Mo Pitney,Young Songwriter, Inspires Violettes

Mo Pitney and the Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival

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So unexpectedly, I became a quick fan of Mo Pitney. He is a 20 year old singer songwriter sensation that has already signed a contract with Curb Records in Nashville. He was the headliner (along with Emi Sunshine) for the opening icebreaker to the 2014 Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival. (Note that Mo Pitney's age in Spring 2015 is 22).

Mo is unique in that at his age, writing about his everyday experiences is a fresh view since not many professional songwriters are that young. His writing/singing about his dog, fishing, faith, family and of course young love is delivered with a mesmerizing stage presence.

The very handsome lanky young man with an electric smile takes an ordinary day, and turns it into a charming story to sing. Mo Pitney made it sound so simple and wonderful that I couldn't help but to try my own hand at writing my own little song. I will need help with the music part, but he inspired me. My "Mom Can Write a Country Song" is presented in a later blog.

Please check out Violettes' Youth Songwriters Competition for ages 10 thru 17. Get inspired by watching the video introduction to Mo Pitney. Please google more you tubes of his own songs.

I met a young singer/songwriter couple at the Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival. Their children's 3rd and 4rth grade school teachers asked them to write a song about their feelings without telling their parents. Then the class went on a field trip to the Country Music Hall of Fame. Eight songs were chosen for the kids to hear performed at the "Hall". What a wonderful assignment this is for any age! All these children in this class can enter the Violettes' Songwriters Competition - they already have their songs!


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