Violettes Ventures into Volunteer Land Again

Making a Difference With a Music Bag Strapped on My Back

Conversation piece plus that music bag is! As I bounce from wearing my Violin Purse at the United Way rewards luncheon to bussing tables for 5 hours at the Helen Ross McNabb Tennis Event, "Knoxville Challenger" wearing a new Guitar Purse, the rewards are high for this socially shy person. At the Luncheon, I am surrounded by men in suits. I start a conversation with the man next to me, an executive level engineer at AT&T, asking him questions about how "dirty" he gets his hands overseeing works with new types of optic installation. He finally can ask me about this crazy purse that I hung on my chair, and I can talk about my musical children, the fact that I am a flautist in disguise, how much I love violin music, and then for hours about my company. We talk about my music bag ventures until Robin Wilhoit interrupts. From the volunteer/donor luncheon, I take away a donation card to give to someone to have one thin dollar taken out of each pay check for United Way. So far, I haven't found anyone to take it. Will you? Please respond in area at base of page if I can mail this to you.

For the Tennis Tournament table bussing, I consider painting tennis string like lines on a black

Music Purse, guitar Purse gifts for music lovers Serving drinks and bussing tables with my Guitar Purse.

guitar purse, and wrapping the end of the fingerboard after removing the tuning pegs, for a deformed tennis racquet purse, but my personal time is too tight to get this done.  AS it turns out everyone or their kids or girlfriends are interested in playing or listening to music.


  • The Helen Ross McNabb Center:  Provider of behavioral health services in East TN established in 1948 for mental health and addiction issues.
  • The "Knoxville Challenger":  The Knoxville Challenger is unique in that it benefits a charity. A United States Tennis Association (USTA) Pro Circuit event established 36 years ago, this event attracts elite tennis players. The tournament allows players to gain professional ranking points they need to compete on the major pro tours.  The USTA Pro Circuit is more than about world-class tennis. The pros competing in the event give back their time and talents to youth clinics, pro-ams (an event involving professionals and amateurs) and school visits.

At the end of my shift, I see there are several volunteer openings not yet filled, so I sign up for my first ever shuttle driver shift for later in the week!!! This week, I have over 20 hours of volunteer work scheduled with 3 different charities. I don't get so much accomplished on the home front or with my other endeavors, but it feels good anyway.

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