Gifts for Music Lovers - Book about Johnny Mull "Fiddler of the Mountains"

"Fiddler of the Mountains" 

Eva Nell Mull Wike PhD brings us personal gifts for music lovers. She is known as a storyteller and with "Fiddler of the Mountains: Attuned to the Life and Times of Johnny Mull", she won her second author's award from the Judges of the North Carolina Society of Historians in 2014.  
In 2008, she happened to meet a man who just happened to have all her Uncle Johnny's photos from the 1950's! Clay Ivester was the man she met at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Warne, NC. Receiving these photos inspired this second book, which is written in a very personal style. Soon after the book release, Eva Nell acquired the old acetate records, which Johnny and his friends had recorded in the 1950's. She contacted the National Recording Studio in Rome, Georgia to restore the music on CD by Johnny Carter, another great musician and dedicated historian. The book includes a description of Johnny Mull playing in a skating rink for a young girl named Dolly Parton. These books come with a CD of Johnny's music, and would make great gifts for music lovers.
Note about the author - I met Eva Nell, of all places at the Swimmin Women Group in Oak Ridge, TN. She is retired as an award winning High School Physics and Math Educator, and enjoys gardening, swimming, hiking, tennis and international travel.
Eva Nell's Press Release for the second book is below:

On October 25, 2014, in Mooresville, NC, Eva Nell Mull Wike was awarded the Robert Bruce Cooke Family History Award by the North Carolina Society of Historians (NCSH). Her new book is entitled "Fiddler of the Mountains: Attuned to the Life and Times of Johnny Mull."  Although Eva Nell has made her home in the mountains of Tennessee for decades, her devotion to her family and heritage in the mountains of North Carolina still holds strong today.

According to the collective comments of the NCSH Judges: "This book will appeal to anyone who enjoys reading about life in the North Carolina mountains, who loves fiddle and banjo music/bluegrass, or who holds the memories of Johnny Mull (1922- 2008) dear to their heart. It is the kind of book we wish someone would write about us and our lives at some point ... a publication that is a credit to the person written about.

Wike has told Johnny Mull's story in a reader friendly style and added large doses of unspoken love. She states that he was a favorite uncle and she expresses her affection for him; however, the unspoken love for him is felt throughout the text. She actually WANTS people to know about him, to remember him. She wants us to be as impressed with him as she was and is. Ms. Wike ... we are!"

gifts for music lovers, Dolly Parton "Fiddler Book" by Eva Nell Mull Wike

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