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  • Music Gifts

    Music Gifts, Handmade Violin Bags/Purses, Music Handbags

    Music Gifts, Handmade Violin Bags/Purses

    Music Gifts were given to me from my Music Study Club friends the first Christmas after I joined. Now they enjoy my parade of Handmade Violin Bags/Purses every time I create a new one. We really are rehearsing an interesting piece by A. Tcherepnine with movements titled, “In the Church”, “Parents Hope for the Children” and “In the Kitchen”. The “Hope” movement actually sounds a little grim, so we have modified the suggested Tempo. We are also rehearsing delightful ditty of a piece titled “Playful Prelude” by Jay Arnold.

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  • Church Gifts

    Music Gifts, Piano Gifts for your Church Music Director

    Music Gifts, Piano Gifts for your Church Music Director

    The piano bag/purse gift is a perfect music gift for your church or temple music director.

    Vicki Masters is a versatile pianist, music director, vocal coach, educator and choral conductor.

    As the original music director of “Always… Patsy Cline”, she spent 10 years touring with them. In addition, she was musical director, conductor and pianist for the New York production at the Variety Arts Theatre.

    She is now the church music director at TVUUC. Church music director positions are huge work.

    Get your director music gifts or piano gifts to show your appreciation today!

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