Violettes Guitar Purse Owner Plays it Cool

Cool Music Purse - un No. 2: Ms. Breeland Donahoo

is Ready with "Festival Fashion" Accessory from Violettes

Violettes: You are one of the coolest people I know. I'm so glad that you love your Cowboy

Guitar Purse, Cowboy Guitar Breland's Blue Boots Guitar Purse

Boots Guitar Purse! You were in a lot of plays in high school, after which you have taken a lot of acting and "acting for television" classes. What classes are you taking now?

Breeland: Improv Acting

Violettes: Have you been in any  TV shows?

Breeland: The pilot for "Nashville", several episodes of "Homicide Hunters" and "Killer Couples". I'm in the process of auditions now.

Violettes: You are so stunningly beautiful. I have always heard rumors that you earn money from commercials. How young were you when you started getting those jobs?

Breeland: Age 15

Guitar Purse Breeland Donahoo Halloween Fairy (This would be awesome festival fashion).

Violettes: It's fall and the holidays are approaching quickly. What is your favorite holiday?

Breeland: Halloween. I can't wait to be a cowgirl with my Cowgirl Boots Guitar Purse. I need to get some boots.

Violettes: What are some of your favorite activities?

Breeland: I love going to the theatre. I love going places with my Dad. We go to the symphony, and we play golf with my brother once a week.

Violettes: Who are some of your favorite music artists?

Breeland: James Bay and Tori Kelly
You are definitely one cool Violettes Guitar Purse owner!!

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