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 More Bios of Impressive Violettes Competition Children from 2015

Violettes by Becky is a Gifts for Musicians Company, giving back to youth music education.

Note the ages and years quoted are from last year when they entered.
Music Education Music Education Nathanael Fleming

Nathanael Fleming, age 14 from Pennsylvania plays piano, and started composing 3 years ago. He started working with a little waltz, and is currently working on a piano concerto. Aided by listening to works of great composers and studying from several wonderful piano teachers, he has experimented with different music styles, including classical, jazz, religious and baroque. Nathanael’s works include sonatinas, symphonies, rags, hymns, minuets, string quartets and scherzos. He has won numerous awards for his compositions. He entered a sonatina called “Little Dance” in the Violettes Competition. Nathanael says, “I am delighted to serve the Lord Jesus Christ with my talent of composing.”

The “Little Dance” sonatina (his competition piece) was composed around February of 2014, though the fourth movement was composed much earlier.

Here is a sample movement from his composition.  


Music Education Helena Abney-McPeek, Young Composer


Helena Abney-McPeek, age 14 from Illinois,  plays violin and sings in 2 choirs. She has played violin since the age of 4, however, she placed in the composition competition with a percussion piece. “From the very beginning, I was interested in composing, and I have several pieces for violin and voice that I wrote when I was maybe 5 years old.” Helena plays violin in the Chicago Youth Concert Orchestra and enjoys their “Composition Seminar”. She is currently composing for her high school's musical. Her other interests include math, computer science, writing and acting.

Here is Helena's Competition Entry piece:


Violette's new Humorous ad by multi-talented musician Alex Shor, who grew up always winning the PTA Reflections composition Competitions because he was usually the only one who entered (or so he says). He went on to continue his music education majoring in cello at Florida State University, Tallahassee.



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