Violettes the Cool Young Rock Band on TV

What Rock Band Songs Do the Violettes Play?

Please tell Violettes, the cool Guitar Purse Company, about the cool Violettes Rock Band

gifts for music lovers, guitar purse Hanah Breck, with Violettes Guitar Purse, performs in Rock Band in Texas.

Songs. At Violettes we get 1000's of searches for the Violettes Rock Band - so many that we did a search ourselves last year and posted everything that we came up with in this BLOG. We currently have another surge of people searching for the Violettes, but one searcher gave us what must be the answer to this mystery!

This searcher found us with the words: "is sweet violette band from tv commercial real"!  This searcher is from either Gurnee, Illinois or Fort Wayne, Indiana. It could be a localized commercial. I now would have to say NO!!! It is not real. Maybe the Geico Commercial needs to use this popular fabricated Rock Band!

Since that mystery is solved for you, you can concentrate on our awesome Violettes Music Purses for Xmas Gifts or Valentines Gifts. A number of people in Rock Bands do own our purses. And another bunch of folks in other kinds of bands own a  Violettes Violin Purse or Guitar Purse, and others have merely posed with our Violettes Guitar Purse. But whether you are a player or a fan, our music purses are great Xmas gifts for a music lover.

Guitar Purse, Gift ideas for Music Lovers, Music Art Haley, so cool with her Guitar Purse used to play in a Christian Rock band!
Guitar Purse, Gifts for Musicians Sarah Potenza, star from The Voice always up for a good pose

image001 Mother of son in a Band.
Violin Purse, Violin Gifts, Gifts for Musicians Maggie O'Connor plays in a Family Band and loves her Violin Purse!
Top Ten Guitar Gifts, Gifts for guitar players The Awesome Jonathon Sexton posing with his Guitar Bag.
Top Ten Gifts for Guitar Players; John Long posing with his Guitar Bag from our Gifts for Him page.























Meghan Linsey posed for me at the CMA with this Cat Day of the Dead Theme Guitar Purse. After I posted this photo, it sold quickly. We love requests! So if you have read this far, please click here, scroll to the bottom of the page and tell us about the Violettes Rock Band and the Rock Band Songs that you saw and heard on TV!!

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