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Who is Cool Violin (Cello) Purse - Un No. 22

Our Violettes Gig Bags for String Players were developed upon suggestions from Alicia Randisi-Hooker, who coaches cello (Coach-cella). As a professional cellist who really appreciates art and creativity, she wanted to purchase a handmade Violin (cello) Purse as a Gig Bag to carry her spare cello strings, rosin... The bag wasn't large enough to fit her strings and things. So we turned the violin purse vertical to fit her needs. The "All About that Bass" style was designed to fit her largest size Evah PIrazzi cello strings in the back pocket. So Violettes gifted Alicia one of our violincello prototypes. She thought they were perfect gifts for musicians, and wanted to gift our violin gig bags to the visiting Doric String Quartet. We gave them "Tuxedo Violin Bags". Today Violettes has Tuxedo Violin Bags made out of painted Black Leather.

Ms. Randisi-Hooker says: "I was the lucky recipient of one of Becky’s first Violettes; a cello bag in elegant black and a Harlequin pattern of grey and white, complete with tuning pegs and a long bead for an end pin! She made one for me, as well as four 'tuxedo bags' for the Doric String Quartet, who came to play a concert in Knoxville a few years ago. I hear the two violinists still travel with their Violettes!"

1. Violettes:  Tell us how you decided to become a cellist.

Ms. Alicia Randisi Hooker:  I grew up in a musical family, in suburban New York, and there was always music in our home. I never seriously considered any other career, though I got a fairly late start for a string player. As a child I got to see the NY Philharmonic, the Metropolitan Opera, and LOTS of ballet (my secret wish was to be a dancer), but didn’t have my first real cello lesson until I was almost thirteen. I even saw YoYo Ma when he was nine and I wasn’t much younger, with Leonard Bernstein conducting. I will never forget it; I asked my mother why he got to play up there, and not me!  I was hooked! From that time, I have led what I call a “cello-centric” life.

Becoming a Suzuki teacher was a natural outgrowth of my desire to foster a love of music in children, but I had to be nagged into it by other teachers who saw potential in me. I was so fortunate to have fantastic mentors along the way, and found that working with children while pursuing my own playing was fulfilling in ways I couldn’t imagine. I feel lucky to have touched the lives of many young musicians, quite a few of which now have successful music careers. All I want to do is make their cello lesson the best hour of their week.

gifts for musicians, violin gifts                  Alicia Randisi-Hooker teaching cello - sharing her gifts with little string players

2. Violettes:  How is music part of your family life;  and do you have other interests?

Ms. Alicia Randisi Hooker:  Music has been a big part of our family life; some would say it

string players, gifts for musicians String Players all in the family. Alicia with her children (on left and right).

IS our family life. Before going to medical school, my husband was a professional horn player, and both our children studied music from an early age. Our son is a fine and accomplished guitarist, composer, and bassist who attended the New England Conservatory, but is currently pursuing another, as yet to be decided career. Our daughter is a visual artist who just graduated from Tyler School of Art at Temple University, but whose musical taste is impeccable. She’s introduced a lot of great music to her dad and me.

Music and cooking are our passions. My artist daughter is also a foodie, and loves to photograph our dinners before we consume them. Our latest obsession is the cookbooks and recipes of Yotam Ottolenghi, an Italian/Israeli chef with a number of restaurants in London. When we visit next year, we plan to dine at as many as our wallets will allow.

3. Violettes:  Are you performing today outside of the local Symphonies?

Gifts for Musicians, Trillium Trio                  The Trillium Trio both look and sound "sharp"! ;}

Ms. Alicia Randisi Hooker:  I’m lucky enough to have a balance of teaching and performing with my trio, Trillium, and hope to continue with them for as long as possible. Our dream is to expand our reach into schools and colleges around the country, sharing our love for the music, for a holistic approach to music education and healthy playing, and to engage students and young audiences with the joy of chamber music.


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