Looking forward to Holiday Music with the Family

Holidays are approaching quickly. Becky C. is now an "empty nester". I look forward to gathering with my 2 children to play holiday music with me in northern California at Grandma Chaffee's house. We fly across the country and drive for almost 5 hours to a little logging town just south of Eureka, California. Sometimes we perform a surprise Xmas service at grandmas's tiny little church in Rio Del.

Holiday Music: We have some standard arrangements, but am desperately looking for beautiful trios to enjoy. Maybe even some Olde English music? Please give us ideas. Thanks. Holiday Music

Before my daughter left for college, we played a Xmas music selection for my husband's company holiday party. Now, several years later, we are still playing the same holiday music we arranged for that affair. I would love to have some new arrangements for violin, flute and keyboard Xmas trios! Please contact me if you know of something for us.


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