Cool Guitar Purse - Un No. 12, Ms. Janice Brandt

Classy, Charming, Confident and Definitely Cool!

( And Loves our Gift Ideas for Music Lovers )

Staunch supporter of all the arts, an always smiley Janice Brandt, purchased a Butterfly

Jan with Red Tweed Violin Purse     Jan with Red Tweed Violin Purse

Guitar Purse for a grand daughter. Her daughter in-law was gifted a Piano Purse, and she says she wants to get a Violin Purse.  I think they appreciate our Gift Ideas for Music Lovers in that family!

A long time ago, Ms. Brandt started majoring in Art in college. She got side-tracked with a husband and 4 children, but did make it back for a BS and MS degrees in education. She later got a PhD in Urban Services, all from Virginia Commonwealth University.  She taught Middle School Math as a career. But when she retired, she and a friend opened a business giving personality tests to company employees. She says this was popular at the time to make sure employees had compatible personalities.

I never heard of personality testing for hiring, so I googled it. It still happens apparently, see THIS ARTICLE**

from Cornell HR Review Jan. 2013. Reading about this subject - the testing must be used in a valid manner to be legal.

Back to Ms. Brandt, known affectionately by her family as Mimi (Pronounced Meemee), she ls now residing with one of her sons and family in Knoxville, TN. Having visited her four grandchildren here from Virginia for the past 24 years, she has enjoyed seeing the children in concerts, plays, musicals, science fairs and etc. The grandchildren grew up with violin, piano and voice lessons. Ms. Brandt must be proud of those 4 children, all with music gifts.

Gift Ideas for Music Lovers                       Ms. Janice Brandt in Art Class

In her younger years, Ms. Brandt enjoyed playing tennis. And for well over 20 years, she has crocheted shawls with a group of friends (and now by herself) to donate to Red Cross. Today, in her 80s, she is still very active, walking for exercise and taking art classes at the O'Connor Center in Knoxville. She loves going to concerts and plays. And her choice in reading - Biographies.

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