A Company that cares about Guitars for Girls: Luna Guitars

Guitars for Girls : Interview with Yvonne De Villiers, Luna Guitars Creative Director & Designer

Luna Guitars - A company which cares about their unique guitars for girls. Luna Guitars creative Director was gracious enough to take an interview with ViolettesbyBecky.com

Violettes: When I google guitars for women, Luna guitars shows up near the top. You created instruments with lighter bodies. You weren’t the first, but did you do any original research for  this? How are your guitars unique this way?

Yvonne: Our electrics were unique because we sculpted them to be very comfortable both in a playing and seated position and used very light woods. My husband is a furniture maker so we were able to do lots of experimentation with the prototypes. We found that we did much better in the acoustic market as a young company so those electric guitars and basses have been retired.

Violettes: You also made more comfortable guitar body shapes. We know that different woods for acoustic guitars causes different tones. Do the various shapes affect the sound?

Yvonne: Our acoustics are fairly standard but we do offer both parlors which were traditionally played by females as well as a full selection of travel guitars which are comfortable for any small person to play. The shapes affect the sound in the sense that larger profiles will always offer more projection/volume.

Violettes: How about embedding extensive designs on the guitar surface – does that affect the sound?

Yvonne: Yes….more layers on top of a soundboard will have a slight dampening effect when played acoustically but this can always be regulated when playing through an amp. For instance…our Flora and Fauna series have laminate tops because of the quilt maple. Then abalone inlay plus a gloss finish. Out Oracle series have solid tops inlaid with wood and a satin open pore finish which will have much less effect.

Violettes: Do any famous people have specially designed guitars by you?

Yvonne: Vicki Genfan has one of our signature guitars. She was the first female to win Guitar Player Magazine’s “Guitar Superstar” award which is highly prestigious.

Violettes: Your mother was a rock star from the 60’s. Does she ever step in with a young rock band for fun?

Yvonne: She would if she got the chance! She is actually 88 years old and still teaches guitar, piano and bass.

Violettes: I understand you don’t play guitar  yourself. Did you grow up doing any music?

Yvonne: No….I was always drawn to art and writing, though DEFINITELY always surrounded by music!


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