Highlights of Junior Composition and Songwriter Competition (2015)

Composition and Songwriter Competition Bios (#1 in Series)


We have some incredible students who entered the Violettes by Becky Youth Music Competition. Since we have presented something special for the 1st place Senior winners, we will highlight the Junior 1st Place winners in this blog. Meet other winners in future blogs.       (We will return for bios and more music of Senior winners in future blog.)

Advertisement Note -Though the mission of Violettes by Becky is to support childrens' music education - Becky puts in long hours, obtaining prizes with endless phone calls and emails, looking for (free) places to post announcements with endless calls and emails, organizing entries, conferring with judges, sending out notes for results, making certificates, mailing prizes, mailing thank yous to judges and donors, writing press releases for all winners... The competition is great fun, so please support the fun. Everyone needs to give gifts. You can also help by sharing (and "Liking" ) Violettes posts, or better yet, photos of products, on social media. We are on facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and even a little bit on Tumblr. Also, you can have your class pitch in to buy an end of the year thank you gift for your music teacher or conductor. Several students have done this in the past. See www.ViolettesbyBecky.com.



1st Place Junior Songwriter Competition winner: 

Ankitha Gopal, Songwriter Contest Anthika Gopal wins Songwriter Contest


Ankitha Gopalakrishnan is 13 years old from Campbell, CA. She studies voice, piano and violin. She started music lessons at 3, and began writing music when she was 11. “It blossomed into an everyday passion,” and plans on making a career out of music. I first started singing Indian Classical Music in Hindu Temples and during festivals. Her favorite school subject is English, and her hobbies include photography, DIY crafts and baking.




Her entry music is in the video.



1st Place Junior Composition Competition Winner:

Meagan Drinnon, Composition Competition, Wendy Karabensh Meagan Drinnon wins Composition Competition, Junior Division


Meagan Drinnon is 11 years old from Vero Beach, Florida. She is homeschooled and studies violin from Wendy Karabensh. She also studies piano. She performs regularly in church and with her group, “The Barefoot Quartet”. “We have a lot of fun playing our instruments together, joking around, and going out to an ice cream place when we finish a quartet contest. We have actually won a pair of strings from one of those contests." Meagan loves to read, and her favorite school subjects are math and geography. She wants to “be a vet or teach music to kids” when she grows up.

Her entry music is in the video below.


Thanks to the students' wonderful parents and teachers for encouraging the young musicians!

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