Six Violin Gifts that are Hand - made in the USA

  1. Violin Gifts Made in the USA are a Special Treat

Made in the USA ! I have recently traveled to several music conventions with my hand - made in USA Violin Gifts.  I have met other violin gift makers while exhibiting.  Most special about these gifts, is they often can be customized. So here are my recommendations.

  1. Hand Made in the USA Violin Purses are amazing gifts. These are designed by myself, and take several days to make.  If you can't afford these elite violin gifts, there are some prototypes that are not quite the final product, so are sold at a greatly reduced price. You are welcome to send a note asking about these violin bags if you have questions. And I have provided another alternative to the handmade by getting some made overseas to reduce the price. These include a small leather wallet. See the photos of each of these choices.
    violin gifts, made in the USA, Elite Handmade Black and White Violin Purse
  2. Violin Gifts, Made in the USA Purchased a Violin Gift for herself, and is so happy.








violin gifts, made in the USA This hand painted silk scarf has been a popular seller.



2. Hand Painted Violin Silk Scarves are also made in the USA. I don't know of any other scarf painter that is spending the time painting instruments on silk, as It is time consuming, but produces fun results. This particular design is not posted on the web site. It is very popular at festivals. Large (11 by 60) is $85, and smaller (8 by 50 in.) is $70. Shoot me an email with requests to





3. Delightful Music Lesson and Practice Tip Folk Art Greeting Cards that make you smile. There are many many violin and string cards. But from requests, the folk art cards have taken on so many other directions besides just music. We now have yoga, wedding, neighborhood, beer, Holiday and Occasion, wild animals... Find the cards and use the search feature if you like at Please don't let the music part of the title fool you. There are plenty of other kinds of cards too, and we LOVE requests.

mde in the USA, Violin Gifts Purchase Music Art Greeting Cards, Blank inside with Practice Tips on Back.










4.0 Large prints of any of the over 150 cards mentioned above. use the search feature for violin specific art - there are many. You can purchase a print to be matted in a final size of 16 by 20in. or as a canvas. Canvases are not offered on the web site, buy contact me for a request and size. Here is a popular sample. The size is 12 by 15 by 1.5 in. The canvas has a wide side, and sells for $50 plus shipping. However, If you order a thinner canvas , 3/4 in., I can sell a (approx.) 16 by 20 canvas for $60 plus shipping.

Violin Gifts, made in the USA Violin Gifts - Made in the USA "Ensemble Playing Tips: Be familiar with all parts."









5.0 Violin Earrings are fun violin gifts hand made in the USA. very few people know that I also make jewelry. It is a big seller at street fairs. i can make your colors to order for $20 plus $5 shipping and handling.

violin gifts, made in the USA Violin Earrings, violin gifts made in the USA I can make whatever colors you request.








6.0 Becky's handmade themed wallets.

violin wallet handmade USA Handmade Leather Violin Wallet
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