Flute Music Practice in your Day? Or Why Practice the Ax?

Introducing the Flute Purse


If you are looking for flute music, this is not the place. Check Fluteworld.com. However if you are looking for an extravagant gift for a flautist, or avid flute fan, or a proud Mother of a flute player - you've found it!!

This hand made work of art could be a show piece in your music room or a whimsical flute gift. It is elegant for wearing to the symphony, but so practical it can be used as an every day purse!!


Let me tell you a little bit about it, and why it does cost more than flute music:


1. The outside of the purse is artsy including trill keys and a low B key. The left hand pinky key is an ax. Did you know that musical instruments are sometimes call an ax? I will tell you where this term comes from below.

2. The purse was made to be large enough in diameter to hold credit cards... But if you can't live without your cell phone, there is a back pocket that can be attached in the back, or left off.

3. There are rubber feet at the bottom so you can set it down with out it rolling away.


1. The inside has a wallet for credit cards and money. It is attached with a ribbon, so that it can't fall out or be lost.

2. There is also a key hook attached inside with a ribbon.

3. There is plenty of room for a brush and pencils inside.

4. Last of all, if you really need to carry flute music, you can make copies and roll it up to take it with you in the flute purse.

Alternative Uses:

1. The flute purse can probably fit a piccolo inside if you put a foam padding above and below the piccolo. The case will also fit a flute. For an extra $50, we will put appropriate padding and a second safety closure to make it a flute case.

2. The purse base is PVC Pipe rather than the usual cardboard that purses are constructed from. So it can double as a self defense tool.

Why the Cost?

Materials alone are $75. And it takes several days to make. It is a hand made work of art, folks.

What's Up with the Ax?

The ax makes the Flute Purse even more of a conversation piece. The is a slang term ax is most often used when someone talks about going to practice there instrument. My research shows this is where the term came from-

Back, perhaps in the 1940's, saxophones were to loud to practice in the small houses. So, the musicians would go practice in the woodshed. The term "Shedding" evolved from "Woodshedding" to mean practicing. Soon it follows with reason that one brings an ax to the woodshed, so the term ax evolved during the jazz music era. The term caught on with all instruments, and is still used today.

Sooo, when you are ready to learn your flute music, I hope you don't forget your ax!

flute music, ax Where's your Flute Music? Keep it in your Ax.

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