Kiwanis Helping Children - Not just any Business Club

Or What Does a Guitar Purse Have to do with Kiwanis?

My Kiwanis Business Club has helped me use my Guitar Purse to raise money for local charities. In addition, they have generously donated to my "pay it forward" business, Violettes by Becky, work. Kiwanis is an International Business Club with a mission to help children, in particular children's education. This is not a story about the facts and figures of Kiwanis, as you can google that. It is about my own local group.

We meet once a month for lunch on the third Tuesday at Noon at The Egg and I in Bearden, and

Guitar Purse, Kiwanis, Business Club Volunteering to serve at "Reach Them to Teach Them" event.

have an officer's meeting once a month (which includes all the members that want to come). The restaurant meeting includes a speaker from a local children's education or charity group. They usually present to us because they would like a monetary donation, hands on help or both. Members of other local Kiwanis Clubs often join us at the luncheons.

Kiwanis, Business Club, Guitar PUrse Target Golf Fundraiser for Joy of Music

Kiwanis is a parent group to the high school Key Club. We are specifically affiliated with Bearden High. We make donations when they are needing funds, and pitch in with our volunteering efforts when needed. My Kiwanis group enjoys working together at events such as Reach Them to Teach Them (Inspiration for school teachers), Fantasy of Trees (Children's Hospital), the Llama Races (funds for Southeast Llama Rescue and an elementary school in La Guardia, Bolivia), Homework assistance, backpack and stocking stuffing activities.

In order to have money to donate, we mainly park cars at the UT football games, but also sell a few Xmas wreaths.

For my Violettes by Becky business charity, music education, I organized a fundraiser for the Joy of Music School, and Kiwanis showed up with elbow grease! it was a golf event at Target Golf in Karns.

In addition, Kiwanis helped me set up a stand at our football parking, letting passers by pay $1 to hit golf balls into a baritone

Guitar Purse, Business Club Kiwanis Hitting Golf Balls for funds during UT Football tailgating.

bell, which enabled us to donate over $200 to the Joy of Music School. (I continue with the bell game when I attend Guitar Purse vending events to raise money for the Violettes youth music competition. I hang the bell from my stand for a ball toss. People  of all ages love the challenge).

I worked on a fundraiser for the Tuesday Morning Club, who gives music scholarships to high school music students. Kiwanis made a generous donation to the effort.

So if you would like to have fun working with a business club for local children's charities, attend one of our meetings. Contact me that you would like to join us for a lunch meeting, and Kiwanis will buy your lunch. Send a note to Becky Chaffee at Please note that we are now accepting corporate memberships, where your business can send different representatives to meetings and volunteer activities.



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