Winter Comfort Food Recipe while you Shop for Music Art

Election Blues or Winter Comfort Food while You Shop for Music Art

Have the election blues? Need winter Comfort Food? This is my story of cooking a gourmet dish for no one. ====> A dish "To Die For".

One of my claims to fame is, people come to me for recipes for special occasions. I had planned to make a dish with butternut squash for 3 weeks, but couldn't get interested in peeling and chopping the hard squash. One night I finally did it!! My husband didn't come home until long after dark. While I was waiting for him, I snacked on a LOT of things, and so I wasn't hungry anymore. He said he had dinner at the golf tournament, and he thought that he'd told me. My 91 year old mother who lives with us just had 3 teeth pulled at the dentist; she was on a soup and ice cream diet.
But this recipe which I will share with you is "To Die For"! And we couldn't get enough of it even though none of us was hungry.

1. I didn't have lemons on hand, so I subsituted Limes - I will always make it with lime!!!!
2. I recommend using TWO Butternut Squash! It wasn't all that painful after all. And this time of year, you can find them already peeled and cut if you can't face the task.
3. If you need your meat, it's great with cooked sausage pieces.
So Voila----------------------------------
comfort recipe election blues music art Comfort Food Recipe for cold weather and election blues while shopping for music art.

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