Contrasting Concerts in the Other Music City

Or Wednesday - Violin Purse, Thursday - Guitar Purse

Yes, Knoxville considers itself the Other Music City. Dolly Parton had her first radio performance here at age 10, and now...well, we have music ranging from Cruz Contreras and The Black Lillies, concerts of all music genres coming from UT Knoxville to The Trillium Trio and the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra Concertmaster, Gabriel Lefkowitz performing his Concertmaster Series.

Wednesday NIght Violin Purse--------------------------------------------Thursday Night Guitar Purse

Two Step, Guitar Purse, Music City Maddie and Tae - Tae Strumming our Two Step Guitar Purse at Cotton Eyed Joes in the Other Music City
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Wed.:  Gabriel Lefkowitz and Co. - Violin, Piano, Cello performing demanding pieces by Kreisler, Mendelssohn, Beethoven that I myself, could never tire of listening to. I have to admit, I am often expecting to nap during Beethoven, but with the Kreutzer Sonata - you're on the edge of your seat in joy!

Thurs.: Maddie and Tae - on tour from the Music City performing their own songs and others Music City, Gifts for Musicianslike Fleetwood Mac, "Landslide". The audience mostly all standing, often singing along and waving hands in the air, screaming and constant photo snaps.


Both Mr. Lefkowitz and the singing duo are very gracious and personable.

Wed.: Mr. Lefkowitz always has fun introductions to his music whether it is a count of the 40,000 notes in 2 minutes of a song or conflicts between composers and critics. He is not only at the top of his field in violin, but he composes music for video games and so much more! This concert series is a Knoxville secret treasure.

Music City, Two Step, Guitar Purse Maddie
Music City, Two Step, Guitar Purse Tae

Thurs.: The new young celebrities said they wrote 200 songs in the last 5 years. As I stood in line for the after concert meet and greet, I listened to a Cotton Eyed Joe photographer and fans talk about how super sweet and wholesome these singers and their songs are.

Venue, Audience and Dress

Both performances were $15, had a similar size audience and served alcohol.

Wed.: Knoxville Museum of Art. The audience was heavy on the over 50 age range, and included many local professional musicians. Women were dressed in their best. There were 3 men dressed in a Bohemian Style. I am now sorry that I didn't take photographs!

Two Step, Guitar Purse, Music City Almost everyone with boots.

Thurs.: Cotton Eyed Joe in West Knoxville. The audience age was from 3 to 70. Many parents brought their (young) teens, and many parents even came for their teens to get autographs! A number of young parents had their 3 year olds on their shoulders during the concert. Mostly Bohemian and cowboy/cowgirl boots. A few cowboy hats.



Knoxville symphony Orchestra Concertmaster, Gabriel Lefkowitz


And just in case you were wondering what Mr. Lefkowitz looks like, here is his photo from the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra site. Perhaps a photo lifted from facebook would have portrayed his fun personality better!


So long from the other Music City.

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