ViolettesbyBecky 1st Annual Music Composition Competition for Youth Uses two Notable Judges

Judges for Music Competition for Youth are Notable, validating both the children's work and the competition by Violettes itself.

Paul Brody
Paul Brody, judge for ViolettesbyBecky Music Composition Competition appears in April edition of on-line German Time Magazine for his new album The Rose Auslander Project with his band, Sadawi.We are proud of the 2 notable judges for Violettes by Becky 1st Annual Music Composition Competition for Youth. Having such notable judges validates the efforts of the children, in addition to adding to the valildity and excitement of the competition. Signups were submitted to Violettes by Becky  in Fall 2013, and entries submitted by Feb. 14, 2014 thru our "contact us" with MP-3 or You Tube submissions. We left rules quite loose this first year to encourage any kind of entries, and we are proud of all the children who entered. Both of our judges have a history of music projects or work with children.

Information about Judge Number 1, Grammy award winning Lucas Richman, Conductor for the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra, can be found on the symphony web site:

Violettes by Becky 2nd judge, Composer, Writer and Band Leader Paul Brody, has just appeared in the on-line German Time Magazine  with the above photo and link:

Running this article thru google translater, I get the following. I changed a few words since i know what they are trying to say:

In search of his European roots of American trumpeter Paul Brody came across the work of the poet Rose Auslander . For his just-released Jazz & Poetry CD he has included German artists such as Meret Becker and Clueso .

The German language had Paul Brody since his childhood so fascinated that it was no wonder that it eventually pulled him from the U.S. to Germany . For the first time 20 years ago when he was in Berlin at jam sessions in the Blues Café in Schöneberg contact with the local jazz scene was looking for. Later he taught for many years at the Berlin Academy of Music Hanns Eisler and has composed music for the Grips children's theater. That he would but eventually even turn German poems in jazz music , he would then probably even cannot imagine.

"I knew that my mother could speak German ," says the now 52 -year-old Brody. But like many Jewish refugees she avoided their native language, since it was in 1939 to escape the Nazis on a Kindertransport from Vienna. Son, Paul learned yet the language of the pursuer and came while reading on Rose Auslander . The Jewish poet who died in 1988 had fled during World War II in the U.S. and for years had written only in English. Later foreigner wrote in German again . " Each poem ," says Brody , "was a small explosion , rhythmic, lyrical , traversed by quirky humor , and the pain of dislocation . "

The Rose Auslander Project

For Brody, the poems were "word music " and launched his Rose Auslander Project. For him, this was something completely new. Up to now he had brought out as a trumpeter and bandleader Instrumental CDs with American stars such as John Zorn , creating tension through the fusion of klezmer sounds and contemporary jazz . Now In the poetry project, he wanted to create tension through silence, " by vacancies , where the audience has to wait and see what happens ." Above all, he now had to do it not only with instruments, but also with language - the German language.

For foreigner poems composed the melodies Brody . The he arranged for his band Sadawi and five strings. For the sung and spoken texts , he won first-class artist as performer : the rapping pop singer Clueso , originally from Serbia jazz vocalist Jelena Kuljic and actress Meret Becker. With his trumpet Brody combines the texts ; the poem "Man accidentally" he recites itself, because the foreigner line " I was once a Dog / Heavenly Dog Keeper / threw myself into the world of men / take the dog kingdom " put him moving question of identity and homeland: Whoever you are, wherever do you belong ?


Meanwhile, the Americans in Berlin feels " very much at home ." " But again, I 'm a strange dog ," Brody said in a radio interview Germany . He grew up in San Francisco and went to his musical studies in Boston with a Broadway production about Duke Ellington for nine months on a European tour . Later, the young trumpeter with the Supremes , Shirley Bassey and Ute Lemper played - a delightful experience for the classically trained musician , the songs of Robert Schumann equally interested in how the sound of the Art Ensemble of Chicago. In addition, Brody had - uncharacteristically for artists from the United States - already perceived as a student jazz from Europe , such as Alexander von Schlippenbach avant-garde " Globe Unity Orchestra".

The fact that Brody would end up, in the Old World , was only a matter of time . "In Germany, I discovered not only my European roots , but also what in me is American ," he says. Many German colleagues distinguish him his absolute openness to all musical genres. That is why he could write music for children, for classical theater productions , for klezmer and jazz bands . "But I always want to leave my fingerprint ," he says.

When Rose Auslander CD , he has succeeded . With the project he wants to " express respect for the new home " also his . Since her son lives in Berlin, Brody's mother speaks German again .

Violettes  is excited to announce that the new CD , The Rose Auslander Project with Paul Brody's Band, Sadawi, is selling well on Amazon.

The announcement of our Competition Winners should be announced on April 15. Visit us again and see some posts of competition entries.

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