Singer and Comedian Lulu Roman (from Hee Haw)

Yes, That's right, Lulu Roman is Cool Violin Purse -un 42

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We have taken a break from our Cool Purse -un blog, but can't resist the excitement of a post that Singer and Comedian, Ms. Lulu Roman is a proud owner of a Violettes by Becky Violin Purse. She is a lovely and kind person, and tells me,

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"I love my bag, it's small and it goes with everything. You can put so much in this small violin I will never use another purse."

This lovely woman has so many credits to her profession. Just a few of which are, she was a guest performer at the inauguration celebration of President Ronald Reagan in 1980, was inducted into the Country Music Gospel Hall Of Fame in 1999 and the Christian Music Hall Of Fame in 2008.

Today, she is still both a as a comedian and singer, and as a Southern Gospel singer has well over 16 albums. Google her work and enjoy!




Becky Chaffee

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