Music Art by Chloe Conn, Cool Guitar Purse - Un No. 11

Ms. Chloe Conn from Nashville

Loves Photographing Concerts

Resides: Nashville, TN
Degree: Computer Science
Fashion Style: Eclectic Bohemian
Quote: “My purse is my new favorite statement piece and just makes sense to have it in Music

Music Art, Guitar Purse Chloe Conn Glows at the   Mini Maker Faire

City. I carry my guitar purse to all the shows I go to and have gotten so many compliments… With my new guitar purse I have been able to start conversations that have led to making connections that will benefit various aspects of my life. From meeting fellow concert goers, to making professional connections with graphic designers and photographers.”

Violettes by Becky: We are so glad to hear Chloe!

Favorite bands: at the moment are 21 Pilots, Iron & Wine and Pretty Lights. I have Spotify and exploring new music is my favorite hobby. In Nashville there are always live bands at almost every restaurant and bar. My newest favorite local band is a bluegrass band called Volunteer String Band. Pretty Lights is a groovy band that I just introduced to my mom. She likes them because "It's good driving music."

Music Art Chloe Conn Concert Photography ( Music Art )

Passion: Photography – I love photographing live concerts (Music Art)! I was Head Photographer for my college and I have been doing photography of events ever since I can remember. Nowadays I do a lot of volunteer photography for Environmental Foundations in the Nashville area along with freelance photography/web design for weddings and other events. I also love doing nature photography because I absolutely love the outdoors.

Other Loves: Hiking, camping and kayaking are the best form of meditation

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Run into Famous People in Nashville?

I am originally from Franklin, TN where there are a ton of celebrities.
1. In high school I would go to a local coffee shop in the mornings to get homework done. On occasion, I would see Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman there in their matching tracksuits. I guess they would get a cup of joe after their morning run. Anyways their tracksuits would be all black with a stripe of color down the side. From lime green to pastel pink they would always be matching. I thought it was cute and the sign of a power couple. One time even built up enough courage to talk to Keith about the weather! Sometimes I see them in Green Hills, Nashville at Whole Foods getting gelato. I always know it's them because they have the nicest car with the butterfly doors!
2. I worked as a Lifeguard at the local recreational facility. It was right after Hurricane Katrina happened and about a hundred or two displaced victims were bused to my facility where we had set cots for them to stay. So I came to work and helped the victims get settled and cleaned up and also played with all the children who didn't have anything to do. Around dinner time the facility got a call that someone had donated two hundred pizzas! It was such a gracious donation and we were very happy that everyone there would have food for the night. So when the pizzas started pouring in, I got in line with my other fellow lifeguards to start handing them out. As we were frantically trying to pass out pizzas we heard some chaos going on in the hallway and sure enough it was Billy Ray Cyrus who came to help hand out all those pizzas he donated! He was such a nice guy and offered to take photos with all the victims and even handed out signed photos of Miley Cyrus. I will never forget that day!

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