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 Sarah Potenza (of NBC the Voice Fame) is a Cool Guitar Purse - Un Too!  (Cool Music Purse - UN No.7)

She calls herself, "The Boss"! You know she's cool! And she owns a Violettes Guitar Purse. We are talking about gifts for musicians from Violettes by Becky. But, let's talk about gifts from musicians! Ms. Potenza brings us her sweat from over 7 years of pounding the roads with her band, first as "Sarah and the Tall Boys", and now as a star from NBC's The Voice...

"I’m a songwriter who writes stuff that’s indie, soul, folk, blues…" her bio says. Her new album “My Turn” will be available in the Fall of 2015 and she is currently on tour in a city near you! And Violettes can proudly say, we donated to her Kickstarter Campaign. She has a gift to share with us! Along with her sweet husband Peter Ian.

I had a great chance to ask Ms. Potanza a few interview questions right here in Knoxville at our WDVX Blue Plate Special, but I was quite sick with a sore throat, and I told her so. It didn't faze her - she said no big deal, let's get a photo, "I just won't rub my eyes". She and her husband, Peter Ian, seem to love posing as you can see! Then she promptly used hand disinfectant. (I sure hope she is not sorry that she was near me!)

Gifts for Musicians Sarah Potenza, the Boss, belting out her big sound!
Gifts for Musicians Sarah Potenza at the Knoxville WDVX Blue Plate Special
Gifts for Musicians, Guitar Purse Sarah Potenza with her other half and Me
Guitar Purse, Gifts for Musicians Sarah Potenza and husband Peter Ian, always up for a good pose!









So, though we didn't get an interview of dear Sarah, we did get her essence of cool!

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