left the US. I think that sending overseas orders thru ebay is the safest and cheapest. But my brother usually travels this way twice a year, and we have used him a couple of times as a courier.

    Cellist Barbara Bertoldi founded a classical music ensemble in Italy called the Quartetto degli Afetti. The group is extremely active in Europe. They enjoy playing on period instruments so the audience can gain a better understanding of how the composers heard the music when originally composed. Find out more on Ms. Bertoldi's web site.

    Barbara has put together some of her own songs along with her cello music to create a

    cello music, violin gifts, gifts for music lovers Barbara is glamorous and whimsical. Her cello music includes many genres. Photo from her web site.

    children’s CD called Bestiario per Violoncello. On this CD Barbara has created songs about a frog, her neighbors, the change of seasons, her uncle and much more. A VERY personal CD about her life, friends, family and her surroundings in Trento Italy. In the frog song, the frog is on a lake where people like to swim. The people who swim in the lake enjoy great music. But the frog, is just a frog. He cannot enjoy the wonderful music the swimmers play as they enjoy the cool waters of the lake. The CD was released in November 2013.

    The CD was presented in concert form in Trento, Mestre, Lawn, Monza and in the form of theatrical performance entitled "Cello tried hard!" Listen to one of her songs on the you tube at the end of this blog.

    1. Violettes: What instruments do you play? What music groups do you play with? CD's? Your favorite music?

    Barbara Bertoldi: One of baroque music with original instrument "Ensemble degli Affetti", I play an original instrument cello piccolo with 5 strings. I also perform as a solo with modern cello. I perform and sing funny songs written by me! I have several CD's, 3 of my old ensemble, one from my funny songs for children. The music I enjoy most is

    Bach, etc. classical and jazz..........mine too :O)))

    2. Violettes: I know you love animals. Tell us about them.

    Barbara Bertoldi:  I had a dog for 16 years., LUCY....she died 2 years ago...lovely dog! Now I have a cat. She is a nice big very beautiful siberian cat: EVA!

    3. Violettes: Is Trento Italy a big city or countryside?
    Barbara Bertoldi: Trento is is a middle size town. It's nice - full of nature. The quality of life is very good.

    cello music, violin gifts, gifts for music lovers Her humor in the Cello Tried Hard Performance . Photo from her web site.

    4. Violettes:  Is there a lot of music and culture there, or do you do a lot of traveling to perform?

    Barbara Bertoldi: There is quality of music in town. We have contributed to the town culture with our organization of the circle of music. In it's tenth year, the "Lucilla May".  

    Note that Barbara is the current director of this organization. Her humorous children songs were recently presented at this festival. Her children's cello songs have won numerous awards.

    5. Violettes: Do you have other hobbies or interests?

    Barbara Bertoldi: I like cinema, books, the mountains, and lake. Most everything is nearby. But I love arts, especially plays. If I need to, I travel to see them.

    Cello Music with whimsical songs by Barbara Bertoldi.

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