Piano Teacher Strength is Her Own Enthusiasm

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Violettes is always proud to have a Music Teacher amongst our clients. People look up to their teachers and want to emulate them. We have had many students of Violettes owners want to purchase their own. Thank you Ms. Brenda for purchasing a Violettes Piano Purse for yourself for your December birthday! We're so glad that you "love it".

1. Violettes: Are you from Pennsylvania? Or did you move there as an adult?  What do you like about living in your neck of the woods?
Brenda:  Yes I have been born and raised a Pennsylvanian.  I love our state for the rolling hills and natural beauty and seasons.
2. Violettes: You are a Piano Teacher who plays for your church. Tell us about your piano studio and teaching methods.

In my Piano studio, I use the Alfred piano series to teach but also add in music books of the

Piano Purse, Piano Teacher, Gifts for Piano Players Brenda and Students

students music choice.  I believe my enthusiasm and rewards system are my best attributes in the studio because it encourages my students and helps to motivate them to practice and do well without strictness.  My students compete against themselves and are rewarded for doing so.  End result is love and passion to play the piano well and enjoy it.

3.  Violettes:  Do you have any fun stories about working with students?

Brenda:   Oh I always have fun with my students.  Some have drawn me pictures of there favorite music, others wrote me beautiful notes and so many enjoy doing the duets with me; my favorite part.  There music styles and choice of music keeps it challenging for me .

4. Violettes: Do you have other hobbies and interests?

Brenda:  gardening and walking are probably my favorite although I simply enjoy being active.  I also play 5 instruments and enjoy playing them for my enjoyment.  The Bassoon I played in school orchestra, the clarinet was for marching band, the accordion was handed down to me by my aunt and my harmonica was my grandmother's.  Of course the piano is my favorite because it is up to my hands to bring out the spirit of the song.

5. Violettes:  Do you have favorite music to play? to listen to? or a favorite musician or group?
Brenda:  My favorite music to play is classical because it really shows off our music ability but my favorite to listen to is gospel because it's uplifting and peaceful and brings me close to the Lord.  My favorite groups are The piano guys and Pantonix.  I just love the fun and talent of these two groups.  They both amaze me.
Piano Purse, Gifts for Piano Players, Gifts for Piano Teachers Brenda Ginther with Red Fleur de Lys Piano Purse from Violettes

Gifts for Piano Players, Piano Purse, Gifts for Piano Teachers

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