Cool Piano Purse-un No. 17, Pianist, Pam Robertson

Pam's Many Hats

Pianist, Composer, Quilter, Grandmother

As a teacher, students look up to Pam. So as an owner of a Piano Purse, her students naturally want one too. Thank you to Pam (who has also purchased a special order guitar purse)! They are great gifts for piano players (or guitar players) and their mothers and grand mothers! They are fun gifts for symphony goers, and conversation starters where ever you go. With the holidays coming, please think about our creative musical instrument shaped purses.

Pam is a Knoxville area piano teacher, church pianist, piano accompanist, composer and so much more. She obviously has a sense of humor. When I asked her to send photos of herself doing some of her favorite things, she said "Well, then of course I'll send you a photo of me eating".

Heeeere's Pam!

Piano Purse, Gifts for Piano Players Piano Purse Owner, Pam Roberston, introducing her composition.

Church Pianist:  I have been pianist at Central Baptist Bearden for 15 years.  They keep paying me so I keep going back.  I have been working in churches continuously for 31 years.

In addition to teaching her own students, she accompanies violin students:  I accompany for four different violin studios in Knoxville TN.  One of the teachers takes her studio to play in an assisted living for every major holiday.  It is so much fun seeing the kids dressed up for Halloween performing classical violin music.  The residents also especially love the Saint Patricks Holiday concert when the kids are dressed head to toe in green.  They even put green ribbons on their violins.  It is great fun!

Composer:  I started composing in 2009 to fulfill a job expectation.  I have been lucky enough to get 11 pieces published in four different collections.  The books are Go Out in Joy, Music by the Masters for the Master (a book with classical music interwoven with the hymn arrangement) and Gospel Gold Volume Two.  These three books are published by Hal Leonard.  The fourth book is My Savior First of All.  It is published by Lorenz.  I have a book of just my pieces called My Savior and My God.  It is also published by Lorenz.

Pam has won numerous composing awards:  At the Composers Symposium held every year in Atlanta, she has been awarded Best in Show three times. She has also won the Choral award for her anthem "O Come O Come Emanuel".  It is published by Hope Publishing Company.

Pam circle quilt Piano Purse, Gifts for Piano Players
Pam is a very prolific and talented quilter: I love spending time quilting.  I finished several projects for friends this year - quilts they had started and never finished.  That proved to be quite difficult.

I have made two quilts to give away this year and also finished several for myself.  I have worked pretty hard recently on getting all my supplies organized.

My grandmother McKnight was a quilter and I saw her doing it from an early age and I always wanted to learn how.  I started taking classes and making quilts thirty years ago.  I won some free material.  I just hang some of them on my walls.

Pam will soon be selling precut quilt kits on-line for her "off kilter nine patch" shown above on the left.

Pam's other music accomplishments including playing Classical Guitar and Viola:

  • Pam has been involved with a group called Music Study Club for 30 years. (She has probably been president 10 of those years!) This is a club that meets 9 months of the year to hear members perform on the keyboards, vocals, and instrumentals.  We are very proud to be able to provide a $1,500 scholarship to a music student at the University of Tennessee.  Applicants must be a rising junior or senior majoring in music.
  • I have been taking classical guitar lessons for the last three years as a way to remember the son we lost in 2012.  I had no idea it would be so difficult or so much fun.  I have a great appreciation for the skill involved in playing any guitar now!
  • She also plays Viola, and has had one made for her by her son! Pam says, "I always hoped that one of my sons would be interested in woodworking and Reuben was the one.  He started working with Kelvin Scott- an internationally known luthier- when he was in the eighth grade.  He worked with him for 9 years learning woodworking skills involved in making violins, violas, and cellos.  I have two violas that were handmade by Reuben.  He is now doing more furniture making but eventually would like to return to luthier work.

Still Full of Boundless Energy!

I also spend time almost every day either swimming, biking, or running (walking).  I have a very high energy level and I find I prefer to get my exercise first thing in the morning.  I started running in 1978 while I was in a class at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville .  The class was called weight control and figure improvement.  I have been running ever since.  I have even completed several half marathons.

I live on a 70 acre farm.  We built a driving range, Target Golf Practice and Training Facility, on our property eight years ago.  It stays very busy.  Lots of people are crazy about golf.

Piano Purse, Gifts for Piano PlayersMost importantly, I am the proud grandmother of two granddaughters:  Charlotte is eight months and Olivia is four months old.

I think you will agree that Pam is a really cool Piano Purse - un indeed!




Guitar Purse, Gifts for Piano Players Pam ready to Perform.
Guitar Purse, gifts for piano players Pam hiking in the Smokies.









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