Sheryl McDonald Fiddles Hot Country Songs

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Fiddler of Hot Country Songs, Sheryl McDonald, special orders her microphone bag modeled after our shoulder rest bags in our " Violin Shop ". She sends photos with measurements of her needs, and we send her photos of our available fabrics. Ms. McDonald plays with Highway 60 - Hot Country -  "We play classic and newer country  tunes.  We’re a band of 8 - two singers, acoustic guitar, steel guitar, electric guitar, fiddle, bass and drums."

Ms. McDonald plays a 2003 Charles Horner Fiddle. If you have a fiddle tune you’d like

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transcribed into notes, she says to email her.  "If I can find an mp3 of the tune, chances are, I can write out the music notation." Her web site is at

1.  Violettes: You are a professional musician that uses a violin mic. You must be in a band? What kind of music do you perform and what groups are you in?
Sheryl:  Currently I’m playing with a classic country band.  I studied classical music in college, and have played in folk / bluegrass / country bands in addition to playing with symphonies.  I’m currently playing and singing backup with Southern Tradition – a country band based in Birchwood, TN.
2.  Violettes: How young did you start playing? Do you play other instruments or/and sing too? 
      Did you learn on the Suzuki method or...
Sheryl: I started playing violin when I was in 6th grade. I had started earlier playing piano and clarinet, and also sang in the school chorus.  I was taught the traditional method (not Suzuki). 
3.  Violettes: You live in Georgia. Is that where you are from? Is your family there. Have you lived anywhere else?
Sheryl: I was born in Madison TN (near Nashville). When I was five, we moved to Denver Colorado, then in High School, my  parents moved to the Washington DC area.  In high school, I was lucky to hang out with some old time fiddlers and learned fiddling  styles from them.
4.    Violettes: Do you have time for hobbies or other interests? What might they be?
Sheryl: Well, besides music (which is a job and a hobby), I do enjoy camping and outdoor sports.
5.    Violettes: What is your favorite music to listen to? Do you have any favorite bands or musicians?
Sheryl: I listen to a lot of music – lots of fiddling, and everything else: country, rock, pop, bluegrass, you name it!  Depending on what song I’ve heard lately, that becomes my new favorite music.
Sheryl invites us to her show -
If you’re ever in the Birchwood, Tennessee area on a Saturday, night, stop by the Birchwood Family Opry on Hwy 60 and come hear Southern Tradition. Shows start at 7 p.m.

Sheryl's band playing their hot country songs (lifted from You Tube).

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