Cool Purse - un 25, Kathy Seely, Makes Mixed Media Art

Kathy Seely who Makes Mixed Media Art Offers Trade for Violin Gifts

I met Kathy Seely, who makes mixed media art, at my first sale as a vendor. At that fair she was

violin gifts, violin handbag, gifts for music lovers Mixed Media Project, "Mending".

selling beaded jewelry. She introduced herself to me to ask for jewery trade for a hand made Violin Handbag. Handmade bags are sold on our Violin Gifts page. Honestly - those are hard for me to part with. They take 1 to 2 full days to make, but her work is wonderful too. We traded a violin mini for her stunning beaded necklace.

Guitar Purse, gifts for Music Lovers, gifts for Musicians Celtic Guitar Purse design by Kathy Seely, mixed Media Artist

Now working part time with Violettes, Kathy with her diversity as an artist, brings us new ideas. She experimented with medias to find the best base and finish for our guitar purse paintings. She designed the Celtic Guitar Purse and the Follow your Heart Guitar Purse paintings.

Kathy sells her jewelry on our gifts for music lovers - local page.

Kathy's newest venture into mixed media art is in figurative sculpture. For over 20 years she

violin gifts, violin handbag, gifts for music lovers Kathy Seely, mixed Media Art

enjoyed a very productive career as a bead artist. Her hand stitched sculptural bead work and wearable art pieces were published in numerous books and magazines during this time (see below). In recent years she has moved from bead work to a more multi-media approach to her work.

Kathy's career now turns back to her roots in paint and fabric. Her work is centered on mixed media figurative art and collages of many different materials. In both her 2D and 3D work, carefully applied layers of paint tie everything together. Even her jewelry, which she continues to design with beads, are now small collages of paint, paper and glass.

More about Kathy's Jewelry

A member of the Art Market Gallery since 2010, Kathy constructs fun and interesting one of a kind jewelry using a variety of techniques and unusual materials. She is known for her incorporation of vintage materials such as beads, buttons and glass components chosen from her treasured collection of antique ephemera.

Kathy began painting in the early 1980's. What began as a desire to learn the properties of acrylic paint for use on fabric became an interest in a possible career as a painter of murals and faux finishes. She spent several years focused on acrylic painting. While working on an elaborately painted box, she happened upon a shop with a vast array of beads, and decided to learn a little bit about beading. Soon, she developed a successful beading career, and painting became secondary. Her work with beads was innovative and cutting edge and was published in several magazines and books including the renowned and authoratative "History of Beads" by Louis Dubin and Lark Books' "500 Beaded Objects".

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