Music Lovers Essay Contest or Win Guitar Purse, Violin Purse or Grand Piano Purse

Youth Essay Contest for Music Lovers

Essay Contest: Do you know a 10 thru 15 year old who loves to be creative, loves music and enjoys eclectic fashion? Whether its a Guitar Bag or a Guitar Purse is up to you!

Violettes by Becky is trying something new. Let's give it a whirl!

Essay Contaest, Gifts for Muxi Lovers, Eclectic fashion Prizes that everyone loves, Young and Old, Boys and Girls   --                                                                                                              A Man Bag with Initials to keep spare strings or eclectic fashion statement for music lovers!
Violettes: I have not won the lottery nor even dreamed of it. But if I did win, in the entrepreneurial spirit, I would open a Phantom Tollbooth Theme Park. We would have to of course negotiate rights with author Norton Juster. This would fulfill so many dreams.
  • A Dream Job for me to be the Park Director!
  • A dream for my daughter who initially thought of the idea when she was quite young, and who wishes to promote literacy for children.
  • A dream for my son who has always said he will design world energy solutions, as each ride could be powered by and a demonstration of a type of alternative energy.
  • Jobs and Creative Educational Attraction for East TN.
  • Violettes' Judges and Competition Winners could compose the ride music.
  • Violettes for sale in the Concession Shops!


Essay Competition for Students age 10 thru 15:

"Describe how each ride/attraction would be designed in my Phantom Toll Booth Theme Park."

Alternatively, "What Would be Amazing to Do with Ginormous Lottery Winnings?"

There must be a minimum of 10 entries for a prize to be awarded. Winner receives a Violettes Bag - choice of Violin, Guitar or Grand Piano. (If less than 10 entries, winner will receive a 50% discount - shipping not discounted).

Entries Due by June 15, 2016

Email entry to with heading:

Violettes by Becky Essay Competition Entry

Include Student's Name, Age, School, City and State, Parent's name and a note from the parent that says it is OK for the essay to be entered and to be posted if chosen as the essay winner.


Gifts for Music Lovers, Guitar Purse, Gifts for Guitar Players Enter Drawing to Win Guitar Purse - Only Music Lovers need to Enter.
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