SAI Bags and Interview with Ruth Sieber Johnson, SAI Executive Director

SAI Bags

ViolettesbyBecky has had the honor of meeting Ruth Sieber Johnson in Dec. of 2013, where she graciously volunteered to perform (sing with keyboard) at a Xmas craft sale at Sherrill Hills Retirement Resort in Knoxville, TN. There she approved our music bags as official SAI Bags, and we now have a license to carry Greek products for the Music Fraternity, Sigma Alpha Iota (SAI). We have an SAI Guitar Purse, Violin Purse, and Grand Piano Purse. Please consider our music themed gifts when looking for birthday presents and Mothers Day gift ideas for your loved ones.

Please find our SAI Music Bags in the Violins/Pianos/Guitars, Sigma Alpha Iota Gifts Tabs or Paint Your own rose themed gifts or even cross body man bags as guitar gifts in the Bag DIY section of Music Gifts and Cool Crafts

Interview with Ruth Sieber Johnson, Executive Director Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity by ViolettesbyBecky

1. You have been the Executive Director of Sigma Alpha Iota for over 20 years. I don't know much about Greek life, but I assume the No. 1 advantage is to bond people with interest in music from all generations. Are there any other important goals of the group?

Ruth Sieber Johnson:
We were founded by 7 women in 1903 to provide mutual support for women who were striving to have careers in the field of music. Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity 's current stated mission is to encourage, nurture and support the art of music. That happens through the women who belong to our 220+ collegiate chapters and 118+ alumnae chapters and the individual SAI members all around the world. We make music together, we foster music service projects, and we support music education, music therapy, and myriad other expressions of music. As a member of SAI, it has been my privilege for the last 22 years to serve as the Executive Director, and to manage the National Headquarters in Asheville, North Carolina. I love my job of supporting and interacting with all of our members and the many outreach music programs with which we interact.

2. What does being part of the music fraternity involve, if one is active in it? Both for college age and for alumni?

Ruth Sieber Johnson:
For the Undergraduate chapter, the weekly meetings consist of both business and music making. The chapter members provide support for each other in their studies, volunteer services for the music department, and the forging of lifelong friendships. Alumnae chapters usually meet once a month, 5-8 times a year, with special music programs, service projects, benefit concerts, and aid to local music organizations. Even if they aren’t having careers in music, they still get the opportunity to perform for each other, to support music in the community, and to support the larger goals of SAI.
The National Headquarters provides the administrative support for our chapters and leaders. I love getting to meet province, regional, and national officers as we have training sessions and board meetings. Many collegiate and alumnae members also come to National Headquarters to contribute volunteer hours, and it is always a treat to stand around the piano and sing in the music parlor. When SAI members keep themselves inspired, then the goals of the organization are met with vitality, too. Our “Vision” is:

“The VISION of Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity is to be recognized
through-out the world as the foremost fraternity that
• Supports and encourages women musicians of all ages, races, and nationalities
• Supports and promotes successful and innovative educational programs in music
for all stages of life
• Cultivates excellence in musical performance
• Promotes programs and activities that stress the love and importance of music in
our lives
• Recognizes technological advances in the field of music
• Dedicates financial resources that ensure the continuation of programs necessary
to support the objectives of the fraternity in perpetuity
• Has as its members people who exemplify professional and ethical behavior in
the spirit of the Sigma Alpha Iota founders.”


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