Does A Guitar Purse Sale Belong at Mini Maker Faire?

Yes, Gift Ideas for Music Lovers Fit, in Nashville

We have been excited for a long time about having a booth at the Mini Maker Faire at the Adventure Science Center in Nashville. It's largely about science, but they welcome do it yourself style crafters too. Violettes carefully laid out a table showing all the tools and stages of making a handmade Violin Purse. (It takes between 7 solid hours and 2 days to make each one). In addition we had a paint it yourself guitar purse table. Voila, our Gift Ideas for Music Lovers merchandise is a maker item. I was so disappointed not to be able to roam around to see the exhibits - as there were so many fascinating displays! Even though the clientele was largely young parents with very young kids, it was fascinating for any age.

gift ideas for music lovers

This gentleman had such a colorful whimsical costume, I thought he was part of the Faire. I was able to chat with him, and he was an attendee with many serious messages. He explained details of his outfit, and his daughter's appearance. He showed me the dinasaur on his collar with a little vegetable like "dinasaur food" propped below. "We are too wired today, and out of touch with the earth." And native Americans are not represented in modern explorer films such as Star Wars. (He is part Cherokee). His daughter wanting to attend at the last minute represents Xmas gifts getting away from the meaning of Christ. Hard to see, is a feeding tube coming out of her Xmas wrapped box....

gift ideas for music lovers


We had several Star Wars visitors, including a woman wanting a special order Star Wars Guitar Purse! "With the pending new Star Wars release you would make a killing with Star Wars Guitars"' she said. At first I was puzzled. We talked some about legalities of making Star War paintings, and she was quite knowledgeable. Then I realized, Star Wars fans are serious fans. So it only makes sense for the Nashville clan to have Star Wars Guitar Purses! So there we have a new niche for the Violettes "gift ideas for music lovers"!


The fun thing about being a vendor is meeting folks that one would never ever bump into or have a conversation with in any other situation. I met a very dedicated high school science teacher (exhibiting robots with his students), who was busy building a Nashville science department, and grooming the kids for robotic competition.  - - So rare and great to meet such an enthusiastic science teacher, although I know a few.

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For More information about the Nashville Mini Maker Faire, visit the web site.

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