Dainty Piano Purse Prototype & Birthday at Dancing Bear Restaurant

Playing with the Piano Purse Design and Restaurant Review

piano purse, gifts for piano players, gifts for music lovers Piano Purse trial prototype No 1 at Dancing Bear Restaurant in Townsend, TN.

I decided to make a daintier piano purse for those looking for gifts for piano playersPeople must expect some dainty designs after seeing our feature article in the Nash Country Weekly. We can do that. There is nothing funner than making new designs, then modeling them. And of course eating in an upscale restaurant for one's birthday dinner.

Scroll to bottom of page to see back and inside of Piano Purse 2 prototype available later this week for sale.


Guitar purse, gifts for music lovers, gifts for musicians Happiest in nature!! With Old Timey Band Guitar Purse.

So after a morning hike on House Mountain in the color season end show, I worked on several designs for the fast approaching Holiday gift rush.



So I want to tell you about the Dancing Bear Restaurant. I had reservations for my birthday dinner there 2 years ago. Coming back from my birthday hike, we saw that it was on fire. They called me, and said we know it is your birthday, so you are the first one we called. So I waited 2 years for that BD dinner. It now has a new owner, chef... For this review, you most note that I am a gourmet cook and a really tough and picky food critic. I went with my mother and my husband.

Food: fabulous, but no low cal options unless you just have salad with controlled dressing.

We shared an appetizer plate of fried oysters with BBQ sauce (for my Mom's sake). Very scrumptious.

We also shared the "House Recommended" Ambrosia Salad, which was  wonderful. Fresh berries on delicate butter lettuce with the dressing on the side. It was the warm brown sugar pecan dressing that was the highlight. Some how the salad tasted like a fresh pie! It was super.

All three of our dinners were heavenly. We usually share all our dishes as if in a chinese restaurant, but we all had trouble giving up any of our own plates. Superb.

piano purse, gifts for musicians, gifts for music lovers Our Birthday Dinners - we couldn't wait for photos to dig in, so they each are tasted already!

Drinks: We ordered one drink to share, my Mom and I - an Amaretto Sour. It had whipped egg white on the top . My Mom gulped it down - she usually only takes one sip, so we had to order another. My husband said the draft beer selection was very small, but what he had was excellent.

Dessert: There was a good selection. Since it was a birthday, we all shared the sizeable slice of Guinness Chocolate Cake. They said it had Irish Cream in the Frosting. It came with home made vanilla ice cream in a cookie cup. Yup, enough for the three of us, and yup, really delicious.

Atmosphere: The buildings and grounds were beautiful with an out door gazebo nice for weddings and parties. The inside seemed like almost cafeteria style, but you didn't notice when the amazing , but caloric food came.

People: The people were wonderful, but from the beginning to the end, they said we're ready for your birthday. Honestly, I have never been to a restaurant that didn't give you your cake for free on your birthday, and with no candle or song. Especially after they told me at least 12 times when we arrived and throughout the meal, "We are ready for your birthday". We gave them full tip, but afterwards my husband said we should have subtracted the price of the cake from it. They shouldn't have pretended to make such a big deal about being ready for my birthday if they didn't even have a candle.

Things they still need to upgrade: Lighting and signage for leaving in the dark. It was hard for us to see the dirt walkway to the parking lot after we exited the restaurant front door. My husband got lost on the way out due to lack of lighting and lit signage. Perhaps they need to stock up on candles too.

Piano Purse prototype Back and inside with cards and 2 lipsticks. This is prototype. construction quality will improve greatly for final version, as I was in too big of a hurry here.

piano purse, gifts for piano players, gifts for music lovers Piano purse 2 inside with lip sticks

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