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  • 3rd Annual Youth Composition and Songwriter Competition Results


    Presenting Results of the 3rd Annual Violettes

    Composition and Songwriter Competition 2015/16

    We hope to post some student Bios in the near future. Please send in Bios and Photos.

    Senior Division Composition Awards


    Announcing the 1st Place Senior Composition Winner for the 3rd Annual Violettes Youth Music Competition (Hope You don't mind some visual - it shows how easily your music paints a picture) Thanks to Kiwanis West in Knoxville, TN for the Prize Donation.



    2nd Place Senior Composition-

    Lindsey Williams from Oregon with "Nocturnal Transmogrifications"

    Thanks to Kiwanis West of Knoxville, TN for the $200 Prize Donation.


    3rd Place Senior Composition-

    Helena Abney-McPeek from Illinois with "May 14", Both Parts I and II

    Thanks to Sheet Music Plus for the $25 Gift Certificate


    Honorable Mentions:

    Juliana Lynch from Maryland, "The Cherry Tree"

    Sayali Gove from North Carolina, "The Night Dances"

    Max Justice from Oregon , "Scarlet"

    Jie Zhang from Oregon, "The Unforgettable"


    Special Award:

    Juliana Lynch from Maryland with "Heaven's Door" - One of the judges commented that this deserves 1st place in a different category. Violettes by Becky agrees, so we have created a special one time Choral award for Miss Lynch.

    Presenting 1st Place Choral Award to Juliana Lynch, we pulled $100 out of our Violettes by Becky hat.

    Senior Songwriter Awards

    Please note that this decision was impossibly hard. Finally, after looking at the ratings from 3 judges, we had to call a prize winner.


    1st Place Senior Songwriter - Aanna Sapp from Missouri with "Wanderlust"

    Thanks to the Annie Moses Band for the Fine Arts Summer Academy Gift


    2nd Place Senior Songwriter- Carli Tuttle from Florida with "Trust Me"

    Thanks to US Music Corp for the Washburn Guitar Prize


    3rd Place Senior Songwriter - Alma Russ from North Carolina with "Next Town"

    Thanks to Sheet Music Plus for the $25 Gift Certificate

    Junior Division Composition

    1st Place Junior Composition-  Fiona Abney-McPeek from Illinois with "Sunlight"

    Thanks to Performers Music in Chicago for the $50 Gift Certificate

    2nd Place Junior Composition- Tie

    Sonia Nair from Oregon with "Coming of Age"

    Thanks to Performers Music in Chicago for the $25 Gift Certificate

    Maya Wood from Missouri with "Moonlight Spirit"

    Thanks to Sheet Music Plus for the $25 Gift Certificate

    Junior Division Songwriter

    1st Place Junior Songwriter- Samantha Shuma from Texas with "Hooked"

    Thanks to Sheet Music Plus for the $50 Gift Certificate

    2nd Place Junior Songwriter- Emma Rowe from Tennessee with "Life Isn't Fair"

    Thanks to Sheet Music Plus for the $25 Gift Certificate.


    School Awards

    Oakland, California Roots Int. School wins Outstanding Participation Award, with Dr. Bryan Alvarez entering 26 students with Garage Band compositions. They each have feedback from our amazing judges. 1st thru 3rd places still to be announced. -And a $500 check from an anonymous donor.

    We still haven't heard from one of the judges, who is diligently typing results for all the children.

    The Flushing, New York Veritas Academy students were challenged by Dr. Michael Eisenberg to write songs to enter. Students Melany Bernard , David Mercado, Tiffany Rose Joseph all won honorable mentions. Plus outstanding teacher, Michael Eisenberg wins $200 for the school to spend on music related equipment. Thanks to a collection of my generous friends and clients.

    We must thank Composition Classes of Ben Mulholland from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania school, Play On, Philly! for judging the middle school compositions including the overwhelming number of Garage Band compositions.

    Note that all Judges are Music Professional volunteers! A great big thank you to these fine people. We pulled in an additional judge, Tammie Dischner, member of the Knoxville Songwriter Association, to help us decide on the Senior Songwriter group winner.

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  • Youth Music Competition Status Update (Revised)

    From the Desk of Violettes by Becky

    Regarding the 3rd Annual Youth Music Composition

    Dear Music Competition Folks,

    We are working diligently to finalize our late judging for the Violettes 3rd Annual Youth Music Competition by next weekend. We had 2 three way ties, we had judges who voted for different first place candidates and we had traveling judges, sick judges, and even judges who didn't properly receive all the student entry links. (My bad).

    With continuous back and forth with judges this week, and even asking an extra music professional help to break a conflicting vote, "winners" are being finalized. We have judges going back to make minute scoring tweaks to help us come up with the official winners. In other words, the entries are all winners, and we have to painfully decide on who gets the prizes.

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    While waiting for the results, please check out the new line of  whimsical cards we have with Practice Tips on the back (and blank middles). They are created from hand painted originals by Becky Chaffee (me). Profits from On-Line Sales thru May 31 go directly to the 2017 youth competition. To view more cards, see Link 1 and Link 2.

  • It's All About that Bass for Linda Hill

     We're All About that Bass Fashion at Violettes

    Cool Bass Purse-un No. 41

    There was no "About that Bass" Fashion when I first met Linda Hill. We had a connection in that she is a great storyteller, and I was teaching my children how to tell stories. I invited her for dinner so we could talk more. I still remember that I cooked a home made shrimp pizza that day almost 20 years ago! At that time, I didn't know she played musical instruments and would love a Violettes by Becky "All About that Bass" Fashion Bag, especially since I hadn't yet designed them.

    Linda has done so many cool things and has so many accomplishments. Having cancer has slowed her down and increased her debt status. She was in college to get an elementary education teaching degree, when everything came to a halt for treatments. She has been in remission for 3 years now.
    Linda was born in Mississippi, and has lived in Atlanta,Georgia, New Orleans, New Jersey and Knoxville, TN. She grew up with a Mom teaching her to knit, crochet and sew and a father who gave very structured church sermons. This helped her to cope as an adult. For awhile, she earned a living sewing theatre costumes. She attributes her father's sermons to her storytelling abilities.
    Linda moved to Knoxville for college in 1972 to major in music at Knoxville College because her father lived in Sweetwater. After that, she majored in theatre at UTK, but had trouble with childcare. She also had many health problems, and had to put college on hold. She later went back to school for an early education degree, and spent time studying elementary special education thru the Grand Canyon University on-line, but cancer interfered. She would love to get back to the on-line classes.

    1. Violettes:  You play a lot of instruments and are experienced with theatre. That includes

    All About That Bass, Violin Purse, Gifts for Music Lovers                   Linda Hill loving her All About that Bass Purse

    Violin, Bass, guitar and Piano? Are you still playing them or/and teaching with them?

    Linda plays the upright Bass weekly in her church orchestra. At the elementary school where she is an assistant teacher, she teaches basic music theory and musicianship. She also teaches an after school violin club.
    2. Violettes:  You have been in an acting troupe, "Carpetbag Theatre" - Are you still associated with that group?
    Linda still performs (singing and acting) in short skits with them including excerpts from shows for meetings. This includes performing a skit about the "Tennessee Chocolate Drops" (who the Carolina Drops are named for) for the Louis Bluie Festival and the TN Historical Society.
    Linda also wrote a  story called "Aunt Dina", which she performed for prisoners in honor of Black History Month.
    3. Violettes:  You are currently a teaching assistant for elementary school children. I hope you are able to use your music and acting talents working with the kids! Are you doing anything involving, music, acting or storytelling with the school children?
    Linda teaches reading intervention groups from the 1st thru 4rth grade. After school , thru the Great Schools Partnership, she teaches beginning keyboard and violin.
    4. Violettes:  What are your favorite things to do these days?
    Linda says, "I have been feeling a lot better for the last 9 months. Weekly music with my church is my biggest joy. And just relaxing at home."
    5. Violettes:  You have 2 wonderful sons that you call your coastal babies. What are they up to now that they are grown.
    Milton is recruiting for the Marines in California and Charles is learning to be an electrician in Florida.
    6. Violettes: What is your favorite musician, band  or/and music genre?
    Linda's favorite music is classical, and especially baroque. "In orchestra, it keeps the basses busy!" But she also loves old time blues and country music because of the stories.
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  • Violin Gifts, Human Gifts Guest Blogger from Berlin

    Human Gifts More Important than Violin Gifts

    Let me introduce Paul Brody who is on the Violettes by Becky Board helping to spread Violin Gifts. Paul is my brother. He helped come up with the Violettes name meaning little violins. He takes the violin gifts to boutiques in Berlin, Vienna and Paris to sell. He is part of the backbone of the Violettes by Becky Annual Youth Composition and Songwriter Competition. But he is also spreading human gifts helping the refugees that are pouring into Berlin.


    Guest Blogger, Paul Brody, from Berlin:

    I live in Berlin, Germany where thousands of refugees live within a few miles radius of my apartment. 

    While talking with my son about the latest ISIS atrocities, we mention that his grandmother, my Mom, was a refugee from 1939 Nazi Vienna. We always said, “If it weren’t for the luck of her family escaping Hitler, we

    Violin Gifts, Gifts for Music Lovers, Violin Purse My Mother loves our Violin Gifts!

    wouldn’t be here.” The emphasis was always on the threat. But in light of the refugee situation in Berlin, and hearing stories from so many of our friends volunteering to clean living quarters, donate clothes, and teach German, we looked at each other and saw our well trodden thought in a new light. “If it weren’t for those who helped Grandma get on the Kindertransport  headed for England, and for those in England who took care of her, we wouldn’t be here. 

    The next day I walked to the Wilmersdorf City Hall, where over a thousand refugees lived in rooms that weren’t currently occupied by government employees.

    It took me fifteen minutes to walk around the building to find the proper entrance. Laundry, milk and produce placed on window sills to keep cool in the Berlin winter, and second hand children’s toys were scattered around three sides the building. 

    I showed my passport to the guard and signed in. A soccer game was in full swing in the football field sized back court yard of city hall. Jump rope and hop scotch and teens huddling in circles filled the corners. I listened to the symphony of echoing children’s play, took in the mini world of those who had come from a place I thought little about until this year. 

    Images of news flashes blinked in my head: skies of Syria,  bombs falling, beheadings, neighborhoods turned to rubble. And here they are. The unlucky lucky ones. What stories were contained in these young people spending their day like a million other kids in Europe? 

    Then a girl, about 13 years old zipped by with big curious eyes under her headscarf. She gave me her best, Guten Tag. I nodded shyly. Then I felt tears well up in my eyes. That girl could be the same age as my mother when she was welcomed into a children’s home, then adopted by a Quaker family until the end of the war. 

    Why should this have to be? This insanity in the world? Why wasn’t that girl in her small town in Syrian enjoying an after school ice cream with her friends? But that’s a useless thought. She’s here, and we’re helping. And that’s all that matters. 

    During each visit to the city hall "home", those working in the main office quoted higher and higher numbers of refugees in Berlin; and we emptied, cleaned, and set up new rooms in the Wilmerdorf City Hall. 

    A good part of the fourth floor was cleared out for class rooms for both kids and adults. 

    The board of education department in former East Berlin donated a forest of DDR school desks that had been in storage since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. We lugged them to the fourth floor, washed them, and scraped the rock solid gum off the bottoms.

    I met a great cross section of Berlin volunteering at the city hall. Retired school teachers, lost souls looking for a mission, Marshal Plan workers, a film maker, the president of a well known architecture firm, and countless students. But the one that stays in my mind the most is a young woman who went about performing even the most dreadful chores with ease, even laughing. ======>>>>>>>

    We were carrying boxes of winter clothes, shoes, and bedding from the massive basement, where refugees from my mother’s generation were supposed to have hid, to a room upstairs where the Syrian refugees could rummage through.

    I asked her if she was a student. She giggled, “No, I send text messages to Angela Merkel.” 

    “That’s a funny. I should use that too!” I responded. 

    “It’s not a joke. My job is to keep up with the news and if anything thing seems important, then I distribute the information to Merkel and a few other important politicians via cell phone. I’m in charge of keeping them up to date on an hourly basis.”

    “So you really send Angela Merkel text messages?” 

    “I really do!” she smiled. 

    “Well, would you please tell her that I’m sorry that we spied on her cell phone, and hello from Paul the American trumpeter living in Berlin.”

    “Will do,” she said. 

    Months later, when visiting my sister Becky in Knoxville I found out that when she wasn’t busy working on her company, Violettes By Becky, she’s volunteering to help refugees as well. 

    “Refugees in East Tennessee?” I asked. 

    “Of course” she responded. “85,000 refugees are authorized to be resettled in the US in 2016 (up from 70,000 for the past 4 years). This means we find them a place to live, a job, and help them assimilate. We give each and every one of them community. But for now, there are no Syrians getting thru the vetting process. It takes many years to be approved. Only 1/2 of 1% of all refugees are 'resettled'. ”

    Gifts for Music Lovers, Violin Gifts, Violin Purse Paul with our Mom and my kids in Berlin in 2005. Different times.

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  • Opportunity to Support Inner City School of the Arts

    Please Read: Gift for Inner City School of the Arts

    Dear Folks,

    Violettes by Becky holds an Annual Youth Composition Competition. "Inner city" students can enter at no cost. This year 3 schools (from New York, Philadelphia and Oakland, CA) have involved students, or rather 3 phenomenal teachers. These students don't compete with the other entries. So, Violettes by Becky arranges for additional prizes. Asking the teacher who entered 26 students with "Garage Band" computer compositions what he needs for his classroom, he is in need of a $210 voice recorder (actually, he would like 2 of them). Violettes tried to bid for one on ebay, but it quickly went to $149 (above our price range). Violettes by Becky is able to give $50 towards this for the classroom for the Oakland, CA school, Roots International. Can anyone donate to this cause? Thanks so much for your help.

    Sincerely, Becky

    Email me at to Pledge (with Pledge in subject line.)

    If you are interested in helping another school of the arts, or know of one that might want to participate next year, please contact us.

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  • Music and the Brain Or How did Trump Get In?

    What Does Music & the Brain Have to Do With it?

    What has music and the brain have to do with it? Music helps the brain in so many ways for all ages. So if you are playing music, we hope you are intelligent, and don't need to be told to not vote for Trump.

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    Violettes by Becky, selling Gifts for Music Lovers like our Hand painted by Becky Peace Sign "Woodstock" Guitar Purse, has a rare plea for politics. Please send me answers entered at the bottom of this page.

    How can Trump be taken seriously by anyone? Is it only the uneducated? Do people not understand that much of his "facts" are fabricated? Do they not see that he is a hate monger? Do they not understand his parallels to Hitler?

    I don't know where I have been, but I am now introduced to comedian John Oliver. Check his fact full "acts" on Trump. You can find it on You tube. While you're at it, check out his acts with facts and humor about the Refugee situation and about the Refugee vetting Process...

    This is the message Sierra Club is sending out about Trump: 

    "A man so arrogant he claims he would have skipped the Paris climate summit... so unwilling to be contradicted he insists climate change science is a hoax... so bigoted he says he can't 'Unequivocally Condemn' the KKK's David Duke... could be our next president."

    With that in mind, have you listened to the most recent Al Gore Ted Talk about climate changes? This is worth a look. It is a critical issue for the world right now, and Trump...

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    On this NOTE (says Violettes by Becky, who sells an amazing personally designed Violin Purse and gig bag), the refugee crisis is nothing now, compared to how it will be with "climate refugees" by 2050.  From a National Geographic article, scientists predict the number will rise to at least 50 million by 2050. Some say it could be as high as 200 million. This will result from parts of our planet that become uninhabitable. "Climate Refugees". Yes, people from the middle east will flood the US, and ... Probably so many, that we won'y be able to control them by laws and walls.

    Get responsible people! Do not vote for Trump!!!

    Just so you know, we can paint anything you like on a guitar purse. Send us photos of your pet if you like. Check our our animal theme Guitar Purse selection.

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  • Music Training Opened Doors for Pianist, Vicki Carr

    Music Training Prepares Cool Piano Purse -un 40

    Piano player  and music community leader, Ms. Vicki Carr, purchased a number of Violettes by Becky Grand Piano Purses as gifts. In our interview, she tells how her music background influenced her career. In "retirement", she has recently written a children's book called " Lydia Becomes a Flower Girl". It takes the reader through  the steps of wedding prep with some family dynamics to add a little crisis. The book is currently being illustrated. It is the first of a two-book deal with the publisher.

    piano purse, gifts for Music lovers, gifts for piano players Grand Piano Purse for Gifts

    1. Violettes:   Are you originally from Texas? How many kids do you have and do they live in Texas also?

    Ms. Carr: I am a Texan by birth AND by choice. Having spent career time in New York and Los Angeles,  I am very happy in East Texas, which is more Southern in its way of life than West Texas, where I grew up. I have one son who lives in Arkansas, just 50 blocks from us (Texarkana straddles the Texas/Arkansas border), and two step-daughters who are west coast dwellers. 

    2. Violettes: How did you become involved in music growing up? What kind of lessons and teaching methods did you have? What kind of lessons did you give your kids? Did you teach them yourself?

     Ms. Carr: Growing up in Abilene, TX, I had the advantage of training through the music prep program at McMurry University, just a few blocks from our house. Students majoring in music ed taught me and developed my interest in music. The earliest method we used was from Shawnee Press: the Fred Waring piano series, which my parents bought in a complete kit. Because of that training, I demonstrated an unusual sight-reading ability as a youngster, so I was granted opportunities to play in public at church and as church and school choir accompanist. By the time I got to college at Hardin-Simmons University, it was obvious that music would be my path. 
    My son is a gifted musician, learning mostly by influence from me, rather than lessons. Ironically, he has decided to major in elementary education with a music emphasis, and has recently begun weekly lessons with me. 

    3. Violettes: You used to have a job in public relations? Tell us about it.


    Ms. Carr: My music training opened a number of doors for me, career-wise, leading me into show management, event production, promotion and publicity. My understanding of musicians and performers allowed me to work with major theme parks, specialty shows, and PR agencies, over the years while in Dallas and Los Angeles. 

     4. Violettes: In Texas the music programs for schools are supposed to be very strong

    Gifts for Music Lovers, Gifts for Piano Players, Piano Purse Pianist Vicki Carr

    there. Do you know the details of how they became so strong? Is it just that someone decided they would fund them or?

    Ms. Carr: The Texas education system does promote music excellence. The University of Texas Interscholastic League competitions are keen - partly because of the size of the state and number of participants that must be culled to the all-state level. Like Tennessee, Texas is known for its professional musicians, so our education system, by and large, presents opportunities for training and exposure to keep that image alive. I wish I could say it is as important as football, but you know better than that! 

     5. Violettes: You were on the MTNA Board or something similar? How did you become involved in that? Are you still involved?

     Ms. Carr: I serve as president of the Wednesday Music Club, the oldest service organization in our city. I know it sounds like little old ladies in white gloves, but it is far from it. Our club exists to encourage, support and expose musical talent in our area. We are affiliated with the Arkansas Federation of Music Clubs (for which I serve as vice president), and the National Federation of Music Clubs (for which I serve as a scholarship chair). At each and every level there are many scholarships awarded for a wide variety of talents. 
    6. Violettes: Did you say your teaching studio is in a piano gallery? 

    Ms. Carr: I maintain a private studio within the Texarkana Academy of Musical Arts. We are located in Central Mall, which gives our parents plenty of parking and plenty of ways to spend the length of their student's lesson time.  There are eight teachers at TAMA, and we offer lessons in strings, piano, voice, brass,reeds and percussion. We were selling pianos, but we just really needed the floor space for recitals and large group rehearsals, so that is no longer part of what we offer. Several times a year we do a faculty showcase, as several of our teachers are solo performers in addition to being excellent teachers. 
    Gifts for Music Lovers, Gifts for Piano Players, Piano Purse Ms. Carr shares valuable music training with her son.

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  • Young Violette (s) Band Meets Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

    Gift Ideas for Music Lovers -

    Recording of Young Violettes or Band Poster?

    Dear Gentle Readers,

    Or a Guitar Purse?! You arrived here because you love that all girl rock group called Young Violettes that you see in a television Commercial. You are not alone! Our Violettes website statistics from the last three months is posted below. It shows over 4,000 people landing on the Violettes by Becky site looking for info about the Young Violettes (or Violette) Group. I have spent a lot of time researching this for you, and have posted several blogs on this group. I can tell you that it is just a TV commercial, However never fear, because music festival season is approaching fast! And if you love girl rock groups you should love our Gift ideas for Music Lovers. Enter Free Drawing at the bottom of this page.

    Gift ideas for Music Lovers, Guitar Purse, All About that Bass Two of these Young Violettes Models are (or have been) in a Rock Band! They love their hand painted Guitar Purse!
    Gift ideas for Music Lovers, Guitar Purse, Young Violettes A great place to come for Gift ideas for Music Lovers, and even for All About that Base fans!

    Since so many folks land here, we would love to know a few things. Can you please answer some questions below? Put your answers in the comments section at the bottom of the page. THANKS!!!!!

    1. 1. Tell us about the music you hear from the Young Violettes Rock band, as I have never seen the commercial.
    2. -----------------
    3. 2.Please describe for me how these Young Violettes are dressed? Eclectic fashion, genes and t-shirts...?
    4. ------------------
    5. 3.What kind of music genres is your favorite?
    6. --------------------------
    7. 4.Are you people male or female looking up this group, and are you under 20, or between 20 and 30?
    8. ------------------------
    9. 5.Do you know that our Guitar Purse makes a great gig bag or man bag painted black with your initials, and are purchased for and by men to hold a head mic., spare picks and strings...?
    10. -----------------------------
    11. 6.In fact, our Hand Painted Guitar Purse can have any painting on it that you like, even your pet, Old Blue! alternatively, if you love crafts, you can send for a DIY Bag to paint your own.
    12. ---------------------------------
    13. 7. Lastly, if there were a Young Violettes Rock Band, would you buy a recording of them, tickets to their concert if they came thru town or/and a poster of them?
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  • Music Treasures of Knoxville, TN

    Another Area Music Treasure

    Violin gifts, violin purse, gift ideas for music lovers Our handmade Violin Gifts are stunning.

    Many Knoxvillians don't know about the Oak Ridge Civic Music Association (ORCMA) concert series. I just attended a wonderful concert by the the Oak Ridge (Symphony) String Quartet. They couldn't have chosen harder music, me thinks. I am proud to say that two of the players are Violettes Violin Purse owners! The really special kind, the handmade ones that make extra special Violin Gifts! That said, the music was spectacular. It was all from the Romantic Period from composers Schubert, Mendelssohn and Grieg. I think of romantic music as slow and "drippy". This music was swift to put it mildly. And the program notes for the concert were dripping with the author's personality.

    The quartet concert was just one from the Chamber Music Series. The series is fun with such variety. I attended the Classical Guitar Concert earlier in the season, and hope to attend the next on Saturday May 7 with the Aspen String Trio and Eugenia Moliner on Flute. Please google the Oak Ridge Symphony and Chorus concert schedules.

    Also sponsored by ORCMA, is a spectacular free concert series called Coffee Concerts. Google the ORCMA web site to find the schedule of all the concerts. Next up with them is Donald Daugherty on Piano and Organ on Sunday, 6 March 2016 - 7:30pm. The series are usually held at: Oak Ridge First Presbyterian Church, 1051 Oak Ridge Turnpike. Some of Knoxville's hidden music treasures have performed there FOR FREE! (Of course ORCMA and the musicians, would love and deserve donations, but don't push this at the concerts). The Trillium Trio has performed in these series along with the Soiree Winds. When I first heard each of these 2 groups, I couldn't believe I have missed hearing them for so long!

    Another awesome concert venue that is often sadly very empty is at the UTK Concert Hall, the Sandra G. Powell Recital Hall. There is so much going on there, and again, so much for free. Check the UTK Music Department web site for concert schedules. There are faculty concerts, student concerts and guest concerts in addition to the "Ready for the World Music Series" (founded and directed by UTK Violin Professor, Dr. Miroslav Hristov). The "World " concerts feature artists from around the world! They even have a display about the culture and a full food reception all for free (but could use donations).

    The next UTK guest artist recital Is Pro Arte Quartet on Monday, February 29 at 8:00 p.m

    The next "World" concert is:  Sunday April 3 with music from Scandinavia.


    violin Gifts, Violin Purse, Gift ideas for Music Lovers Doric String Quartet at UT in 2014

    Ticketed Events include the Young Pianist Series and an annual concert from International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella, South Quarterfinal Tournament. I have attended both, and both are extremely wonderful. We once heard the phenomenal Doric String Quartet there for free, although we gave a donation check. They by the way own Violettes Violin Gifts in the form of handmade violin and cello bags to keep spare strings and things. I am told the 2 violinists travel with their violin bags.



    Another Knoxville Music Treasure, is the Guitar Society. Regular concerts are held at Episcopal Church of the Good Samaritan. We Interviewed the society founder, Larry Long in a Previous blog  (also a proud owner of a Violettes Guitar Bag). The next concert is on Saturday March 7 at 7PM with the Duende. Duende is an exciting duo based in Cleveland, Ohio, which combines the sounds of the classical guitar and the saxophone.


    So if that isn't enough to get you out, contact me below, and I'll give you more!

    Violin Purse, Violin Gifts, Gift Ideas for Music Lovers Please support our work -purchase Violin Gifts here. You'll find many Gift Ideas for Music Lovers at Violettes.


  • Nashville Tourism or Greece?

    Nashville Tourism or Greece?

    If you're planning the Nashville tourism route, you'll need a Violettes Guitar Purse or Fiddle Purse for your outfit. If you plan to attend the Symphony or Opera there, our Grand Piano Purse or Violin Purse maybe more your style. Either for Greece or Nashville, it's that time of the year to plan your summer vacation. So, I sit here spending my days studying Salesforce Apps and have neglected the duty to plan out our 25th Anniversary vacation. Oh, I've gone thru a couple of motions, but not proper planning for such an opportunity. The main thing I think is that I need to bring a suitcase full of "supplies" for refugees that we surely will bump into.

    Since my husband hasn't managed to get an updated passport yet, we may have to check out the Nashville tourism scene this year for a quick short get-away - postponing our big vacation a year; as we want to go before the big summer crowds arrive.

    Going to Nashville?

    I have stayed in some great airbnb's on trips to Nashville. If you want to get the better deals, you need to book early. A top attraction in Nashville, after a festival, is the Country Music Hall of Fame. I have never been on their studio tours, but instead, we stopped at an out of the way studio on our own during a non busy time by luck, and got a private tour. In one of my many trips to Nashville, I stumbled on the beautiful area around Percy Priest Lake. (I am more of a country lover and hiker than a city slicker myself). Of course there are all the music and music star related museums and concert venues. And endless foodie delights in a city so rich in culture. Don't forget to bring your star gazing shades, you just might bump into someone famous. For specific recommendations, contact me thru the bottom of this page.

    Gift ideas for music lover, guitar purse, violin purse Nashville tourism includes a trip to a recording studio. We dropped into the House of Blues wearing a guitar purse.

    Going to Greece?

    But as for Greece, Santorini vacations are rated as the most romantic on lists for honeymoons around the world. Rent a sailboat to an otherwise unreachable beach, have a wine cooking lesson, visit the excavations, see museums of a different sort than you'll find with Nashville tourism. ;) And then climb to the top of a volcano for sunset. The main relatively new museum in Athens is spectacular, and of course is a must.


    A note for traveling in TN. You'll find Violettes Guitar Purses for sale on Beale Street in Memphis, In Nashville Boutiques, in Knoxville at the Soap and Candle Boutique and in Townsend in the Wood-N-Strings Dulcimer Shop (a must stop).

    If you're going to Nashville during one of the endless music festivals, purchase from our Gift Ideas for Music Lovers to compliment your eclectic fashion needs in advance. Remember the Guitar Purse is hand painted, and our artists love requests.

    Lastly, if you have time don't forget to visit the Smoky Mntns and Dolly Parton's attractions in Pigeon Forge, TN. Here is a TN Tourism link:

    gift ideas for music lovers, guitar purse, violin purse

    Enter our drawing for a free Guitar Purse by clicking the "button" above!

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