Ten Reasons why Gift Ideas for Men are at Violettesbybecky.com: Guitars for Girls and Women, Violins for teens and professional musicians, and Grand Pianos for Mom!

 Gift Ideas for Men
Gift ideas for Men at ViolettesbyBecky.com

Ten reasons why Gift Ideas for Men are at ViolettesbyBecky.com

1. Many men come to Violettes for gift ideas, as the hand-painted guitars for girls and women are a unique music gift that can't be found anywhere else. They want the best for their daughters and grand daughters!

2. Find Gift ideas for Men at Violettes because we have taken special orders to produce his and hers paintings on the  guitar bags, as men wear over the shoulders bags now a days.

3. Violettes are a fashion statement for music lovers. They are wearable art. You'r buying both a purse fashion accessory and art work!

4. Violettes are practical, especially the Violin Bags, which are specifically designed for violin and cello players to fit strings, tuner, rosin, glasses, cough drops.. and come with a small leather wallet and many pockets! Many professional musicians own them and use them. We now have black leather violin bags suitable for men!

5. All the Violettes music gifts are conversation starters. If grandma is itching for people to ask he about her special little musicians, She can carry these with her pills and cell phone everywhere she goes.
6. Music teachers get tired of all the chocolates and sweets because they get muffin tops too! What a special change in pace Violettes music gifts are!

7. Don't forget the hard working church musicians and music director at holiday time!

8. ViolettesbyBecky.com makes great gift ideas for men because women often don't want to spend the money on themselves. These are unique extras for  holiday gifts!

9. Support a new small business that gives back to the community with our breast cancer foundation gifts and our gifts that donate to the Joy of Music in Knoxville, TN. Support a new small business that is encouraging music for youth thru our competition competition.

10. More gift ideas for men include filling the bags with goodies! You can request this thru Violettes contact us. Also, you can order music chocolates, jewelry and a few music accessories thru Violettesbybecky.com.