Cool Violin Purse-un No. 6, Briana Booker

Is a Violin Purse for Everyone? Go Ask a Journalist!


When I first wrote Ms. Booker to ask her to tell us about herself for our "Cool Violin Purse - un Blog", her journalist instinct stepped forward! She wrote a really special account about her Violettes Violin Purse as she uses it, and about how she see's the bags as great gift ideas for music lovers! Thank you so much Briana! I had to write her back to stress that we want to know about her personally. --A Cool Violin Purse-un INDEED!

"As for fun, I like photography, culinary cooking and journalism. I also like wine tasting and nature walks. I'm really big on community service, especially with a focus on education and women's rights. Currently I am getting ready for the She's the First annual Baking Fundraiser, which goes towards a scholarship for young girls in developing countries to receive an education. I also do philanthropy work at my high school St. Paul's School for Girls to help get a girl through schooling for college. Lol, I'm not too exciting when I take away the digital parts. It's just something I love to do."
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Ms. Booker's Awesome Account of her Violettes Violin Purse!

My name is Briana Booker and I am a content curator and digital strategist for entrepreneurs as well as small and large corporations with a mission to serve the community by supporting community social good initiatives. I especially love to support powerful women led brands through my lifestyle magazine

As a woman who juggles between roles, I was looking to buy purse design to make my work-life balance easier. My life got much easier with a Violin purse from

What I love about the handbag is it’s office-friendly feel and variety of storage components. The black guitar purse is not a bag I have to think hard about matching with outfits because the external black canvas backdrop is truly a seasonal essential.

For example, I carried the purse on my shoulder during my attendance to’s first annual Digital Beltway Conference. It was one of hottest summer conferences techs around the nation wanted to attend and here I was as a travel journalist reporting in the Mashable VIP lounge.

As a travel journalist it’s always important for me to carry a handbag designed to keep my belongings secure. It’s just as important for me to have a stylish fashion bag to enhance my professional look during such networking events. The Violettes By Becky bag does not let me down. The lightweight purse has a sophistication all on its own and serves as the perfect conversation starter for its unique look and feel.

In fact, it’s bold, yet slender design often lends me compliments here and there as well as several business cards. When writing for so many brands, it’s important for me to have a purse with sharp detailing like a zipper with the look of violin strings and buttons to more additional fixtures for ultimate traffic stopping effect.

Not to mention, I appreciate the durability of one of my fashion and beauty bags because I can wear it with confidence to fit all my essentials. If you are looking for a uniquely dressy bag, I highly recommend browsing bags from Violettes By Becky. The company has a bag for women of all ethnicity and professional walks of life. Yes, there’s a bag for the school girls, musicians and techs like me. Yes, there’s a bag for new moms and retirees alike. Don’t simply take my word for it. Have a look for yourself.

Even for birthdays and holidays, I recommend the handcrafted bags for their skinny straps and affordable glamour. It’s comfortable, easy to carry and just an all round fashionable bag. So don’t be surprised if it makes my list of favorite things of 2015. What can I say, I am a woman who feels proud to say: I browsed. I purchased. I wore. Violettes By Becky is a brand bringing back the sexiness of feminism.

And yes, I have a vigorous method of determining my ideal presents for people I truly love and adore, but that’s a story for a latter-day. Leave a comment and let me know what bag fits your lifestyle.

Thank you for your awesomeness Briana!!! Click this LINK to SHOP!

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